Sally's a…Witch?!?

Premises: Metal Sonic tricks gullible ol' Sonic into thinking Sally's a witch. Meanwhile, Antoine tries to build Tails a new plane for his birthday.

Sonic and friends were watching the Super Mario Bros. sitcom. "Hey ya Luigi!" Mario yelled. "How's everything a doing?" Luigi is seen burning Mario's clothes. "If you have seen," Luigi started. "You forgot to pay the electric bill again, so I had to burn your clothes!" "Mama Mia!" Mario wailed. He turned into Fire Mario and started chasing Luigi out the door, Super Mario Bros. theme playing. Everyone laughed. "So Sally, did any new missions for us to go on?" Sonic asked. Sally shook her head, "I think you left Eggman repairing his place after what you did."

What did he do?

Sonic is seen in a Splinter Cell suit, making his own suspense music. He walks up to the generator, and starts scratching his head. Labeled, it said: WARNING! PLEASE DO NOT SHOOT THIS GENERATOR! Sonic groaned, "Aw…how do you destroy this darned thing?!?" Suddenly, the sounds of reloading guns are heard. Sonic spun around and was instantly greeted with thousands of swat bots. Sonic gave a nervous chuckle, "Uh…hey, how's it going?" The swat bots merely stared and then…

From outside the building, Tails and the others were staring. "I wonder if Sonic managed to blow it up…" Knuckles muttered. There was a massive explosion, causing the ship to rumble and shake furiously. And out of nowhere, Sonic went splat on the window. His outfit was in shreds and he had burn marks plus, a black eye and bloody nose. He slowly skidded off the window, blood trailing from his nose. "He did it…the stupid way that is…" Tails muttered, shaking his head.

End of Flashback…

Shadow walked up to Antoine, who was trying to build something. "Uh, Antoine, what are you doing?" Shadow asked staring at the…strange machine. "I am making zee plane for Tails." he replied. "It iz good, iz it not?" Shadow's eye twitched, "Man, that looks like a di…I mean a very cool…car." "I am making zee plane!!!" Antoine yelled with a hint of fury. Shadow backed away and ran off. Meanwhile Metal Sonic walked up to his organic copy. "Hello again, Sonic the Hedgehog." He said, "I have a mission for you…" Sonic turned around, snacking on a chili dog. "Hmmm…what is it?" He asked. "I want you to kill Sally…" Metal Sonic replied. Sonic cocked an eyebrow, "Why would I….unless…" Sonic gasped, "Sally's a witch!" Sonic screamed. Sally walked towards the two. "Hi Sonic…" she started. Sonic backed away, "Stay away; you'll shrink my head to the size of a pea!" Sally cocked her head, "What're you talking about?" Sonic yelped and ran off. A bullet nearly hit Sally's head. She turned around; Metal Sonic had a sandwich with a shotgun hidden in between. "What, are you looking at?" he asked, pulling the shotgun back into his arsenal, "Nothing, you saw nothing…nothing I tell you…"

Antoine was still working on that plane. This time, Julie-Su walked over. "Antoine what're you…?" "I'm building zee plane for Tails." he replied. Julie-Su had a look of horror on her face, "Oh my god it looks like a di…a nice plane." Antoine smiled, "Why thank you." Julie-Su dashed over to Knuckles, "Did you see the plane Antoine is building for Tails?" Knuckles cocked an eyebrow, "No I didn't." He gazed at it, and then his eyes shot wide open. "My god, it looks like a di…!" Julie-Su covered his mouth. "Don't yell it for the world to hear!" Sonic was hiding in his house with a bucket of water. A bucket of water killed the wicked ol' witch of the west…or was it east? Sonic thought. There was a knock on the door. "Who is it?" Sonic asked. Sally opened the door, and Sonic screamed like a little girl. He threw the bucket of water, which drenched Sally. "What was that for!?" Sally cried. "Get away from me you witch!!!" Sonic yelled. He started throwing holy water on Sally. "Why aren't you melting?!?" Sonic asked furiously. "Unless…you're a witch from the year 2056! Your kind has invented a microchip to make you invulnerable from water of any kind!" Sally growled, and grabbed Sonic by his hair, "I am not a witch!!!" Sonic stopped his screaming, "Wha…!" "I'm not a witch." Sally muttered. Sonic sighed, well, he thought. "Whew, for a second I was more scared than the time Shadow started singing folk songs."

Why was he singing Folk Songs?

Shadow is seen with a mind control helmet over his head dancing, singing:

She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes!

She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes!

She'll be coming 'round the mountain

She'll be coming 'round the mountain

She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes!

Sonic grinned while holding the remote, "How do like my mind control helmet?" He asked. "Burn in hell, Sonic!" Shadow replied.

End of Flashback…

Antoine finally finished his plane for Tails. "At last," He started, "Zee plane is completed, it was hard work, but I am done." Tails walked over to Antoine. "Hey Antoine, what's that?" "Why that's your new plane." Antoine said. Tails cocked an eyebrow, "But it looks like a dick…" Antoine's eyes snapped wide-open. He observed the plane, then he gasped. "Zee plane, it does look like zee dick!!!" He screamed and ran off. Tails stared at the plane and towed it away. "I'll fix it up tomorrow." He muttered.

And NOW, time for Shadow's version of She'll be coming 'round the mountain. Because now, he hates Sonic!

Well, I'll shoot him with my shotgun when he comes!

Yes, I'll shoot him with my shotgun when he comes!

Well, I'll shoot him with my shotgun

Yes, I'll shoot Sonic with my shotgun

Yes, I'll shoot him with my shotgun when he comes! (When he comes!)

Then I'll be blasting all the morons in the world!

Then I'll be blasting all the morons in the world!

Yeah, I'll blast those morons

Those, retarded stupid morons!

I'll be blasting all the morons in the world! (In the World!)

One more Time!!!