Remus smiles and pulls Sirius closer to him. They had been sharing a flat for nearly a year now, and were still dating.

Sirius had just taken him to a muggle concert and it had been brilliant.

'Hmm…Let's go to bed.' Sirius wiggles his eyebrows suggestively.

Remus blushes and walks into their bedroom.

He begins to unbutton his shirt, but Sirius beats him to it.

While kissing him, Sirius undresses Remus and himself.

'S-Sirius.' Remus whispers as he lies down on the bed, with Sirius on top of him.

'Shh, Remus. It's going to be fine…' Sirius caresses his chest and kisses his stomach, moving downwards.

Remus gasps as he feels soft lips touching him and he hardens.

'Ohhh…' He says as Sirius takes him in his mouth. 'Oh.' He repeats.

They'd never even talked about this. Remus hadn't really thought about it.

He didn't allow himself to think such things, even if they were together for over a year now.

Remus wipes his forehead and looks down, seeing Sirius watching him with wicked eyes, doing wonderful things with his tongue. Remus gasps and moans, and wriggles around on the bed. 'I—Oh, sweet Merlin…Oh fuck- Oh…'He comes and Sirius swallows it all.

He wipes his mouth quickly and kisses Remus.

'Remus, my beautiful Remus…' He murmurs against his neck.

Remus shocks himself as he says; 'Sirius…I want you…inside of me.' He blushes and looks at the ceiling.

Sirius kisses him deeply again and reaches over to his bedside table.

He takes out a flask of lube and smears some on his fingers and his cock.

'W-when did you get that?' Sirius grins.

'This afternoon.' He puts his fingers on Remus' arsehole and pushes one of them in, slowly.

'—So that's where you were' Remus manages.

'Yes.' Sirius says while pushing another finger in. 'Is this okay for you?' Remus nods and the fingers stretch him a little while longer before disappearing and being replaced by Sirius' cock.

He gasps and it hurts.

'Remus, my love, are you okay?' Sirius sounds concerned. ' Yes…Yes, keep going…'

Sirius pushes further and draws back a little, and pushes in again.

He's panting and moaning.

'Kiss me.' Remus says softly as Sirius strokes him. Sirius leans in and kisses him deeply.

His strokes speed up as Sirius moves in and out faster.

' Remus…Rem…I—I love you.' He pants as he comes. Remus kisses him hard on the mouth after hearing this.

Sirius looks up at him with big eyes, searching for something. Rejection, maybe?

'I love you too.' Remus kisses Sirius again, softer and sweeter now.

'I love you too…' He repeats over and over again. Sirius finally pulls out and hugs Remus close to him underneath the clammy cheats. 'You are the most wonderful thing that's ever happened to me.' Sirius admits softly. 'I want everyone to see how much I love you…' he closes his eyes and kisses Remus on a random spot, which turns out to be his eye. 'And did I ever tell you…You have girly eyes.' He jokes childishly.

'Naw…your eyes are nice. Really nice.' He kisses Remus again, and not longer after that, he falls asleep. Remus smiles at his love, snuggles up closer to him and muses a little.

He hadn't thought loving Sirius would turn out to be such an easy feat..


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