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When Axel finally came to, he discovered that Larxene and Roxas were almost halfway done with cleaning the castle while he had barely started on the basement. Cursing whatever powers had forced this fate, he returned to working on the basement only this time with some company.

"I don't see how my presence will help," Zexion said from his perch on the top of the stairs. He had his nose firmly planted in a book partially because he was bored but mostly to hide the smirk that seemed to be permanently fixed onto his lips. Axel was playing right into his next prank and the red head didn't suspect a thing.

"Because," Axel said from beneath the stairs. "Something is out to get me, plain and simple." Zexion was quick to realize that Axel didn't say his signature phrase which meant he was nervous.

"Axel," Zexion said nonchalantly as he turned a page in his book. "Are you afraid?" There was the sound of a heavy cardboard box being dropped and, from the sound of Axel's cursing; said box had landed on the red head's foot.

"No," Axel hissed through the pain. "I'm not afraid, I just want some backup should something else happen." Zexion chuckled to himself. Wrong type of backup, he thought maliciously. Zexion was not a fighter and that could easily be guessed by his element and weapon. Illusions and a book; not much good for a head on attack but all too perfect for distracting someone while waiting for that final strike…

Or getting revenge on an annoying underling. Take your pick. Zexion already knew what he needed to do for this next prank but Axel needed to have the natural distraction of working in order for it to work seamlessly. When Zexion was satisfied that his victim was in place, the trap was sprung. Suddenly a creepy sound was heard.

"What the-" the rest of Axel's exclamation was lost due to another box dropping on him, this time empty. He ran back to the relative safety of the stairs as Zexion descended them, his face back to its normal emotionless look. "Okay what was that?! And don't you dare tell me it was all in my head!"

"Very well," Zexion said with a feigned sigh of boredom. "It's possible that one of Vexen's earlier experiments has gotten loose and wondered to the upper levels of the basement (AN: Wow even the basement has different levels. And yet we never see the ones in the KHII game. I think they'd be fun to explore.). In fact if I recall correctly he did try to make some sort of acid spitting Heartless." Out of the corner of his eye, Zexion saw the look of sheer horror on Axel's face. Of all times not to have a camera, he thought ruefully. Then again he had never done anything that needed one before and to ask would have raised suspicion. Content at the thought of at least seeing the look, Zexion walked forward to where the "sound" had come from.

"Zexion," Axel hissed. "What do you think you're doing?" Zexion looked back and saw that Axel was clinging to the railing as if it was the "safety zone" in Tag and fighting the urge to run back up the stairs. Zexion rolled his eyes and walked further into the basement. "If you get killed Xemnas will blame me," the red head continued but Zexion pretended to ignore him and moved deeper into the darkness. Behind him he heard the sound of someone running and Axel appeared next to him.

"Scared of being left alone?" Zexion asked with a smirk. Axel's face turned red.

"N-no," he said in a shaky voice. "I just don't want to get in trouble."

"You mean more so than you already are?"

"Exactly," Axel said then after a minute he rethought his answer. "Hey wait a second."

"Shh!" Zexion held up his hand and signaled for silence. The two Nobodies stood still and listened intensely for any sound out of the ordinary. Suddenly two un-natural shrieks echoed through the basement, one right after the other. The first had come from an unknown origin. The second was Axel as he raced back towards the door. "Axel, wait!" Zexion shouted as he followed the red-head. Axel sprinted up the stairs, grabbed the door knob, and turned it. The door was locked.

"No no no no no no no no no NO!" Axel started banging on the door in hopes of getting someone's attention. "Somebody GET US OUT OF HERE!" The door suddenly flew open and Axel fell face first onto the floor. He then jumped up and tore down the hallway like a bat out of hell.

Roxas turned and looked at Zexion as the older Nobody came up the stairs.

"Do I even want to know what you're up to?" the Keyblade wielder asked.

"Say nothing and I'll tell Xemnas you did everything you were supposed to." Roxas thought about it for a minute before nodding.


So Roxas now knows something's up with Zexion and it won't take long for Demyx and Larxene to figure it out too. Now only two questions remain. One: Will they stop Zexion or sit back and watch? Two: Will Axel survive the torture and finish cleaning the basement? Three: Will you guys review?

…Yes I know that was actually three questions but who cares?