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Summary: The gang travels to through a forest and meets a goddess.

Characters: The gang and oc

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She sensed them, long before they were even here, long before they trespassed. She felt her very soul stir at these intruders. She bent down to pluck a flower…how droll

The gang:



"Can we please stop? It's almost sunset!" A pretty cleric begged.

"When we find a safe place we can stop!" Chaos replied.





"There's a strange atmosphere in this forest, be on your guard." It was Fenris that said what was on Loki's mind.

"Got it," Chaos' hand instinctively went to his sword.

"Stranger, you trespass here…" A strange, soft, almost musical voice rang through the forest.

"I don't know who you are but your name isn't written on this forest!" Chaos called out.

"Stranger, state your name."

"I will, if you state yours first." Chaos returned.

"… Iduna…or Idun if you prefer…Idun of the golden apples."

"Idun?" Iris was surprised, "The goddess of youth?"

"IDUN!" An excited voice screamed beside them. "Idun! In Midgar?"

"Why it cannot be…Fenris?" A silhouetted of a womanly figure appeared between two trees, her long hair was gently blowing in the wind and her slender figure standing straight and poised.

"Idun! What brings you to Midgar?"

"Freya…" The woman stepped out of the shadow, she was a beautiful woman, almost perfect, with long black straight hair that cascaded down her shoulders in shiny onyx locks. Her eyes were of the deepest blue, like the depths of the ocean with a hint of green in it. They were round and innocent, they didn't match the rest of her stately body. Her nose was straight and Grecian and her lips were round cherries, small and luscious. She had a pointed chin, so elegant and smooth. Her figure was perfection, a delicious morsel of white creamy skin with a thin elegant figure of creamy flesh.

"Idun, you're physical appearance has changed…except for your eyes." Fenris walked towards the lady as if they were old friends.

"I could say the same about you Fenris," Idun laughed, a wonderful sound, of tinkling bells and of sweet mountain waterfalls. "Who are these friends of yours?"

"Can you not sense him?"


"Balder…" Fenris smiled, "It's Chaos now…"

"Could he be the one…with the red hair?" Idun's eyes flashed up.

"Yes," Fenris smiled.

"Balder!" Idun ran towards Chaos and gave him a hug, "Oh how I've missed you so!"

"Balder…?" Chaos's look was one caught off guard and Iris looked like she wanted to strangle something, Loki, thankfully, averted his eyes and gazed at a mushroom.

"I'm Chaos…"

"Oh…Balder…I mean Chaos…you do not remember?" Idun asked good-naturedly.

"NO," Chaos's mood was suddenly sullen.

"Aw, that's a shame, for I remember you…" Idun turned to the assassin and the cleric, "And who are these?"

"Assassin Loki and Iris Irene," Fenris said.

"What an unlikely group, a warlock, a rune knight, a cleric and an assassin!" Idun laughed.

"Um...Chaos…may we not go? I'm hungry!" Iris pleaded Chaos.

"Oh, It's almost sunset. You mustn't go on, stay the night at my temple!"

"Temple?" Fenris asked, surprised

"Yes, did I not say? How thoughtless of me, I am a priestess at a temple now." The girl giggled, "Can you think of a less likely profession for me?"

"True, I cannot." Fenris smiled.

"Oh we would be glad to stay, would we not, Chaos?" Iris looked pleadingly at Chaos' eyes.

"Well, if you say so Iris."

The gang followed Idun as she walked back towards the temple, in her arms held a basket of golden apples. They soon reached a clearing and as Idun held up her hand, a temple formed in front of them. She opened the large n shaped gates with a flick of her hand and walked in. With another flick of her hand, a door opened to the right.

"Please sit down," She entered the room and several chairs came out. "Dinner should be with you shortly."

"Thank you," Chaos and Iris said and as if on queue, many plates full of steaming food appeared on the table and four goblets of warm mulled wine thrust themselves at the guest, Idun was no where to be seen.

"To be able to command such magic casually, she must be strong." Loki noted.

"She is a goddess." Fenris replied and started eating.

It's going to be a new moon tonight. Idun thought as she gazed upon the setting sun. I have a bad feeling about this.

Princess, princess, tell me your thoughts. A voice said in her head.

Odin! She thought and shook her head, I'm becoming gullible.

Idun walked towards the room where the four heroes were resting and smiled her gentle smile. "If you are finished eating, I'll show you to your respective rooms."

"Okay!" Iris yawned, "I'm so tired, I haven't slept or bathed in such a long time!"

"If it is a bath you want, I'll gladly take you." Idun smiled.

"A BATH?!?!" Iris's look was one of pure delight. "I can't believe it!"

"Ha ha, I'll take that as a yes," Idun walked out, "Gentlemen, your rooms are to your left and ladies, to your right." Idun pointed the rooms out. "The baths are open air on the ground floor in the back."

"Thank you!" Iris hugged the surprised goddess and smelled her faint damask rose scent.

"No problem," Idun smiled and walked away, upon turning, she noticed the eyes of the assassin on her with a wondering expression upon his face. She smiled brightly at him but he looked away as if ignoring her. Idun left.

"Well then," Iris turned, "I intend to make use of that bath as soon as possible, come Fenris!" She half-dragged the warlock towards their rooms.


Idun sat in her rooms, toying the flower she plucked and held it between her fingers. "I wonder, I wonder." She gazed out at the forest, strangely tranquil. "Something is about to happen." She crushed the flower unconsciously and the broken pieces fell on the ground.

"Really?" A voice came from the far side of the room.

"A dark presence is approaching." She said to Loki.

"So it isn't just me…"

"ANYHOW….you should be getting some rest, your journey hasn't been easy." Idun returned to her smiling state. "Don't worry, I'll take care of it!"

"…" Loki walked out.

Idun turned on her senses and sat down, biting into one of her golden apples and waiting…waiting for the intruder. At last, the snap of a twig indicated that the presence has come, she grabbed her sorcerer's sword: Apocalypse, and walked out onto the courtyard.

"Who dares disturb the forest?" She asked.

"Oh my, if it isn't sweet Idun?" Arkana smiled.

"You dare provoke an asgardian?"

"You are no more an asgardian. They do not need a weakling like you."

"Oh, then why does Freya ask for my apples every month?" Idun replied innocently.

"That's quite enough, little one, I've not come for you, only for those guests of yours."

"As long as they are my guests, the forest and myself will guard them, you will not harm them."

"That…I cannot guarantee." Arkana said and threw a fireball at Idun.

"Then I cannot guarantee that you will leave this forest alive." Idun merely flicked the fireball away. "You think you are so strong but you are only a pawn in their foolish games, you and the Valkeries. Freya will dispose of you should she wish it for she has no heart. You above all people should know that…what is your name again?"

"Don't you dare insult Freya or my mistresses, arrogant little goddess." Arkana said, "Remember my name, Arkana now."

"Idun? What's going on?" Iris, Chaos, Fenris and Loki stood outside in a row. Iris was rubbing her eyes, Chaos looked ready for battle, Fenris bit her lips and Loki stood to the side, gazing anywhere but the battle, blissfully indifferent.

"Get back into the building right now!" Idun snapped at them.

"What, we can't just wait there!" Iris argued.

"Oh ho, what fun, the spell won't work if they are not inside, am I correct?" Arkana laughed.

"…Leave this place, you are not welcome here." Idun said and drew out her blade.

"My, is that anyways to treat your superiors?"

"Superior?" Idun laughed, "Inferiors more like, you and your mistress."

"Do not insult my mistress." Arkana was mad now and ordered her giants to attack.

"It is not an insult, rather, do you way that your mistress is of higher rank than a goddess? Freya will not be happy to hear that, I should think." Idun flicked her hand and the giants exploded.

Damn! Arkana thought to herself, I underestimated her, even in human form on a new moon…she's that powerful. Aw crap, Zenobia is not going to let this go easily.

"Leave now, before I decided to end this once and for all." Idun pointed her sword at Arkana.

"…I'll be back, and next time, it won't be so easy." Arkana disappeared into the night.

"Oh My! Idun! I didn't think you were that powerful!" Iris exclaimed and ran to Idun.

"I was too blinded by my anger at the intrusion, forgive me." Idun smiled and shook her head.

"No! Not at all, you are so powerful and pretty, I wish I was just like you." Iris smiled.

"Iris, your speaking to a goddess…" Fenris said slowly.

"No Fenris, don't…" Idun laughed, "It's good to be treated as an equal."

As an equal… Loki contemplated in his head, Is that what having a friend is like? Loki looked up and was surprised to see that Idun was smiling at him, as if having read his mind. Loki looked away.

"Go and rest now, for you have a long and hard journey ahead of you." Idun started to walk into the rooms.

"Wait…" A shadow appeared, "Odin has a message for Idun."


"Follow your heart, not Freya." The crow nodded at Idun.

"Tell Odin I will." Idun walked into her room.

Follow my heart huh? Idun smiled. "Skuld, what do you think? Has this been intended for me all along?"

"Follow your heart, young one, not destiny."

"Then if this ends…I will be welcome in Valhalla again." Idun smiled. I wonder, if this is the right course to follow? What would happen if I fail? Idun shook her head. No, I mustn't doubt myself.

With that lasting thought, Idun fell into deep undisturbed slumber.

The Next Day:

"Hey Chaos," Idun walked up to the man with blazing red hair.


"I have a favour to ask you."

"Yes, anything,"

"I wish to accompany you on your quest."

"Hmm?" Chaos looked at him.

"Why?" Iris asked.

"Because, I can never rest here, knowing that somewhere someone is confronting Freya, I despise her." Idun smiled good-naturedly.

"I accept," Chaos smiled and put an arm around Idun's shoulder, "Welcome to the team."

Idun looked at Loki, "You knew all along didn't you?"

"Hmph," Loki looked away, caught staring at Idun again.

"Why do you insist on doing that?" Loki heard the distinct voice of Idun inside his head, gently and innocently mocking him.

"Doing what?" Loki thought back, knowing Idun will hear him.

"Ignoring the world around you, are you afraid?" Idun's voice rang true into Loki's mind.

"No, I simply do not understand human nature." Loki replied.

"Really? Why that's too bad, I don't understand it either. But as long as you refuse to tune into the world, you will never understand." Idun's laughing voice came back.

The heroes continued on their quest and walked out of Idun's forest towards the next destination. During the way, Idun collected some herbs and flowers to make healing potions and strength potions for them in the next village. During the next few days, whilst they stayed in inns, ate at restaurants and walked through villages. Idun and Loki would have these mind conversations, unknown to anyone else with them.

"You are so strange sometimes," Idun mocked.


"I don't know, your aura is so different, and not just the fact you're not human."

"Your aura is strange too, it seems to lure humans like moths to fire…at the same time repel them." Loki said.

"It is the gift of a goddess," The goddess giggled.

"Also, your aura grows with each passing day." Loki rolled his eyes at Idun's last remark.

"Well, the moon is growing also." Idun laughed again.

"Hmm?" Loki actually turned to look at Idun with a look of surprise.

"Hey, friend, what are you looking at?" Chaos asked.

"Nothing," Loki looked away but not before catching Idun's smile.

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