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WARNINGS: Swearing, sex, mentions of zoophilia/bestiality

Summary: Gaara's take on his canine companion GaaraxKiba


Fucking Kiba, Gaara had recently decided, was, in a most literal sense, like having sex with a dog. He came to the conclusion after stumbling upon a mutt and its bitch having a go behind the Kazekage tower several days ago. There were claws, (much like Kiba's), there were calls, (much like Kiba's) and it was being done from behind, (much like Kiba likes it).

He supposed it was natural for Kiba to act like a dog; after all, the Inuzuka spent much of their lives in the companionship of their beloved canines. He did find it slightly disconcerting, however, that he, the Kazekage of The Sand, would find it to be quite arousing to keep a lover who was practically a dog.

Perhaps he was a zoophile. That was disconcerting.

Though he supposed, as he looked down at the sweating and moaning form he was pounding into, it didn't make that much of a difference. Wether it was bestiality or not didn't matter, he'd probably do it anyway. Such things were much too pleasurable to be discontinued because of ethics.

Ethics didn't matter much anyway. After all, if Gaara were an ethical person, he probably would not have spent much of his childhood killing people. No matter how much fun it was. If anyone else found it unethical, they knew better then to voice their opinions, lest they find themselves very much dead.

Anyway, if Kiba were truly a dog, Gaara mused, he supposed that because he was usually on the bottom, that, that would make him the bitch. Now that was a rather attractive thought.

The body beneath him shuddered and moaned, and Kiba came all over Gaara's formally clean sheets. Not wanting Gaara to miss out, the other began to thrust heavily backward to meet his quickening thrusts. It worked quickly.

Groaning, and allowing himself to come inside Kiba, (as neither would have it any other way), he slid beside his almost-canine lover. Almost rolling his eyes at Kiba's antics (once again he was playing with the cum he just splattered on the sheets; it was one of his stranger habits). Finding it uninteresting (as he'd seen Kiba so it many times before) Gaara rolled over to face the window, and a waning moon.

Yes, Kiba was a dog, but a rather good bitch at that.


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