Kill Her, Kiss Her

Light of 1000 Stars

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach, Dance Dance Revolution Supernova, the Playstation 2, or the song "Dolls"!

Author's Warnings: None. Only an AU fic that popped in my head while I was in Biology class.



There's a million things a monster could do. These fierce, ugly beasts were able to frighten children, eat souls, feed on flesh…things all heartless creatures could do.

If they were heartless, that is.

The monster she met was different. He was obviously human—a creature with a supposed heart. He was not heartless. He had a soul and a caring mind. The only thing that banished him from the rest of normality were his murderous hands…

and his drive to kill.

And before she knew it, she was being pulled into his grasp. He kissed her, and made her a monster like he was. She attained his appearance. She was a part of him, as he was of her. She was a monster now, too. It frightened her.

The worst part was knowing that she had allowed him to take over her...


"You've got to be joking me!"

The young, red-headed man sighed in response. "Look, I beat you fair and square. Give it up already."

The raven-headed girl squinted until her violet orbs were slits. She leaned in towards the television screen, then backed away with a disappointed scowl. She crossed her hands over her chest, groaning.

"It has to be a mistake."

Her red-headed friend smirked and fell back onto the couch, sinking lazily into it.

"Da game don't lie, sista!" he shouted out, crossing his hands behind his head. "But I feel generous today. Let's rematch. Go on. Choose the next song."

Rukia Kuchiki huffed with a wounded pride, staring blankly at the two letters that glared bright on the screen: C and A. She had gotten the C, Renji the A. After a few seconds, the petite young woman pressed the top arrow of her mat with her foot—rather hard—and listened to her Playstation 2 make a few noises as it struggled to get back to the SuperNova main screen.

Renji watched the 21-year-old throw her small tantrum with amusement. Not that he had anything to say—whenever he was angry, Renji never held back from tackling Rukia to the ground and demanding the girl a rematch.

But still, it was fun to watch his old friend scowl angrily at the television and stomp on the DDR mat below her feet. That's what he liked about her—Rukia was so tiny on the outside, but had such strength and determination that even surpassed his own. When he thought about it, he realized that everything Rukia did turned to strength and courage. Maybe that was the reason they became such good friends. Strength. Something that they both valued. Their bond.

"Hey, are you forfeiting or something?"

A hand waved in his vision, causing Renji to let out a tiny, startled yelp.


Rukia smirked, pulling her hand away from him to put on her hip. "The song I choose is 'Dolls'." She announced triumphantly, turning to the TV. "Bring it on, Renji."

He stood without hesitation, taking his place on the second mat. Grinning and keeping her gaze on the screen, the shorter girl got ready for the battle. Renji, smirking to himself, lazily raked his hand through his bright fiery hair. The song began. Arrows flew onto the screen, and the two sucked in their breaths and began their battle. Competitively, they struck their mats with crazy dancing antics and precise footwork. Before they knew it, the hour that Renji had planned to spend at Rukia's apartment turned into five.


Author's Notes: Yeah yeah, it's short. Remember, it's only a prologue, and I only wanted to write a little bit. sigh I still haven't updated my other fic yet, and I plan to do so in a few days. For now, hope you like this fic!