The other day I was on Deviantart, I saw this 'Reverse' Picture for D. Gray-Man. In it, Allen was the Millennium Earl, Linali was Rhode, and Kanda was Tiki. I got hit with a plot bunny so here I am, for far too long I've been dying to write a Noah-Allen but have been unable to come up with ideas. Kanda and Linali will remain as exorcists. Link for art:

www DOT deviantart DOT com SLASH deviation/42756195/?qo14&qAllen+Earl&qhboost3Apopular+agesigma3A24h+agescale3A5

Yea, I kind of stole a scene from the Black Cat story here, but afterwards it'll go off into its own story. Unlike 'This Vampire's Addiction', I don't plan to promote something for every chapter, it's getting too difficult.

Main pairings are: KandaAllen, TikiLavi, and RhodeLinali

Was it really my fault?

Komui didn't know where he was running. Buildings and people blurred around him, swimming out of focus. He ran, and continued running, trying desperately to ignore the images flashing through his mind. People ignored him, the public ignorant of the man's plight.

Should I have been more understanding? More strict? Should I have obeyed orders, instead of letting emotions take over? Or, should it have been the other way around?

Were orders really that important in the first place?

Sounds and images flashed in his mind: Linali's terrified screaming….Lavi giving up in despair….Miranda clawing at the walls of the mental institution….Aleister lying still on a bed for many weeks to come…and Kanda. He would be relentlessly killing Akuma right now, as an outlet for his own confusion and pain. Maybe he would finally lose it, and yell out the names, the names of that Noahs who had ruined them

At this rate, our strongest exorcists will suffer - if they are not already suffering - a fate worst then death, and I will be partially responsible. Without warning Komui found himself overlooking a cliff. Below, sharp rocks shot up towards him, like the jaws of a beast. They could swallow him, the gates to hell itself, and he will fall into death's halls. Someone like him probably no longer deserves to go to Heaven. The thought no longer scared him as much as it used to.

I don't know if I can last any longer…

"Have you seen the supervisor?"

"You mean you still haven't found him?"

"Keep looking!" Reever yelled, and the group disbanded again, frantically searching. Reever ran down the streets, desperately hoping to find Komui, but at the same time dreading what he might find.

Help me, Reever…

"You're so cruel, letting your doll's brother do this" A man in a top hat smiled, watching the figure stare down at the rocks and angry waves below. In response, the girl he was talking to laughed; a high-pitched, cold laugh.

If you don't…I'm going to disappear…

Reever saw Komui walk off the cliff, almost calmly, already half-dead. He reached out desperately "Komui!" but he never made it.

Just like Linali did…


Komui is the supervisor and self-proclaimed leader of our Science Group. As the official leader of said Science Group, I am one of those who have to constantly put up with him 24/7. Through this, I know his traits and personality better then anyone else, with the possible exception being Linali, Komui's beloved sister.

How did the goofy, lazy, and all around weird man I know turn like this? Driven by so much guilt and despair he would consider throwing his life away? I know, actually, by now nearly everyone at Headquarters knew. By witnessing certain events and talking to the exorcists, I can picture how everything began. In fact, I can point out exact day and say "this is the day everything went to hell."

It was just six months ago. A mission to retrieve an Innocence, the only thing making this mission unique was that the Innocence seemed to be used for an evil cause. To secure it, not two, but three exorcists were sent: Kanda, Linali and Aleister. We knew that the Bookman's apprentice Lavi was already there. What we hadn't known at that time was the Noahs were also there, with a similar objective. One Noah was bad enough, but more would surely lead to pain and chaos. What happened next was not only focused on that one mission either, for when it was finished the Noahs and Exorcists kept kept running into each other, over and over again.

Rhode Kamelot…

Tiki Mick…

Allen Walker…


The Train Compartment

"According to the Finders, the Innocence is at the hands of someone who's abusing it's power" Linali was saying. "In other words, we have to seize the Innocence, and quickly. It can be pretty dangerous, as the Finders have been unable to confirm whether the person is truely compatible with the Innocence or not."

"If the Innocence is used as the core for the weapon, we can just take it; but if it's compatible with the person, we will have to try changing the person." Aleister nodded.

"Humph, not likely" Kanda said, eyes closed and arms folded. "The most likely scenario is that we will have to kill the person if he was compatible, and take the Innocence. It's too much time wasted trying to change his ideals, and we don't know what Akuma he or she has already attracted." Linali frowned, but didn't say anything. They didn't need a fight at the moment.

The train stopped, and the three Exorcists got off quickly. They scanned the crowd and soon spotted a flash of red hair "Lavi!"

"Over here!" He called out, and made to move forward. He was glad they had arrived, things were taking a turn for he worst. Bookman was at some other town dealing with a sudden crisis at the moment, so Lavi had been mostly left alone to see the results of the Innocence's latest abuse. At the rate things were going, he doubted whether he was able to solve the problem by himself. Seeing the others gave him a sense of relief, so he moved towards them eagerly. Halfway through the crowd, he accidentally collided with a girl. She let out a sharp yelp, and Lavi being Lavi, stopped to help her up.

"I'm sorry miss, are you okay?"

The girl had spiky dark hair and wide eyes; there was almost a doll-like quality about her. "Fine," she stood up by herself, and unconsciously tapped her shoes on the floor. She flashed a wide grin before adding a "no worries!"

Lavi couldn't help the slight smile that came onto his face, "Are you sure?"

"Of course," The girl might have gone further, but another voice spoke up.

"Time to go, Rhode" Lavi glanced up at the tall man a short distance in front of them. Whoa, that guy was asking for attention, he wore a top hat and a suit with complete with the tails, along with white gloves. He was also very good looking, and judging by the way he carried himself, he knew it. "We don't have much time"

"Oh, fine" The girl, Rhode, sighed. She gave Lavi another smile "later, Exorcist!" Not saying anything else, she hopped away to where the man was, and the two departed. Once outside, the man pulled out a photo and handed it to her.

"If our intelligence network is correct, he's still somewhere in this city." Tiki smiled, "We don't have time to waste finding our new recruit."

Rhode licked her lips, "Okay, let's do it."

Meanwhile, the Bookman's Apprentice joined the three Exorcists and directed them out. As they were walking, Kanda observed his surroundings and said bluntly "This place looks like a ghost town."

"It's almost nighttime, you can't blame them." Lavi pulled out a sealed envelope and passed it the Exorcists "The citizens live in fear and stay locked up in their homes, even during the day the people are sparse. It's been like that since the Innocence had been used as a murder weapon, terror for the people, headaches for the mayor and other politicians…they've got a file prepared for any bounty hunters or risk-takers. I snatched a copy the other day, here."

The Exorcists divided the content between them. Linali looked at the list of victims first, and her face fell at the sheer number of names written on the paper. Aleister looked at the autopsy reports to determine the nature of the killer, and saw that the bones appeared to have been broken into tiny pieces. Kanda looked at the photo of the man; decided he didn't like the look of him and would therefore just kill him when they met.

"According to those reports, the police have tried to corner him before, but as you can see…they can't do anything." Lavi briefed. "He's as strong as he is brutal, and, well, the belief now is that he can't be caught."

"That won't stop us," Aleister replied. "The public have no way of fighting against something like this, but we do. We have our own Innocence to counter anything his might try. What's the man's name?"

"Sethoro Dermos"

Six blocks away, Empty street

"This place is boring…" Rhode complained. She and Tiki were the only ones in the street at the moment. "It's just about sunset, but everything's closed." The cobblestones made a noise every time she stepped down on them, and due to the silence surrounding them that soft noise seemed like a loud crack. Tiki continued walking; unconsciously stepping carefully in order to reduce the noise he created.

"Save your complaints for him," Tiki answered "This is all his doing."

"I knew I should have brought Lero here…" Rhode continued, as if Tiki had never said anything. "I'm so bored!"

"Lero, huh, you should focus more time on your studies then on stealing the Earl's things."

"This coming from the same guy who does my homework for me" Rhode snickered. "Besides, last time I checked, I wasn't the only one borrowing the Earl's things. From what I hear the New Child keeps taking the Earl's hats." She smiled "I want to see him again, it's been so long."

"Maybe after this mission is accomplished," Tiki couldn't help the small smile that came to his lips when the New Child was brought up. "Well, who knows, the Earl might bring him out soon. He might even help us with this little mission. Until then, let's hurry and find the recruit before the Exorcists can."

That was when they heard a scream and a loud crack, and once again, thanks to their surrounding silence, they were able to clearly hear the noise.

"Looks like we've found him."

A figure stood in the middle of the street, an outstretched hand the only thing supporting the limp figure of the second person. Said person was dropped roughly on the floor, then the man laughed. On his outstretched hand was a claw-like glove, pulsing with a faint light: Innocence.

"There you are" Tiki said, the man stopped laughing, without warning he turned around striking swiftly with his claws, only to strike at thin air. He blinked, turned, and saw that Tiki and Rhode were now standing behind him. The man recognized the two of them quickly.


"Not exactly the most polite way to say hello, Sethoro." Tiki calmly stated. Sethoro, AKA the man responsible for the town's current fears, didn't reply. Instead, his clawed glove glowed, and shrinked to a normal glove. Tiki continued "It appears that you've gained control of the Innocence."

"So what are you doing here still?" Rhode asked indignantly. "You've been missing for a while now, we've been looking for you; did you know that?" Sethoro only answered the first question.

"The thrill of the hunt" he answered, a maniacal gleam in his eyes. "No kill, no thrill. At first I tried destroying akuma…"

"You were destroying our tools?" Tiki asked, Sethoro ignored him.

"...but soon I lost interest. So I went for real humans, and it's so much more fun. With the Innocence, I am much more powerful, the police can no longer stop me! No one can! I've never felt so powerful, so unstoppable, and so invincible!" Sethoro laughed, and the gloating mania in his eyes caused Tiki to frown.

"You do know why we're here, don't you?"

"Sure I do, you came to get me, for the Earl guy, right?"

"Two months ago you made a promise, have you forgotten it?" Rhode added.

"Nope, I said I'll join you once I had realized my power. I'm sorry," Sethoro gave the two a sneer "but forget it!" Rhode's and Tiki's eyes widened. "I'm fine by myself, I've changed my mind for the whole team-up thing. I obviously don't need you to have a good time."

"What?!" Rhode hissed "You can't do that!"

"I just did, didn't I?" Sethoro sneered "Changed my mind, that is. I'm not saying I'm not grateful, thanks for the Innocence, really, but that's how things are going to be. We're done here, you can all leave." When neither of the newcomers moved, Sethoro stepped closer to them. "I don't care who you are, slaves of that Earl for all I know. If you stay here, I'll kill you., and I'm serious about it."

Rhode glared, subtly her hand shifted, fingers preparing to move…only to have Tiki rest his own hand on her shoulder.

"As you wish," The tall man said "let's go, Rhode." Addressing Sethoro once more, Tiki continued "We'll come back some other time, until then, think it over. Goodbye, Sethoro" with that, he steered Rhode out of the way, and the two of them left. Once they were well out of Sethoro's hearing range, Rhode burst out.

"He's looking down at the rest of us! How dare he…when we were the ones who gave him the power in the first place!"

"Calm down, Rhode" Tiki answered.

"Why aren't you mad, Tiki?"

"There's no reason to be, in fact, I think it's starting."

"What's starting?"

"Innocence Punishment; if that happens, we're better off without him. If anything, he'll be more trouble for the Exorcists instead. You say they are already here?"

"Yea," Rhode answered "at least, I counted four. One who's been here for these past few weeks, and three that have just recently arrived. On the same train as us, believe it or not."

"Well, perhaps we don't even have to do anything to see a fight soon." Tiki reached for a cigarette. "Sethoro also confirms those experiments we were considering. It seems as if it is impossible to force someone to be compatible with Innocence. There will be no second New Child after all. We'll have to see how Sethoro ends up, in the meantime…" Tiki smiled "let's find something interesting to do. If we're lucky, the Earl will be bringing the New Child here tonight."

Important Points:

- Komui blames himself for what has happened
Reever, if not involved, was still a close specter for the events to come
The Exorcists, as we know it, are suffering a fate 'worst then death'
The mission to retrieve Innocence started off ONLY with Kanda, Lavi, Linali, and Aleister three months ago
The Innocence's form is a clawed glove, and the person (Sethoro) is using it to kill
The Noahs were the ones who gave him the Innocence, and it seems to be part of an experiment for a second 'New Child'
Lavi briefly meets Rhode and Tiki, but do not appear to know they are Noahs
Rhode is the First Child, but there is a New Child who is currently being trained by the Earl himself. It is implied that Allen is the New Child.

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