A/N: This is a collection of Wicked character surveys I did once. I decided to post them and make a story of sorts. This is the introduction chapter. Subsequent entries will be surveys. As a note, I do not have anything against any Wicked character. Well...except Madame Morrible, who is evil. If it seems to you that I have made a character seem stupid, it is only for effect in the story. Thanks!


It was a rainy Saturday morning, and the entry hall of Kiamo Ko was lively and loud. Elphaba, Fiyero, Glinda, Boq, Madame Morrible, the Wizard, the Lion, Dr. Dillamond, Dorothy, and the ghost of Nessarose milled about, making a huge racket. They had all been called there by Fiyero, who claimed he had some form of entertainment for them. Though what that might be was still unknown.

"Okay, everyone, listen!" Fiyero shouted above the noise of his chattering friends. Gradually, the room became silent. Fiyero beamed. "I have written up some identical surveys for each of you to take. This will help us to learn more about each other so we can all become closer friends."

Everyone groaned at the sappy announcement. Everyone except Boq, who beamed just like Fiyero.

"Oh boy! A chance for us to open our hearts and reach out to each other!" he exclaimed. Glinda gave him a look and very subtly moved away.

Fiyero waved a sheaf of papers in the air.

"Here they are! Take one out, pass 'em around, one less paper in the big pile!" he sang.

Elphaba took the stack from him, rolling her eyes and sharing a look with Glinda. She took a paper out and passed the pile to her friend, who took one out and passed it to the Wizard, who took one out and passed it to Boq, who…well, you get the picture. Finally, everyone had a paper and pencil and had claimed a spot on the floor.

"Now, be honest with your answers!" Fiyero said happily, "When everyone is finished, we'll share!"

"Yes!" Boq cheered.

There was another collective groan.

"Ready…start!" Fiyero called.


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