Rated: T

Category: angst/romance

Summary: The gang travels to through a forest and meets a goddess.

Characters: The gang and oc

Disclaimer: I do not own Ragnarok

Please excuse my horrible grammar… .

"Alright! We're here!" Chaos stood in front of an inn with a satisfied expression.

"Um, Chaos, it appears we have a problem." Fenris nudged Chaos.


"Insufficient Funds." Iris said.

"WHAT?" Chaos looked at Iris as if she had just sprouted another head.


"I heard you" Chaos turned away.

"I'll get money," Idun volunteered.


"Healing," Idun pointed towards the hospital of the town and smiled. "I have heard that a plague has stuck this town a couple of weeks ago. There has still been no cure." Idun walked towards the hospital, "Give me ten minutes."

Ten minutes later

Two women walked out of the hospital whispering among themselves, "The woman is a gift from the gods!"

"She's a priestess!"

Idun walked out with a joyful expression and a bag full of money. "There's 6000 zeny in there, I hope that's enough."

"That's more than enough, thank you," Chaos said and walked into the inn.

"IDUN! That's incredible!!" Iris threw herself at Idun, "Now we can actually eat something edible instead of Chaos's cooking!"

"What's wrong with my cooking…?" Chaos glared at Iris.

"Well, besides the fact that it's black when it's supposed to be red and it tastes almost as bad as my mom's cough medicine…" Iris rolled her eyes.

"What?!?!" Chaos turned on Iris.

"Hey stop fighting…" Fenris said.

"Hey guy!" Another voice from across the inn called and a figure known as Lidia and her cat ran up to the group.

"Who is this?" Idun smiled.

"Oh, her…" Iris rolled her eyes, "Why, it's the petty thief otherwise known as Lidia."

"HEY, that's expert treasure hunter to you!"

"Uh-huh…" Idun looked taken aback.

"Don't ask," Fenris whispered.

"Alright," Idun smiled.

Thirty Minutes Later

"I thought that Iris was too tired to fight," Idun sweatdropped.

"Apparently not," Fenris said.

"I wonder why this Lidia girl is always staring at Loki with a strange expression…?" Idun wondered out loud

"What?" Fenris looked at Lidia and sure enough, Lidia was staring googly eyed at Loki.

"Please stop staring at me, I've already asked you before," Loki said, "Why do you continue?"

"EH?" Lidia fell down.

"Ha, ha, ha!" Idun laughed, "Loki, I stand by what I've said before, you understand human nature less than I do even!"

"Hmph," Loki looked away and Idun, still shaking from laughter, grabbed a golden apple from her basket and bit into it to stop her mirth.

"That's…that's…an golden apple!" Lidia gasped.

"Yes?" Idun looked at Lidia in surprise, "I haven't introduced myself, I am Idun of the golden apples."

"You're…you're… a goddess?" Lidia was taken aback.


Tee hee, those golden apples, if legends are to be believed, must be priceless! Lidia thought.

"If you are thinking about stealing my apples, don't" Idun looked at Lidia sternly. "It will only cost you an early grave, for a mortal touching my apples without permission will die painfully."

"…but…" Lidia stuttered and Iris laughed.

"Met your match, Lidia?"

"Why you!" Lidia and Iris' fight resumed.

"…" Idun looked to Loki, who turned away.

Grr, who does she think she is? A goddess maybe but how dare she look at my prince like that!? Lidia thought.

Idun yawned, "Well if no one needs me, I think I wish to explore the village a little more." Idun walked out gracefully and closed the door.

"I'm so glad Idun joined us, aren't you, Fenris?" Iris smiled at Fenris.

"Of course, she was a good friend of mine back on Asgard, although, she has changed." Fenris remarked. "The goddess of youth has become wise."

"She is stronger than she lets us believe," Loki said, staring at the door.

"Her asgardian state is much more than this, I wondered what happened in Asgard to make her come to Midgar like this, and assume a new body."

"It must be Freya," Chaos said.

"It is always Freya."

Following Idun's walk…

"I never thought this would take such a big toll on me…I must be unused to this travel…" Idun said out loud shaking his head.
Hmmm, a potions store… She entered the store and browsed the potions.

"Hello young lady, can I help you?" A middle aged buxom woman walked towards Idun.

"Hm, yes, do you have the potion of Vanir?"

"Yes, for 200 zeny." The woman took out a strange bubbling bottle, "newly brewed."

"I'll take it," Idun handed the woman some money from her own purse and walked back towards the inn. It's going to be a full moon soon.

Upon entering the inn, Iris and Lidia were still fighting, Chaos looked like he had enough, Fenris was polishing her rod and Loki was staring into space.

"What a quaint little town this is." Idun exclaimed.

"Did you have fun?" Iris broke away from the fight.

"This town is very close knit, I don't think they welcome strangers much." Idun smiled.

"We'll be on our way by tomorrow," Fenris said.

"I've heard that the forest is big and harsh, I don't suppose we're going to come to upon another inn for a while."

"Aww, that's too bad," Iris complained.

"Lidia, are you coming with us?" Fenris asked politely.

"I suppose I have too, so you won't get killed." Lidia rolled her eyes.

"What? You'll only make that a greater possibility." Iris argued.

"Lidia, you have to mind your sticky fingers, elves live in that forest."

"Hmph, I can do that."

"Really..?" Iris rolled her eyes. Hmm, it might be fun to see how she embarrasses herself with Loki…

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but can we please rest now? It has been a long day." Idun spoke up, her voice strong with authority.

"Yes, you're right, sleep would be advisable." Chaos flopped on the bed and laid down.

Everyone laid down and closed their eyes.

The Next Day

"Iris we have to go," Chaos said to the girl currently stuffing her face with scrambled eggs.

"Chaos, but this might be the last time we taste actual food in weeks!" Iris argued clinging on to Chaos.

"We're trying to make time here!" Chaos stared at Iris.

"But Chaos…"

Idun noticed the expression in Fenris's eyes, Balder. She looked at Loki, who also noticed but said nothing and ignoring Lidia, then to Lidia who was busy drooling over Loki. "Well then!" Idun said brightly, "Let us continue!" They marched into the forest.

Five hours later

"Chaos, we've been through this place twice already." Loki informed the red-headed asgardian.

"Chaos, I'm HUNGRY!" Iris complained.

"SHUT UP, I'M TRYING TO FIGURE THIS OUT!" Chaos lost his temper.

"I think we should have lunch here, then, Chaos while you figure things out, for I believe everyone is hungry." Idun said cheerfully, retaining the smile that always stuck to her face.

"Sure," Chaos looked around from the cheerful face of Idun to the pleading eyes of Iris.

"Okay, we better get some wood, a fire going…and where are the supplies?" Fenris assumed authority.

"Right here," Idun said holding up a bag.

After half an hour, the food was cooked and everyone sat down to eat except for Chaos, who was still wondering around muttering angrily to himself. Iris called out to him, "Hey Chaos, come and eat!"


"We're lost," Lidia shook her head, "I knew I shouldn't have come with you guys."

"Well it's not like we asked you to stay!" Iris argued.

"Hm…." Loki said, "It appears we've got company."

"Elves, they mean no harm if we do not alarm them." Idun whispered smiling.

"This travelling would be tedious to an assassin, no?"

"Sometimes tediousness turns out to be the best." Loki replied.

"Then we are at an agreement," Idun giggled.

"I suppose…what is so funny?"He asked as Idun continued to giggle.

"Are you always anti-social, Loki?" Idun asked.

"I only talk out of necessity."

"Why you don't talk at all!" Idun complained.

"Because I do not think it necessary."

"Oh fie, why do you not talk for the pleasure of it?"

"The pleasure of talking?" Loki asked, confused.

"No, silly! The pleasure of company! You must get lonely" Idun said.

Idun never knew how close that hit home, for Loki would never admit it, but he would like someone talk to, just for the pleasure of it as Idun so casually had put it. What would it be like to have company? What would it be like to be…human? Loki thought to himself.

"Well then! I think I've found the right track." Chaos said, coming back and helping himself to the food.

"Finally!" Iris smiled, "I'm so tired of walking around in circles."

"What…are you staring at?" Loki asked, catching Idun surveying him.

"I'm…not staring," Idun smiled and turned back to her food.

Iris observed the exchange between the smiling goddess and the quiet assassin, thinking to herself that a little romance in the group might be fun.

They started moving after Chaos finished his lunch and walked in semi-silence, (semi-silence meaning ignoring Iris and Lidia's fighting.) until sunset. They sat down and ate in silence, each of them too tired to speak and the people who weren't tired (Loki) were anti-social. They arrived at a clearing and decided to make camp for the night. Soon they managed to set up a shelter, firewood and have dinner cooking. (Dinner came from an unfortunate family of rabbits who just happened to run across the trail while Iris was hungry and mad)

"WATER!" Iris said.


"I'm thirsty!"

"I'll go find a nearby stream to get water…" Idun got up and walked off.

"Loki, you'd better go with her, I don't think there's much water near here…there might be trouble." Iris had a weird gleam in her eyes.

"Hmph," Loki got up and followed Idun.

"Power of the eternal forest, show me the way to your tinkling river, A'rey!" Idun completed her spell and a thin yellow glowing line showed up on the floor, Idun smiled cheerfully as if they didn't just walk 40 miles (in circles). "I guess we just follow the line!"

"It would be advisable to hide our weapons, in case we come upon elves."

"Smart!" Idun touched her weapon and it disappeared.

They walked together in companionable silence for a while until a silvery waxing moon glittered over their heads guiding their way.

"I do wish they didn't have to choose a clearing so far away from the river." Idun signed still smiling.

"The river would only lead to the Elven village, a place where we will not be welcome."

"Oh fie," Idun shook her head slowly and continued on.

"We're here." Loki suddenly stopped and being in front of Idun, Idun fully crashed into him.

"Oof" Idun said, "You didn't have to stop so abruptly."

"My apologies…" Loki rolled his eyes.

"Anyways," Idun took a jug and filled it with water. "Now I can finally go back and SLEEP!"

"Hmph," Loki started walking back and moving elegantly through the thick branches.

"Hey, wait up!" Idun in a hurry to catch up with Loki, tripped and fell over the branches. Loki spun around and fell as Idun fell on him. What…?

"This is awkward." They were in a very compromising position. His arms wrapped around Idun's waist and Idun's arms in his hair, legs wrapped around each other's. Their faces were just inches apart and Idun couldn't help but study the man's perfection. His deep green eyes and silky dark hair, his pale skin, the texture of new-bloomed rose. Loki was also awed by the perfection of this lady goddess, her blue-green eyes, like the depths of the ocean so soulful and alive, her onyx black hair that contrasted with her white albino skin. The smooth shape of her nose and the cherries of her lips.

"Oh…my…" Was the only sound that escaped from Idun's lips, her breath was soft, of cloves and honeysuckle. Goddess's Breath. Idun quickly got up and brushed the non-existent dirt from her costumes and blushed, picked up the jug of water, miraculously unspilled.

"We had better get back, in case they worry." Loki said, not showing his emotions.

"Yes, we had better," Idun started walking, caught Loki's wondering eyes and winked.