Better than me

Summary: "You don't understand…" he whispered on her ear, breathing in her sweet scent. Her dark green eyes locked with his deep blue ones, and for a moment, he hesitated. Then, knowing it was for the best, Murtagh declared: "You deserve much better than me…" (This happens after Eldest) Murtagh/Oc


Important note: English is my second language, so forgive any mistakes you may find. I had the idea for this fic from the song "Better than me", from Hinder.


Disclaimer: I only own the plot and the new characters.



Galbatorix's rage was beyond words; he had punished Murtagh, and he had punished him hard. The young man took all of his fury without complaining, not even once, for he knew he had done the right thing.

A month had passed since his last meeting with Eragon, his brother… At first it had been a shock, but ultimately it made sense… How Murtagh wished things could be different, but it was no longer on his hands; there was nothing he could do.

Deep down he always knew his fate wouldn't be an easy one, yet that thought was no comfort at all, it didn't help him to sleep better at night. "Why?" he muttered, staring through the window at the pale moon. A flock of birds crossed the sky, oblivious to the intense pain that devoured the young man from the inside… slowly consuming his strength, his hopes fading away with each new day…


"Hurry up, girl", a tall grey-haired man commanded in a croaked voice. His face was covered in wrinkles so deep that it was impossible to determine his age. Despite the roughness in his voice, his eyes were kind and understanding, but his position didn't allow him to show such emotions. "You'll be serving the young knight today", he announced, staring at the light-brown haired girl, who was busy preparing a tray.

She widened her eyes in surprise, and a small indication of fear crossed her once blank features, but she quickly concealed it. "Yes, sir", the girl muttered, nodding.

The old man glanced around, and when he was sure no one was paying them attention, he limped towards the brunette and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, my child, I'll escort you myself; you have nothing to fear, Kaila…"

"Thank you", she said above a whisper, a small smile gracing her features. When the tray was ready, Kaila followed the old man, who had to use a walking stick for support, since his right leg limped slightly. He shouted a few orders before leaving the kitchen, and led the way through a long, dim-lighted corridor.

A few steps ahead a black door came in sight and the man slowed his pace, until he eventually stopped.

"Sir?" Kaila called out uncertainly. "Are you alright?" she inquired, walking over to his side.

The grey-haired man stood silent for a whole minute, apparently lost in his thoughts. "Kaila", he finally started, turning to face her. "You are a good girl; you've always been…" Kaila nodded, dropping her gaze to the floor. "Murtagh is a good man…" This last sentence seemed to be more directed to him, rather than towards the girl. "From now on, you'll be serving him."

Kaila sighed, comprehension finally hitting her. "You're not going to be in trouble because of this, are you?" she asked, her eyes never leaving the man's face.

"I'm getting old Kaila… I won't be able to protect you when I'm gone, but I certainly can make sure someone will…" he replied, staring at his feet as he did so. Before the girl could open her mouth to answer, he added: "Get moving now, I don't like to be late." His tone left no space for replies, so Kaila obeyed.

In a matter of seconds, she was standing just outside the knight's room; taking a deep breath, she knocked on the black door. Not many seconds went by until a man's voice shouted: "Come in!"

Glancing over her shoulder, Kaila saw the old man's nod of encouragement, and she finally got hold of the doorknob, which had the shape of a dragon. The door slowly opened to reveal what was inside…

To be continued…