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"what is it?" Dean asked as he looked up at his father. Something was wrong. He could feel it in the air around them.

"you know, when you were a kid, I'd come home from a hunt. And after what I'd seen, I'd be...I'd be wrecked. and you, you'd come up to me and you'd put your hand on my shoulder and you'd look me in the eye and you'd say "it's okay dad." Dean, I'm sorry"

"for what?" He asked, even more confused and worried than before.

"you shouldn't have had to say that to me, I should have been saying that to you. You know, I put, I put too much on your shoulders, I made you grow up too fast. You took care of Sammy, you took care of me. You did that. And you didn't complain, not once. I just want you to know that I am so proud of you. "

"this really you talking?" He asked with a faint grin, hoping to make light of this conversation, make it go away. John Winchester didn't do hallmark moments. Something was wrong, something was desperately wrong.

"Yeah. Yeah, it's really me."

" why are you saying this stuff?" Something was going to happen. Dean could see it in his fathers eyes. There was a sadness there that shouldn't be with all of them still alive and well. What did John know that he wasn't telling?

" I want you to watch out for Sammy, okay?"

" yeah, dad. You know I will. You're scaring me." He said honestly. This entire conversation was seriously freaking him out. He was waiting for the axe to fall any moment now.

"Don't be scared Dean." John said as he leaned in close, to whisper the truth into his sons ear. He didn't want Sam to over hear if he were coming back with the coffee he had sent him for. "you have another brother." He said softy and waited as Dean pulled back from him.

"What?" The younger Winchester mouthed silently, absolute confusion in his eyes.

"His name is John, but he's called Jack" he said leaning in once more "And he is Maggie's child."

"Is… is he like her?" Dean asked, keeping his voice down as well. Not so much for secrecy, but to hide the fear in his voice. He still had nightmares about what she had done to him when he was young, what she had planned to do to Sam.

"no" John said honestly "But Sammy is. You have to watch out for your brother, Dean. You have to watch over him, because if you cant save him, then one day you may have to kill him. "

"what?" Dean gasped "you cant ask that of me… god Dad don't ask that of me. I don't understand"

"I know son. I'm sorry. I don't have time to explain right now. But know that if Sam goes dark… he will become what she was. I'm counting on you, when I cant be here. Promise me. "

"I'll save him Dad. " Dean said still reeling from his fathers revelation. A brother by a demon … and a brother who might become one. Right then coma and slow peaceful death was sounding good. He couldn't hurt Sam. No matter what his father asked, he couldn't hurt Sammy. So he had to save him.

"And if you cant?"

"Dad!" Dean exclaimed, very nearly hyperventilating.

"Promise me Dean. " He said with a desperation in his voice that Dean had never heard before.

"Yeah… okay" He said. This was some sort of nightmare, it had to be. "I promise."

John nodded then. He could go now. His last duties in this life passed on to his son. A hell of a legacy to leave his son. One that he hoped wouldn't destroy him in the end, but it was done. He nodded again, then leaned in and rested his head against his sons one last time. "Thank you" he said as he straightened and turned to walk out the door before he could change his mind and find some reason to stay just a little longer. Spend just a little longer with his son.

He entered his hospital room and lay the Colt down upon the table. "I'm Ready."

Dean woke up. In some garish tacky hotel room, he didn't even know what town he was in these days. Sam and him, they'd kept moving. Moving toward something, away from everything else. He couldn't tell you what that something or that everything was. But they kept moving.

He looked over at Sam, he was still sleeping. So he padded off to the bathroom, turning on the light only after the door was shut. He splashed water on his face, then did it again. He could feel thirty barreling toward him like that semi.

Twenty seven. Right now he felt like two hundred twenty seven. He didn't look a whole lot younger than that either right now. But it just might be the sleep deprivation catching up with him.

One would think he'd feel lighter after sharing the BIG SECRET with Sam. Except he'd only shared half of it. The other half he was still working on. He couldn't give Sam it, not until he could give Sam answers along with that. The first half was easy. Because there had been an answer already. Dean would not have to kill Sam because he would save Sam. Or die trying. It was that simple.

But this mysterious youngest brother he hadn't known existed until right before Dad died? That was a whole other thing. He had no answers for that. Not for Sammy, not for himself. And most of the time, he tried not to think about it.

And most of the time, it was easy. He was occupied enough.

Then there were nights (or early mornings depending on the point of view) when he would be alone in a motel bathroom, sitting on the toilet lid. The harsh fluorescent lights picking up the faded, faint, hairline scars on his forearms as he sat leaning over his knees.

He straightened up and traced one of them with his index finger lightly. He remembered each and every one of those cuts. He remembered not being able to sleep through the night for a good year after it. He remembered Sam's fear, and how wrecked...no, Sam was right, broken...John had looked until those cuts had healed and weren't quite as visible.

He used to sleep on his back. Now he slept on his stomach. Most would think it was because it was easy access to the knife he slept with under his pillow. They were partly right. But the wounds on his back had seemed to sting like hellfire long after they should have healed.

And easy access to a weapon made it harder for something to sneak up on him. Even while asleep, Dean had to be on guard. Because he had to watch out for Sammy. And watch out for himself.

The last good night's sleep he had had was when he was in the coma. And one didn't need a medical degree to tell Dean that it wasn't good. He couldn't keep on like this. Not forever.

But hopefully long enough. Long enough to find this brother, this Jack. The balls of that woman to name him after their father. And long enough to save Sammy. The yellow eyed demon was forgotten as his mission became Save Sammy From Himself. Even if Sam didn't know the whole of it.

"Dean? You all right?" Sam called out from his bed. He had heard Dean get up and thought he was in there an awfully long time. Sam was worried about his brother. Ever since he had revealed their father's final words, Deans erratic behavior made sense. But it was starting to wear him down. He was tired all the time and Sam could see it very clearly in every line of his brother's face, and it was getting worse.

Sam got up and went to the door. "Talk to me Dean."

Dean jumped when he heard Sam's voice. And it took him a moment to recover from that. But he stood up and flushed the toilet that he hadn't used and opened the door, nearly running into Sam, who was waiting outside.

"I'm fine." He said. "Your turn." Meaning for the bathroom.

"No, you're not, Dean." Sam said as he sat down on the edge of the bed. "You've been having the nightmares again, haven't you? What brought them up?" He had seen his brother touching the places where the cuts had been on his arms, probably with out even realizing he was doing it. It had gotten worse since Dean had told him The Secret. "What aren't you telling me?"

"Sam, drop it." He said as he went for his father's journal. There was never any mention of Jack. But there had to be a clue in there somewhere. He turned on the bedside light and started to leaf through it. "I don't know, they just came back. They're just nightmares. You're psychic boy."

"Nightmares don't have to be visions to mean something." Sam said. It meant that his brother was upset. It meant that something had either reminded him strongly of Maggie, or something had him scared and that was the only time Sam could remember ever seeing Dean scared. Well... other than the airplane. And that went back to Maggie too really. The dreams had come back then too. "Look, Dean... if this thing with me going all dark side is getting to be too much ... I can ... I don't know... go hang out at the road house for a while- give you some space."

"Shut up, Sam." Dean said with a tired sigh as he set aside the journal to rub at his eyes. The lack of sleep was catching up fast. At least in the early hours before some coffee and adrenaline rush. He sat back against the headboard and blinked up at the ceiling. "It's uh..." Was there an easy way to say it? Probably not. And even if there was, Dean was too tired to think of it anyway. "It's Dad. He told me two things. I only told you one of them. The other has nothing to do with you. We...ah...well...it seems Dad and Maggie...well...this is so disturbing to think about." He said, then decided to just get it out. "We have a brother."

"We have a brother?" Sam echoed. "By Maggie of all things? What the hell was ... " he stood up and started to pace. Oh yeah this was definitely disturbing to think of. "You don't think she..." He couldn't imagine his father sleeping with a demon at all. He supposed it could have been that he didn't know at the time but that was still... No not Maggie. "I mean... How old is this kid anyway?" Was it something she had made him do when she had them for so long in that closet? Had it been a spell? Enchantment over their father, a glamour over herself? It didn't make sense.

"Twenty." Dean said. "Makes it before Dad knew she was what she was. Before she went all dark side and tried to kill us and everything. We've got a twenty year old brother out there. He said he's not like Maggie...his name is Jack. Dad didn't know where he was...neither did she. I don't know what I'm supposed to do with this information. Am I supposed to find him? Am I supposed to just know and not do anything? Not like his name is on a birth certificate or anything..." he'd already checked that. Looking for John Winchesters on birth certificates. He turned up three that could be his father. John's birth certificate, Dean's, and Sam's.

"Maybe he is under Maggie's last name. They weren't married or anything. She was a hunter... One of Dad's old cronies has to know what her name was. " He shook his head and went to start the small coffee pot. "20... okay...well at least we aren't looking at someone we have to raise... And if she didn't know where he was either then there is a good chance he isn't an evil bastard "

"Yeah, he could just be a bastard." Dean said with a chuckle as he put the journal aside. "Dad's genes have to express somehow, right? I don't know, should we even bother? I mean, he could have this nice normal happy little life. Last thing he would need is us trampling in. Oh yeah, your mom was an evil demon, and your dad...our dad...killed her. Because he's a hunter. And he's dead too. Wanna get a beer?"

"We don't have to tell him. " Sam suggested. "But this is gonna drive you insane if we don't do something. " He pointed out. "You're not sleeping and when you are, you're dreaming of her. We'll find him, and then we'll take it from there. If he is happy and normal we just... Say Hi... Nice to meet you, and leave him to it. If he is messed up some how then we fix it. " He couldn't help but smile then "It's what big brothers do after all."

Dean had to chuckle at that part. "Yeah, I guess that is what big brothers are for. Damn, guess you're not the baby now. Now you're the middle child." He sighed and sat up. "Guess we start bothering old friends of Dad's then. Start with Bobby? He seems to know the most about everything, even if he won't admit it."

"He's also the closest." He said. "Besides, I really don't want to go and ask Ellen anything about Dad." He said rolling his eyes. "She is seriously weird about him. Must have spent more time with him than the others." Sam added with a laugh. He got up and poured them both a cup of coffee and started to pack.

"Dude, you've so got to get over the image of Dad and Ellen doing something freaky. Because if they did it anywhere, they did it in the Impala, and I won't have my baby defiled like that." Dean teased as he drank his coffee and packed also. "But we're operating under the supposition that Bobby wants to talk. He's close mouthed about Dad, you know. Other than to tell us he would have shot Dad had he darkened Bobby's doorstep again."

"Everyone shuts down when we ask them about Dad." Sam pointed out. "Except for Gordon, and somehow I don't think he would be in the know even if he would be willing to talk." He said. "So we start asking questions until someone answers them. Even if we have to go diggin up people we've never met before."

"Yeah, I think we're the last people Gordon wants to talk to." Dean said with a chuckle. "Okay, we'll go bug Bobby. You drive." Since he was exhausted. "I'll go through Dad's journals, see what I can find for leverage." They'd found more journals when they'd gone through Dad's truck. Not that they honestly thought he'd only kept one.

Sam nodded. "Sounds good, take out on the way. " He said as he finished packing. Didn't take long. He never really unpacked anymore.There wasn't any point. It was a rare occurrence for them to stay in one place for long. "I can't believe he would keep something like this from us. I mean as much as I hate he did it, hiding what I am probably makes sense but to keep a brother from us..."

"Well, there were probably reasons for that." Dean said. "And we'll find out what they were." He slung the bag over his shoulder and gave the room a once over. "Okay, onto Bobby's. This should be...really not fun."

Sam rolled his eyes. "Dad always had his reasons. Doesn't mean they were good ones." He said as he grabbed his things and headed out the door. He put his things in the trunk taking his laptop up front with him, along with a jury rigged tapedeck adapter, that would allow him to use the car's stereo to play mp3s from his computer.

He settled into the driver's side and adjusted the seat, waiting for Dean to get in before starting the car.

Dean settled in with the journals. "Take out first. With coffee. Bobby may be the closest, but he's not exactly local." Dean pointed out as he made himself comfortable. Flipping through the journals around the time that they had been abducted. Writing down the name 'Ben' because it appeared a lot. Who knows what it was though.

Sam got drive through and checked the bags, divvying the food before pulling away from the window and starting the music playing. He kept the volume down to a moderate level, and tapped the wheel in time to the rock ballad playing.

A younger brother.

How was he supposed to react to that? Oh wow, cool, I'm not the baby any more. How dare he keep that secret from us when we needed all the family we could get. How dare he protect that child from his life and not us? Was he protecting Jack from the demons or the brothers from Jack? So many questions and the bastard hadn't even given them the opportunity to ask them.

Sam loved his father. Had always loved his father, but there were times that he hated the man too. Even now that he was gone and had given the ultimate sacrifice to save the one person Sam loved more than life. Sam loved and hated the man in equal measure. Perhaps hate was a strong word. Rage... He was enraged at his father and had been for almost as long as he could remember with momentary reprieves along the way

Dean had his arm balanced on the open window. Hoping the wind would block out the sound of whatever it was that Sam was listening to. Finally he gave up and just rubbed his temple with that hand as he turned page after page. What had he done wrong in a previous life, or even this life, to be tortured with this?

This was what he got for letting Sam drive. Punishment upon punishment as his poor tape deck was jury rigged into the computer to play whatever crap Sam had stored on it.

No, that wasn't what was bothering him, but it was a great excuse. He sighed to himself, he was putting that infamous wall up even around himself. How sad was that? And in this moment, this one clear moment, he truly hated his father for dumping this...everything...on him. And dumping it like he had. He had the responsibility of his father's death on his shoulders. The mission to Save Sammy. And now this mysterious younger brother.

Of course the music wasn't helping at all.

He turned down the radio and turned toward Sam. "Okay, the two times we were abducted," since he didn't remember the third, "he was with Bobby, or went to Bobby each time. Says so right in his journal, even if he doesn't mention anything about Maggie besides Solomon and Djinn."

"Djinn?" Sam asked, having a hard time accepting that. "Please don't tell me we have them to deal with too. As though Demons and crossroads werent enough trouble." He shook his head then looked back at the road for a moment "Maggie was mentioned with Djinn and Solomon. Do you think maybe Djinn were just another sort of incorporeal demon and he maybe bound her?"

"No, looks like they took that ritual and changed it a bit to deal with Maggie. The Djinn part was just a side note." Dean said. "We've got enough worries without adding in more. No idea where they got that ritual was, that's beyond ancient."

"Original Key of Solomon text I imagine. Had to have some serious connections to get that sort of thing. " Sam said shaking his head. "Why is it I get the feeling I never knew our father at all? It's like he was one man with us and then had this whole other life that we never knew about or saw."

"Probably a reason for that." Dean said. "Not like I knew any of this or anything. I don't know, how do you tell your two sons that you had a kid with someone else and he's out there...somewhere? If Dad knew where to find him, he would have told me. That's not saying that if he knew where to start looking he would have told me, because I think he knew and just didn't. Yeah, I'm really not liking this whole finding out new things about him as we go. It's getting ridiculous, like our whole lives were one big illusion he put together or something."

"If he was protecting us... What the hell was he going through that he needed to hide it from us, cause, we didn't grow up in a sheltered life style. We were killing things before we had our first kiss, hell I still thought girls had cooties the first time I killed a creature. And he was hiding things from us to protect us?"

"Or him." Dean pointed out. "Come on, Sammy. Gordon's hunting for you because Dad was possessed by a demon the night he and Mom...well...you know." Dean said. "What if he told us? What if he did? And what if it got out? That kid's not with us, for some reason, but he's not with us. He might not know how to protect himself. Any single breath of it could have gotten him killed. Dad did the best he could, we can protect ourselves. We don't know if he can."

"That first time we were taken... Maggie said she and Dad weren't friends any more because he didn't like who her father was." Sam said. He had forgotten a lot of things over the years. Had even forgotten most of the details of both abductions. It was a long time ago, details fade. But that one conversation, leading up to her taking his blood he had never forgotten. Probably because he had never been so scared in his life. "I remember telling her that wasn't right because it wasn't her fault who her father was." He sighed and looked out the window. "You know what she told me? She said it wasn't my fault either... Who my father was... And I don't think she was talking about Dad... She knew. She knew what I am... Because she was the same thing. I'm gonna wind up like her."

Dean turned the radio off completely and looked at his brother. "Absolutely not." He said. "Shut up Sam, and don't you ever say anything like that again." He had strong feelings on Maggie, and none of them were good. "Look, Dad was new at that whole hunting thing. Remember that nest of vampires we ran into? By the book we should have X'ed them all out. But come to find out, sure, they're blood suckers, but they weren't evil. You are not going to be evil. I'm just not going to allow it, you got it? Maggie was evil. Completely. Probably way mad at Dad for dumping her too come to think of it. You are not Maggie, and she was just messing with your head. Got it?"

"We don't know that Dean." Sam said with a growling sigh. "She was Dad's lover. I mean... It was early on too if the kid is 20. She had to be something special at some point for Dad to go there. She was a hunter. Chances are she never thought she would go evil either. I'm tainted... The demon was part of my creation... He has plans for me because I'm his as much as I am Dad's. "

"Yeah, and every woman I've slept with has meant oh so much." Dean scoffed. "Sam, I'm serious. You're not going to go evil, and the demon isn't going to get his hands on you. You know how I know that? Because I'm here and that's MY job. Unless you're calling me bad at my job?"

"No, I'm not saying you're bad at your job. I'm just say there is only one way to stop a caterpillar from turning into a butterfly... It may not be anything either of us can stop. " Maybe this was why their dad had chosen that moment to tell Dean about Jack. So that he could have another little brother ... So that he wouldn't be alone when Sammy went evil. Sam could see that, could even understand it.

"Only you would resort to some girly metaphor when I'm on the verge of punching you in your fluffy head." Dean grumbled. "Caterpillars, butterflies...what IS that, man?" He said, shaking his head. "The only way you're going dark side is if I'm dead. End of story, because as long as I'm here, it's not going to happen. How come I'm supposed to believe and accept everything you say about going all evil, but you won't believe or accept that I won't let it happen?"

"Because I'm ... Not entirely human." Sam said. "Okay... The monster that killed our mother, was in possession of Dad when I was made... You know... Nephilim are the children of possessed men... There are some sources that say that God flooded the world to get rid of them. What does that tell you? Even GOD wanted what I am wiped from existence. "

"Yeah, well, God's gonna have to go through me." Dean said, and there was just enough edge and steel to his voice that screamed that he'd give God a good run for his money. Possibly with succeeding. "Okay, so we'll hit up Bobby. See if he knows anyone named Ben. It's scrawled a lot in the margins of one of the journals."

Sam frowned at that. He didn't like the idea of that sort of blasphemy coming out of his brother's lips. God was all too real to Sam. It was the only way he found to deal with the things they faced. If he believed in the evil he had to believe in the equal and opposite good. Otherwise the fight was for nothing. "Okay. Ben... I don't remember a Ben... Then again I don't remember an Ellen either." Sam said with a shrug.

Dean put the journal down and scrubbed at his face with his hands. "Which means we're back to square one. Which is nada." He said, frustration tinging his voice. Nothing came easy if your last name was Winchester, it seemed. And he was pretty damn sick of it.

"Look, let's just wait and see what we find out at Bobby's." Sam said. "Obviously Dad didn't leave us much to go on. All we can do is work with what we have. Let's give it a rest for the night, okay?" Even though that was really the last thing Sam wanted. He wanted to make sure there was someone left for Dean if it came down to him having to die. Some reason for Dean not to blow his own brains out once it was done. He had seen that look in his brother's eyes back in Oregon. They both would have died that day if Sam were infected.

"Yeah, sure." Dean said, but pushed himself back in the seat and tried to make himself comfortable. Usually he slept like a log in the car, but tonight...just seemed it wasn't happening. Everytime he thought he might find an answer, he found more questions. Sam's attitude wasn't helping matters, about his 'destiny' or some such crap. He didn't believe in that. He couldn't. Because if Sam's destiny was turn out like Maggie, then Dean's destiny would be to kill him. And he couldn't live with that. "How far are we?"

"We have about 4 more hours to go to get there. We can make it before having to crash. You wanna get a hotel room there in town or hope he doesn't mind us taking advantage of our old room?" He asked, remembering how safe that room had felt when they had been saved. "Wait... Ben... You don't think... "

"Don't think what, Sammy?" Dean replied. "The third room sounds good, unless he's filled it with even more crap than the last time we saw it." Which hadn't been that long ago, actually. While he was fixing and rebuilding the Impala, which had been stored in Bobby's auto yard. "Come on, really not in the mood to try and read minds." Way too tired for that.

"The guy that grabbed us out of the closet and took us back to Bobby's." Sam said. " Do you think that might be the Ben it refers to? Cause I don't remember anyone else involved with the Maggie situations other than Bobby and that one guy."

"A demon?" Dean said. "A demon Dad had held to some sort of oath for five minutes? I don't know, that's a stretch that Dad would be working with a demon. Using, sure I can buy it. Making a deal with one..." He sighed at that. "Ican definitely believe it." After all, Dean was alive, wasn't he? Because of some sort of deal. "I don't know, we'll see what Bobby has to say. If they're one in the same, the demon that brought us to Bobby's and this Ben, he'd know. Was his house after all."

"Yeah. Here's hoping he tells us what was going on at the time. " He said and changed the play list on his computer to something that wouldn't give Dean such fits. He could handle some thing a little closer to Dean's music for the last couple hours. The man looked like he was going to bolt out the car window any moment.

Dean barely bit back a sigh of relief when Sam changed the music and leaned his head against the headrest. "Guess we could threaten to drink all his beer." Dean said. "But I think the fact that we know means he'll tell us, I mean, we could only know if Dad told. And if he told, obviously he wanted the story told too."

Sam chuckled at that, and fell silent for the rest of the drive. His mind was going faster than the car he drove, running over all of his memories of Maggie. How she had progressed from almost compassionate in her treatment of them to being the creature of nightmares. That was how he was going to go. It was going to be a slow progression to evil and then one day he would become a thing with no form of his own and having to possess others... He would become his brothers worst nightmare. Dean would never be able to kill him in time to stop the evil. He wouldn't see it until it was too late.

"Killing that guy, killing Meg - I didn't hesitate, I didn't even flinch. For you or Dad, the things I'm willing to do or kill, it scares me sometimes."

He'd said that, Dean had, to Sam. After Meg's exorcism. He'd meant it. He still meant it. And Sam thought he was the scary one. Dean would nearly laugh if he weren't so tired. And heavy, damn he was heavy. That weight...somedays he swore Atlas had nothing on him.

Now he had this new brother. He wondered if he'd have to protect Jack from something. Or protect Jack from himself. Why even bother worrying about it? They might never find him, and if they did, he might be white bread WASP enough to just say to hell with his older brothers.

Dean's mind was racing, as it often did when he teetered over the edge of Exhaustion Falls. Some people, their minds slowed down, like sludging through mud. His...it got faster. Too fast, to where he could barely keep up with it. And his body never had the energy to do anything with it anyway, by that point.

But it was with great relief when they pulled into Bobby's yard, Rumsfeld barking to alert his master of their presence.

Bobby looked out the window then came to the door. "Well, what brings you boys back here so soon?" Bobby asked with a smile on his face, although he could tell something had the boys worried. And that couldn't be good.

Sam stretched. " There were some questions we wanted to ask you ... About ahm... When we were younger." Sam said as he came toward the door. "Dad told Dean a few things that .. Pretty much left us asking more questions than we can find the answers to."

"Don't know what I can tell you, but come on inside. Your old room's a bit of a shambles but it's there. You're welcome to it."

"Maybe later." Dean said and stretched, then went for a beer. "Look, straight out? Dad told me about Jack." And the look on Bobby's face, carefully guarded but shocked, told Dean that he knew. "He wouldn't have told me if he didn't want me to find him."

"Well, that's gonna be tricky." Bobby said. "Haven't kept up with him anymore than your dad did. His guardian made sure of that." He remembered Ben clearly, as if the fiery demon was back in his kitchen drinking his beer again.

"So you know who his guardian is? That's more information than we have. All Dad said was that he existed and his name was John... And was called Jack." Sam said, leaving out the part that Sam was like Maggie. He would pick Bobby's brain about what sort of creature she was later. When he wasn't so tired.

When he wasn't so raw.

Bobby looked between the two and stalled, getting himself another beer out of the cooler on his porch and taking a long pull off it. Leave it to John to drop a bombshell like this when he couldn't be held accountable for it. He hated that man right now, and if he were alive, Bobby would fill him with more than just buckshot.

"Yeah, I know who the guardian is." Bobby said. "Look, there's a lot you two don't know. Because you forgot." Bobby said. A whole missing chapter where they had actually met Jack from what he understood. Where John had found out about the boy in the first place. Where Maggie finally crossed over to shadow.

"What do you mean we forgot?" Dean said. "Bobby, what aren't you telling us?"

"Come on inside, you're gonna need a drink." Bobby told them and led the way back inside, breaking out the hard stuff. He waited for them to get a couple of drinks in them. "So how much do you want to know? Not sure I have the answers you are looking for but ask away."

"I don't know... I guess I should ask you to start at the beginning but I want to know what we forgot before moving on." Sam said, certain that his brother felt the same.

With that Bobby downed a shot of tequila. "Unfortunately the beginning is probably the only way any of it is going to make sense." He said and started at the beginning. What he knew of John's affair, how they had started out as an amazing team of hunters and wound up more. "She and John found out that she was ... Less than human... At the same time. You can imagine how well John took it. He gave her a week's head start, then told the rest of us. None of us knew about the boy. " He said as he downed another shot. He had lost his brother because of this. They had lost a good friend, Ellen lost her husband... It was a debauchle that he was lucky to have come through with his hide in tact.

Bobby got up and started to pace as he finished the story. "That's why she went after you boys. She needed something from one of you boys and something from John for the spell to heal him to work."

"Okay, we remember that part." Dean said. He'd never forget having to sit by helplessly while his brother had been hurt. That Sam had had to go through that so young and he hadn't been able to stop it. "Dad came, they got in a bitch ass fight, and we drove from there to motel and then to here." Dean said. He looked at Sam. "That first night, you had some sort of fever, just for a little while, but it was pretty bad. Then we were at Pastor Jim's for about a month after that."

"Yeah." Bobby said, nodding. Remembering the night his brother had died in his arms. "Had to do with whatever Maggie was doing. She went after you again."

"When I was sixteen." Dean said.

"No." Bobby said, shaking his head. "Before that." And told them what they had forgotten. Dean due to trauma, Sam due to some...convincing after the fact.

"How the hell could he make me forget that?" Sam asked, horrified that his father would let someone play with his head like that. "He made me forget I had a brother... "

"Because no 9 year old should remember going to a place that demons are afraid of. " Bobby said firmly. "And what the hell good would it do for you to remember a brother you likely would never see again?"

Sam got up and started to pace. "And that demon that rescued us while Dad fought her off the last time... That was Ben... And he has our brother?" He looked at Dean with confused eyes. "I feel like I'm in the twilight zone..."

"No kidding. Well, that's one more head injury than I thought I had. I think I should be a vegetable by now." Dean said with a frown. It made sense why he couldn't remember anything. "Okay, so Ben is a demon, and Dad let him take our brother?"

"Ben's a very old demon." Bobby said. "And your father didn't have a choice."

"So he's being raisedin some hell hole?" Dean asked.

"No, probably just somewhere warm. Guy had a thing for heat."

"Guy? This is no guy. This is a demon." Dean said.

"That demon helped rescue you the last time. Who do you think went into the Vatican and got the ritual for your daddy to use? I don't understand it, and can't say I'm fond of him myself, but he's an oath bound demon." Bobby said. "And not the kind you're used to. He doesn't need a host."

"So chances are he hasn't aged much." Dean said. "Good. One more lead. Because I remember what he looks like."

Sam nodded that he remembered as well. He was uncomfortable with his brother's emphatic stance on Ben. After all... Wasn't Sam going to become a demon one day. "What... Ahm... What can you tell me about Maggie... What she was... Not who or anything."

"What she was isn't affecting your brother." Bobby said thinking that was where things were going.

"How can you be sure?" He asked. "Genetically he is half demon. His mother was a demon when he was conceived that's going to-"

"No... She wasn't." Bobby said, and picked up the bottle downing a good deal of it. "Not really. It was dormant within her. She had visions, could move things, could cast spells but most people can if they learn. She wasn't a demon when he was conceived."

That wasn't as reassuring as it should have been. "When did she become a demon?"

"Not sure." Bobby said honestly. "What I got out of John over the years...the second time you boys were taken, she spent too much time living as a demon. Until then she'd been splitting the time. Human, demon, human, demon. And she had a choice in what she became. Evil like that, her kind, they always have a choice. That's what she chose, that's why Ben took Jack from her. Got you two out of there that time as well. Along with your daddy. Didn't hear a peep out of him until John went and summoned him in my living room."

"Wait..summoned him?" Dean interrupted.

"Don't ask." Bobby said, shaking his head. "John found that ritual somewhere. I don't even know where, hadn't ever heard of it before."

"So do you still have the ritual around that Dad used to summon this guy?" Sam asked bluntly.

"What the hell?" Bobby asked

"Can you find the ritual to summon him?"

"I understood it the first time." Bobby said, shaking his head. "Yeah, it's around here somewhere." He knew exactly where it was, even if it didn't seem like there was any organization to his place. "The Solomon key isn't fixed though."

"We'd need to trap him?" Dean asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, if I was yanked out of somewhere by force, and I could start fires, yeah, I'd be pissed." Bobby said.

Sam shrugged. "Okay so we bind him in place until he can see reason... Do we need to fix the ceiling first or just the key?" Sam asked, not about to give up on this quest. He had the hopes that this mysterious younger brother would be what Dean needed to make it through all of this. Give him someone to make him feel needed when Sam was gone.

And Sam planned to be gone, far from Dean before this evil took him over.

"Well, if you two wanted to fix my ceiling, that would be much appreciated." Bobby said. "Plaster and drywall are in the shed." He said, gesturing to the back door. It was normally something he would have done a long time ago, but he did have a living to make. That meant cars to fix and repair before sending on their way. He figured the ceiling could wait, it wasn't going to come down on his head any time soon. Then again, he wasn't about to pass up free labor from the two that had broken it in the first place!

"Okay." Dean said. "Come on, Sam. We got work to do." Fix the damn celing, summon a damn demon, meet his damn brother that he never knew about. This was one hell of a day.

"Dude, I've been driving all day. Let's just... Let's just give it a bit. We can do this later." Sam suggested. "Besides I'm starving. You wanna go and asses the damage or go get the burgers?"

"I'll get the burgers." Dean said. "Gotta purify the car, after all." And driving...cleared his head. With the engine purring and the music blaring, and nothing but the road in front of him...it cleared his head. For a few brief minutes the weight wasn't there. Probably the smartest thing John had ever done, giving the Impala to Dean.

Bobby watched Dean go. He'd be a few hours. John used to drive to clear his head too. Even when he had a so called destination in mind. "How you boys doing?" He asked Sam.

"I don't know." Sam said honestly. "Dean told me about Jack last night, and he's..." Sam almost opened up. But didn't. They didn't need an old friend trying to kill him too. "I think this is what has had him messed up since Dad's death." He looked at Bobby. "So, have anything around here to eat." He asked with a faint laugh, knowing how long it would take Dean. His brother needed the time out and away so he didn't begrudge it, but his stomach was starting to growl like the Impala.

"I got some left over stew from yesterday in the crock." Bobby said. He lived alone, except for Rumsfeld, and tended to cook things he could stretch over a few days. Less work that way. Besides, his dog liked his stew. "I've never met him, your other brother. Met Ben once, and that was more than enough. He's condescending, drinks more tequila than your dad, and smokes like a damn chimney. But he was hell bent on protecting Jack. I'll give him that."

"Stew sounds good, thank you." Sam said and nodded as the man spoke of the demon "He didn't have to bring Dad or us out of that place either time. Could have left us to her." He frowned a little. "Do you think she ever had a chance of ... Not turning?" That was the 60 million dollar question. Was there any hope for him, or was he doomed to become evil?

"Shouldn't ask me. I didn't like her from the start." Bobby said. "She was a little too arrogant and self righteous for my tastes. So when she went off her rocker, can't say I was overly suprised." She had had too much invested in John, it seemed to Bobby. And he knew that no one should ever invest anything in John, not even his sons.

"Doesn't sound like the type Dad would go for." He said with a shrug. "Then again who knew what Dad really thought or felt about anything." He knew now for instance that his father had known all along about what he was and had kept it from him. But it certainly explained why he was always all over Sam about being selfish, or doing the slightest thing wrong, why disagreeing with John was grounds for a fight... Because John was scared and that's how John dealt with fear. "I don't know... Can't help but wonder what pushes someone into darkness. It can't happen over night... Not without a dramatic change anyway. Can it?"

"Got your daddy drunk one night." Bobby said as he looked for the ritual. "Told me she started to slip the first time hunters got too close. Apparently your brother Jack got hurt and she made a deal. All downhill from there. That's what your dad knew. Who knows if she told John anything close to the truth? But after your mother died, your father didn't have a 'type' of woman. Just warm and willing whenever he had an urge. Just with Maggie, he could urge and hunt at the same time. You didn't see her around you boys,did you?"

Sam shook his head. "No. I never saw her or heard her name mentioned until the day she kidnapped us the first time." He sighed as he got himself a bowl of stew. There was no way out of this for him. He was going to start sliding down the slope into darkness and then boom. Something would happen to Dean again and that would be that. Hell the demon would probably arrange it himself just to get Sam to make the deal... and now that he knew it was possible, would he really be able to resist? Could he let Dean die just to save his own soul? No. Never. No matter how selfish everyone thought Sam was, he really wasn't. He had just wanted what everyone else wants in life, a family of his own, a home, a career... he had just wanted to be normal. Now he knew why his father had insisted that was never going to happen. "I guess we know where Dean picked up his womanizing habits." He said and grabbed a beer. Any more tequila and he would be spilling his guts. But god he wanted to get drunk.

Bobby chuckled and went back to rifling through his papers and books. He was comfortable in silence, lived in it most of the time. Soon the room was filled with the sounds of Sam eating and pages turning until Rumsfeld barked. A short bark, not an alarming bark.

Who needed a doorbell when you had a rottweiler?

"Dean's back. Hope you left room for cold burgers." Bobby said, not looking up as Dean came back in.

He felt better, Dean did. The drive helped. He also picked up the burgers on the way back, not the way out, so they weren't that cold.

"Whatcha got, Bobby?" Dean asked as he plopped the grease stained bag onto the table.

"Found it." Bobby said and handed the paper to Dean who looked it over.

"Okay then." Sam said. "Chow then we see about pissing off a demon that travels in flames." Sam said, always having room for more food. Thankfully his own personal security blanket didn't tend to put weight on him even though it should. He did after all spend most of his life in the passenger's seat of a car.

"You boys are sure you want to do this?" He asked as he set the paper down for them to take a look at. "And actually you have to fix the ceiling before you can piss off the flaming demon. Cause I know you boys don't want to rebuild my house for me."

"I know, I know." Dean said as he started to eat. "And we want to do this. I mean, Dad wouldn't have told me if he didn't want us to, you know, meet up with him or something, right?" That was the trump card. That this was what John wanted. And hard for an old friend to deny a man his dying wish, right.

Bobby sighed and s hook his head. "All right then. I'll go get the supplies for you." He said as he ambled out to his shed.

"You ready for this, Sam?" Dean asked his brother.

Sam thought about it for a moment then nodded. "Yeah." He said and started to clear things away from where they needed to set up their ladder to get at the ceiling. He did his best to keep the stacks of books exactly how he had found them just... Pushed back.

He really wasn't ready for this. Not really. He wanted to meet his younger brother. Wanted to make sure that he and Dean bonded a little. But he wasn't ready for what all of this heralded. He wasn't ready to leave all that he loved behind. Wasn't ready to accept his fate. But he had to. Otherwise he would destroy them both.

"What about you?" He asked looking over at Dean.

"Nope." Dean said. "Too many variables. He could be dead for all we know. Or in prison for something heinous that he actually did." Dean, of all people, had to make the distinction between being accused of something and actually doing something. "But it's...I don't know...kinda like a last request from Dad. Not like I can refuse, right?" Because he was the good little soldier. Always had been.

"Sure you can. " Sam said, wishing he hadn't. But even if it were in his best interest he couldn't make Dean do something he wasn't ready for. "You have defied every other form of authority on the planet . You can tell Dad no. Last request or not. I want to do this but if you aren't ready, we aren't going to do it. " He stepped closer to his brother. "It wasn't right... He should never have put this on you alone."

"Who else was he going to put it on?" Dean said. "There was no one else. Not with the whole...load of crap...he said." Like the part about Sammy. "But he did, can't change it. Look, let's just do this. Talk to this demon guy, see what he says." Because Sam wanted to. And that trumped whatever Dean was feeling or thinking.

Sam nodded and climbed up on the ladder to begin work. It was time consuming. The cracks in the ceiling were deep ones. Fortunately it was an old house, plaster and lathe that they could patch with out having to take down the whole ceiling. He climbed Down once that was done to let Dean up to go about fixing the seal.

Dean got up with the paint and started fixing the seal as Sam held the book up for him to see. "So this won't be so bad. This part is easy. Except, of course, for summoning a sure to be pissed off demon and all. That part could suck." He was rambling he knew it. But he was okay with that.

"He cant be too bad. He didn't kill Dad for it last time" Sam pointed out. "And he did save our hides, not that we were particularly nice about it at the ... Time... But I'm sure he has forgotten all about that whole accusing him of it being a trick thing."

Bobby scoffed "That thing remembers offenses by people long dead" He pointed out. Mostly hoping they would abandon this idea. The offenses remembered had been pretty major and involving torture as Bobby recalled.

"Well, that's what the binding seal is for." Dean pointed out as he got off the ladder and moved it aside. "Let's do this." He said. No time to waste as he took the candles and started to light them. "I cannot believe I'm doing this."

Bobby simply shook his head and stood back letting the boys work. He figured he owed John enough to stand there an make sure they werent going to get their damned fool selves killed. Something was off with those two and he didn't know what it was. He suspected they werent at the top of their game.

Sam let Dean set the stage, and once the candles were lit he began the incantation. It was a powerful one and he could feel the energy pulling at the very center of his being as he canted the words.

Dean joined it, but this was the most powerful thing they'd ever done. They'd summoned other demons (at least Dean had, once) but this was a whole other ball game. And Dean was starting to think it wasn't going to work when the circle filled with fire, leaving a very angry man within it.

Ben turned toward Bobby. "You!" He growled. "I told you I'd kill you if you tried this stunt again."

"Wasn't me." Bobby said, perfectly calm, because Ben couldn't leave the circle. "It was them." He said gesturing toward Sam and Dean. "John's boys."

Sam stepped closer to the circle. "Hi... I'm sure you remember us but I'm Sam and this is my brother Dean. I'll cut to the chase and we can get this over and done with sooner rather than later. Dad told us about our brother and we would like to meet him. You are the only clue we have as to where he might be. Sorry for the inconvenience of the summoning or what ever discomfort it may cause but it's important to us to find him."

Ben shook his head. "And what do you want with him?" Ben said. "He's...safe. You don't get to mess that up just because your father knocked up his mother. Where is he anyway?"

"He's dead." Dean said, coming out harsher than he intended. "He told me before he died."

"Well that's a shame." Ben said neutrally. "And I don't talk in traps." He said, looking pointedly at the ceiling.

"You've got to be kidding." Dean said.

"Your choice kid, because I could stand here all day."

Sam frowned a moment. "And if we let you out, you disappear into the night leaving us no closer to our brother than we are now. Look," Sam said, "you don't have to talk just yet ... Just hear us out and then I'll let you out of there. We don't want to endanger him. Don't want to drag him around the country side hunting demons. But he is our flesh and blood. We want the chance to get to know him. That's all." He looked to Dean to see if there was anything else he wanted to add before he marred the seal with chalk.

"He's our brother." Dean said. "And that whole Maggie-Dad mess, it doesn't factor in other than the fact that he was born out of it. We've got a right to get to know him. And he's got a right to get to know us. He's already met us, he's gotta be wondering what happened to his brothers."

"You remember that?" Ben asked.

"No." Dean said, because he didn't. Trauma did that. "But I was told." Then Ben remembered that Dean was the one with the concussion that day. Sam was the one who had been convinced to forget.

"What about you?" He asked Sam. "You remember that whole escapade?"

"no." Sam said honestly. "I don't remember anything before waking up here and Dad saying that we had to move again. I guess it has something to do with a wasteland of some sort but damned if I understand it or care to. We lost our father... His last request was that we find our brother. Even if he hadn't wanted it, it's only right that we do it. Jack is family, for what that's worth."

Sam pulled the ladder over and almost put a line of chalk through the seal then paused. "Promise you won't kill Bobby." He remembered the threat made earlier. "For what we have done."

Ben rolled his eyes. "Fine. I promise I won't kill Bobby for this transgression against my privacy." Ben said. He didn't make promises lightly, so every one was clarified. And he nearly saw the hunter sigh in relief. Once the line was drawn he stepped out of the circle and looked at Jack's brothers. "You still haven't said anything that convinces me to let you interrupt his life." Jack was happy, well adjusted. Normal. Even if John and Maggie were his parents, and his guardian was a demon. He was still normal. "Being family doesn't cut it. Maggie's family too. If she were around, I wouldn't let her see him either."

"We're not going to hurt him." Dean said. "We just want to meet him. Because he's our brother."

"Still carrying around the protective oldest brother thing I see." Ben said as he walked through Bobby's house, going through the liquor cabinet. "Sorry, he's pretty much an only child. They don't do well with brother bears standing around trying to protect them, whether they need it or not. And he doesn't."

"We should believe you?" Dean shot back.

"I don't lie, kid. And I have no reason to lie to you." Ben said. "Would be a waste of my time, much like this little moment right here."

"I told you he was condescending. And arrogant." Bobby said with a roll of his eyes.

"Look... If it's me you have a problem with." Sam said without thinking about it. "Okay... I'll keep my distance. But family does cut it. Family is all a person really has. Maggie was dangerous. To a lesser degree Dad was dangerous. I get that. Hate that its that way but I get it. Dean and I aren.t going to be dangerous. We aren.t going to change his life. He's 20 not 12. He gets to make the choices about who he sees doesn't he? What he does with his life? Not you and not us. We just want the opportunity... To know him."

"Maybe it's him." He said, nodding to Dean. "He looks, walks, talks like a hunter. And your brother still carries the scars of what was done to him at the hands of a hunter." He looked back at Sam and snatched the paper from his hands, bursting it into flame until not even ash remained. "That thing's been a thorn in my side for three hundred years." He said and turned his attention back to the brothers. "How about I ask him what he wants?"

"That... that's fair. " Sam said and looked to Dean to see if there was any objection on his part. "Please come back and tell us even if he says no. Otherwise we'll just keep looking on our own."

"You wouldn't find him anyway." Ben said. "But I'll let you know what he decides." He said as he flared out of the room.

"Well, that went well." Dean said. No one was hurt, nothing was destroyed (except for the summoning spell) so, yeah, that went well.


Ben went back home. Oh this was going to take some explaining. ANd this was one of those things he hoped he'd never have to explain. "Jack?" He said. "You home?"

"Yeah, In here." He called out from the kitchen. "You hungry? I was just making a sandwich." It had been a lazy day. All he had on his agenda was filing his financial aid papers and picking up a few things for the house. That had taken up an entire two hours of his day. The rest had been spent reading and playing video games. Getting in the time while he could. Kaylie was due home that night and then he would have little to no free time what so ever. And he was going to love it.

"I'm good." Ben said as he went into the kitchen. Even if the boys remembered Jack, they wouldn't recognize him now. Oh, if they were looking for him, they might be able to pick him out. He had the Winchester jaw. Definitely. A jaw Ben had seen stubbornly set on more than one occasion. The shoulders. Maggie's dark hair, darker than John's. And for his exceptionally screwed up background, he was a great kid. Associate's degree, going on for his bachelor's. Hard working, smart as hell. Flirt when he wanted to be. A kid anyone would be proud of, and he was.

Ben took his responsibility toward Jack seriously. Gave him the best, most normal life he could manage, and he liked to think he succeeded. And now he was about to thrust him into Dysfunction Junction. "Come on." He siad, sitting at the table. "We have to talk." No longer could they pass for uncle and nephew, Ben aged so slowly and Jack grew so normally, they were more like brothers with an age gap.

Jack frowned but followed over, sandwich makings forgotten. "Last time you had that look, you were about to explain to me why it was a bad thing to sleep with one of your strippers." He said trying to make light of it but this looked serious.

Ben managed to laugh. "It is a bad thing to sleep with one of my strippers." He said. "Especially now, you know, since Kaylie would kick both our asses." He watched Jack sit down and sighed. "Do you remember the night I took you out of the shadow realm and onto that really great beach?" He was a demon that was attracted to heat, he loved that beach. Just wasn't a place to raise a kid, not enough other people around for him to play with. So they moved to a more populous beach.

"Yeah..." He said a little sadly. "I remember. It was the day my mom died." He said "Why? Whats brought her up? My grandfather isn't rearing his ugly head is he?" He had explained a lot to Kaylie and she didn't think he was insane. But fallen angels coming for him, or worse hunters, was probably going to be pushing his luck.

"No, this has nothing to do with your grandfather." Ben said and sighed. This really sucked. "It's about your brothers, Dean and Sam. Do you remember them?' It was only day when he was so young.

"Yes and no... I mean I remember that I have them, and that I met them. But I remember my father more. But that was a strange few days there toward the end."

"Yeah it was." Ben agreed. It had, it marked his mother's full transformation into something dark and unpalatable. Not to mention his brothers crossing a demon wasteland to get a mystical cure for their father. That wasn't exactly in the realm of normal either. "So I was sitting in my office going over the books, and...well...I was summoned. I hate being summoned, but I was."

"What?" Jack exclaimed. "Someone found the... No... THEY found the ritual didn't they? Are they hunters?" He asked. They might be blood kin but Ben was his family. Ben was the one that had been there for him . How dare they go after him!

"Your father was a hunter." Ben pointed out. "But yeah, they've gone into the family business it seems. They can't hurt me, you know that. They just had some questions...about you." Now here was the sticky part. "John's dead. Died...I don't know how or w hen...but recently. He told them about you. So now they want to meet you. They don't remember you, so this was news to them. So I burned the ritual, threatened to kill everyone and promised to come back and ask you. So, kiddo, it's up to you. Or you can just forget I said anything."

"Oh." He said rather sheepishly, he felt foolish for assuming they were hunting Ben. Not that it mattered in his estimation whether or not they could hurt he demon. He didn't really feel any grief for the loss of John. He was someone he had met once, who seemed to want as little to do with him as possible. That part hurt. It had hurt him deeply all of his life. But that didn't mean he loved the man or felt any loss with his death. He had lost him when he was 6. The same day he had found him.

He gave a low sigh and leaned back in his chair. "I wont say it cant hurt to meet them. But sure, why not? Worst case scenerio I can't stand them and have all the more reason to be grateful for the life I have here." Although, if he were being honest with himself it would be that the wrost would be that they didn't care for him at all. In some ways Jack was still that little boy needing to be accepted and wanted. At least where his father's family was concerned.

"Your father was bitten by a shapeshifter, that passe itself on through its bite. Nasty creature, not to mention ugly." Ben said, lighting a cigarette. Kid deserved the whole story, at least as much as he was willing to tell. "Dean and Sam, they crossed a demon wasteland, nasty place, for the only cure. That's why he was there, and they weren't. They came back, Dean was unconscious. He doesn't remember anything from that time, got his head whacked pretty good. Sam...they convinced him it was all a dream. Because no one, never mind a kid, should remember a wasteland like that. So Sam...he might remember. Dean, we might need to knock him in the head again. But are you sure? You don't have to do this. No one's making you."

"I know." He said. "But if I don't, I am going to wake up one day and wish that I had. "Jack had always wondered about his brothers and if they wondered about him. Now was his chance to get to know them. "Do they remember Mom at all? I know at the time they knew she was a demon but If they don't remember that time..." Would his hunter brothers be able to handle that he was half demon in a weird sort of technicality?

Ben began to look uncomfortable. And he was usually unflappable. But he shifted in his chair and finished h is cigarette before lighting another. "Yeah...Jack...about that..." He said and cleared his throat. "Maggie technically didn't die that night...hear me out...your mother died. I didn't lie about that. But she crossed into...best word is darkness...so I took you and hid you from her. Because she was sadistic and downright evil. She resurfaced three years later and...well...your brothers had another encounter with her. That's the first time I was summoned, by your father."

Jack got up from the table and began to pace. His face drawn tight, looking for all the world like his father in that moment. "So you are saying my mother didn't die that night... Don't get all technical on me as to what my mother was or wasn't after that night. But she was alive... And you played demonic CPS." He ran his hand through his hair "you know... I can deal with this... I really can... But damn, that's a lot of shocks in one night." he continued to pace, heading into the kitchen and grabbing one of Bens beers and coming back to the table, brow still furrowed, jaw still set. Not once was there anger in his features. Not real anger, and Ben had seen him angry plenty of times over the years.

"So mom didn't die at the hands of my demonic grandfather... Instead," He said as he opened the beer, "she lay in wait for three years and went after my brothers... Again... That was what ... The third time she tried to turn them into faces on a milk carton? I don't get it Ben... How is that the same person that used to love me so much that it hurt to see it in her eyes?"

"Because she changed. It was the human in her that loved you. The demon in her doesn't feel anything but rage. The first time...was when you were hurt...the first time she embraced that part of herself." Ben said. He'd spent a long time explaining the different sorts of demons to Jack over the years. "The second time...she believed John broke his word, and it was vengeance. It was the start of a slippery slide that culminated with her fully crossing over. The third time...she discovered something about your brother, Dean, something in his blood, I'm not overly clear on it. John wasn't very forthcoming, big surprise. By that time, she wasn't your mother anymore. It wasn't the same person at all."

"Where is she now?" Jack asked, looking Ben in the eyes. "Is she coming back again?" He supposed that Ben had kept him hidden from her and that was why he hadn't had his own encounter with her. This was a lot to take in. "Do me a favor." He said before Ben could answer him. "When you tell them ... Make them drive here. I need time to deal with all of this before dealing with them. "

"She's gone." Ben said. "Your father and I took care of that the last time she surfaced." He left out the part t hat it had nearly killed John, or that the things coming out of her mouth made Ben want to die. If only he could. "But I'll tell them to drive." He said standing up. "I know, I dumped a lot on you. And I wish I didn't have to." But all those outside forces...man they sucked.

"It's... Well... I'll be okay. Don't worry about that. It's just a shock is all. " He looked up at the man who had been like a father to him. No... Ben had been a father. The only father hehad ever known. "Thanks...for everything. Even if it did just start out as a stupid promise."

"It wasn't stupid." Ben said. "And I wouldn't have made it if I didn't want to." He was incredibly hard to trap into a promise. In fact no one had ever managed to trap him. "I'll go tell him. And since I'm playing messenger boy, you can clean up the kitchen."

Jack laughed and headed for the kitchen. Clean it up? He had yet to make the sandwich he had started to put together in the first place.

Sam was pacing nervously waiting for the demon to return. What if their brother wasn't interested in meeting them? Well he supposed it would be harder on both of them but he had to go. He should have never promised Dean that he wouldn't do it again, but that was before ... Before he realized exactly how bad his slide into darkness could be.

Ben flared into the room and looked at the brothers before going to get a piece of paper and a pencil stub. "I talked to him." Ben said. "He'll meet with you. But you have to drive." He said, writing down his address. No directions, just a street address. "Against my better judgement, he's going to try this." He said, handing the paper to Dean.

Dean looked at the paper. "Corpus Christi?" Dean said, and couldn't believe it. "YOU live in Corpus CHRISTI?"

"Last place a demon would be figured to be living, right?" Ben said with a chuckle.

"I suppose that makes a degree of sense." Sam said. "Texas huh, it'll take us a couple days to get there but we'll be there. Do we just show up or is there a number to call first?"

"Just show up." Ben said. "And if he decides he doesn't want to see you at the last moment, you leave. And if you skulk around my house I'll fry your asses back to Montana or wherever the hell we are."

"Fair enough." Dean said as Ben disappeared in flame again. "Oooh-kay. Now I see what Bobby means."

"Oh yeah. He made Dad seem humble." Sam said with a faint smile. "Well... It's a long drive to Texas. I'm gonna crash. " Sam said. He had a lot of thinking to do. Plans that had to be made. Things he wanted to do before he left. It made his heart sink into the pit of his stomach knowing that this was it... These were the last days he would be spending with his brother. Before when he had left it had always been with the thought that he would come back once things were sorted out. Once he had answers. Now he had the answers and now he had to go.

"Sure." Dean said. Something was up with Sam. Probably more than the long lost baby brother too. He just had to figure out what...in the morning. He was running on empty himself. "Wake me up when it's time to go." Since he planned to take a sleeping pill Bobby had offered him. For once, with no job on the table, he was going to sleep. And if he had those dreams again, so be it. He was going to sleep through them for once.

Sam lay down and stared at the ceiling in the dark. He had to make changes. Couldn't be recognizable by appearance or habit. Had to change his clothing, his look... And most of all he could never contact anyone he knew ever again. He swallowed the lump in his throat, feeling his eyes misting at the thought. He would leave behind everything but what he was wearing when he left. The cell phone could be traced, and he was sure Ash could find a way to track his computer if he got on. He would have to restock everything. Start over from scratch.

And he had to figure out something to tell Dean. A letter or something to explain so that he wouldn't think he was just abducted or possessed or some thing. Then where would he go? It was all so over whelming. But there was no hope. Dean couldn't save him. And Dean wouldn't kill him. Even if he needed to. So there was no choice.

Morning came far earlier than Dean wanted it to. He slept, drug induced, and woke up tangled in the blankets, his knife on the floor beside the bed, knocked ajar from the tossing and turning, but he'd slept. He felt like he had been run over by a train, and then the train backed up and ran over him again, but he slept.

No more sleeping pills for Dean, he swore to himself. Sam was already packing.

"Dude...why didn't you wake me up?" He muttered.

"You needed the sleep." Sam told him. It was the truth. Although that was only half of the reason. He had needed the extra time to pull the mask in to place. Dean saw him too clearly and he had to be careful if this was going to work. He had been through three pots of coffee and spent several hours on line researching places that he could go to start over. Places he could get lost in the masses... And death records. He needed a new ID. One that could stick with him for a while. He wouldn't be able to use their regular techniques to survive now. He thought he had a couple likely candidates and had contacted the friend of a friend of a friend of someone he barely knew in order to get the id's expedited. They were going to be good. Good enough that he wouldn't have to worry about who saw them. He was to pick them up in three days in Dallas.

"Yeah, whatever." Dean said as he untangled himself from the blankets and headed off to the shower to try and fully wake up. They had another road trip to go on. This one...to meet a brother his father had sired with a girl who had tried to kill Dean once. Terrorized Sam. And he still had no idea what happened the second time.

He hoped Jack didn't look like his mother.

Sam kept the conversation light as they drove to Texas.He didn't want their last few days together to be marred by arguing or moping. That wasn't how he wanted things to end. It had ended that way with his father and it had nearly killed him afterwards dealing with the grief. He hoped that things went well with the meeting. He hoped that Dean and Jack bonded.

"Coming up on a town, you getting hungry?" He asked.

"Dude, I ran out of M&Ms a town back." Dean said with a chuckle, holding up the crumpled yellow peanut M&M bag. "Of course I'm starving. Definitely let's find us some place to eat. Then it's my turn to drive." The music had been tolerable. But anymore and the car would start to complain at the abuse she was undertaking. Even if Sam laughed that off and called the car possessed.

Sam found a truck stop that would offer better fare than a fast food joint. "I need to be out of the car for a little while anyway. We've made good time" he said as he pulled into a parking place and yawned. "we should get there late tonight. Check into a hotel and sleep till noon"

"Uptight? Dude, you're more tightly wound than a nun." Dean said. "You know, the nun that really wants to be sinful, but dammit, God won't let her. Did I ever tell you about this job I was working in Maine..." Dean said as they got a table and ordered some food. Because only Dean could weave a story about nearly making a nun break her vow of chastity and make it sound like none of it was his fault.

"Dude!" Sam said with a laugh. "You are SO going to hell for that!" He teased as the waitress brought over their menus and the obligatory pot of coffee. Leave it to Dean to seduce a nun. "Was Dad along on that ahm... Expedition or were you flying solo?"

"Completely flying solo. You know Dad would have decked me into next week had he even a clue of what I was doing." Dean said with a laugh. "But, bro, tellin' ya, she was hot. And they don't wear habits anymore. Complete waste of a woman on God, let me tell you."

"Depends on the order... And you are definitely going to hell." Sam laughed then. "Sometimes I think Dad was a closet Catholic." He told his brother. "Too much time slinging holy water I guess. Remember how he and Pastor Jim used to stay up arguing stuff like that? I would lay awake and listen to them, wondering why they were arguing when it all sounded like the same thing to me."

"Yeah, they'd go on for hours." Dean said. "This belief and that belief, this rule, that rule. Sounded to me like they were talking circles around each other. But they enjoyed it." Dean wasn't Catholic. Or religious. Or even really a true believer in anything. Just enough faith in everything to make the relics work for him, but other than that...he thought it was a load of crap. "And just think, kids used to think we were lucky because we got out of Sunday school. They'd never spent a month with Pastor Jim."

"I don't know... I kinda liked it at Jim's." Sam said. "I almost fit in there." He shook his head. "We'd go to Bobby's and you guys would be out there talking cars and guns and who killed what in how many seconds flat...and I couldn't even read the books! That was the worst of it. Bobby and Dad wouldn't let me touch a single book. " He laughed. "Jim was different. He let me be me. Wanted me to be a kid more than I was interested in but I could forgive that. Had a lot of fun at both places though, didn't we? Giving what ever monster dog Bobby had at the time a bath... I swear that dog was bigger than both of us combined!"

"You know, I still wouldn't give Rumsfeld a bath. No matter how much you paid me." Dean said with a chuckle. "Yeah those were good times. You know, in between the endless drives, and you and Dad fighting...all the time. Looking back, some of your fights were down right hilarious." Because they'd be over stupid stuff, just to see how much Sam could push, and how much Dad would push back. "Pastor Jim's was good, you know, until he would make us sit in the back of the church to keep an eye on us while he did his real life job." Sitting that still for that long with no real pay off...used to drive Dean nuts.

"You couldn't sit still to save your soul." Sam said laughing. "And I wasn't helping." He admitted, although at the time he had denied that he was doing anything at all to antagonize his brother. It was a juvenile stunt but at the time they had both been juveniles. Juvenile delinquents to hear some people talk about it but they hadn't been that bad really. Better than a lot of their classmates that was for damned sure. They both had a healthy survival instinct and their father wasn't above tanning their hides when needed.

"You were a complete brat. Definitely didn't help." Dean said as their food arrived. He was hungry, he hadn't even cared what he ordered. "Okay, so we get to there, we hit a bar. Feels almost like what normal people do, doesn't it?" They'd never been 'normal' and Sam had been the best at passing himself off as 'normal.' But some activities just crossed lifestyle lines. Getting a beer with your brother was one of them.

Sam smiled at the waitress and dug into his food as she left. "Pretty much." He said with a smile. "Although I suppose for what we are... We're fairly normal-ish." He said laughing. "Except for that whole being on the most wanted list and having done nothing wrong... And the whole not being human thing ... Or that never staying in one place ever thing... Yep... We're fairly normalish." He laughed then, and nearly choked having to take a drink of his soda.

Dean gave him a dark look. "You're human." He said. "I don't care what you think, you're human. Why...why are we always coming back to this? Dude...you're my brother. I don't care what else you think you are, or some idiot says you are, you're my brother. And...as much as your Jedi mind powers completely freak me out sometimes, you're human."

"That idiot you are referring to is our father when he told you I am like Maggie. And that woman was not human no matter how you try and look at it. And you're right, I shouldn't have brought it up but it wasn't a ... I don't know... I wasn't whining about it. It's just something that is. Okay... I'm sorry. " Just another reason Sam had to go. If Dean couldn't even accept that basic reality, then there was no way he could do what had to be done when the time came.

Dean picked at his food. "She started out human. You heard Bobby. And that Ben guy. I just have to make sure, you know, help you NOT go that way. Won't be hard, because you're my brother, and we're not the bad guys. And Dad was an ass." Laying this down on him like that. And Sam was only too happy to keep making it heavier.

"I'm sorry, Dean." Sam said, feeling like a heel now. "That shouldn't be your job. Dad shouldn't have told you. He should have told me. Not fair to you doesn't even begin to describe it. And if it wasn't hard, you wouldn't look ... Like it's too much. But it is... And you need to let go. I'm sorry I made you make that promise. I won't hold you to it... And I won't hold you to any asinine promise Dad made you make either. Just... Just let it go. This whole insane mess... Just let it go for now. We have more important things going on."

"Exactly. Like seeing if you can outdrink me finally." Dean said with his usual grin. He wasn't letting anything go, and he had no intention on keeping his promise either. He'd save Sam, however it was to happen, and life would continue on. It was that easy, because Dean was going to make it that easy.

"And it's a crying shame we can't test Juniors drinking skills too." Sam said. "We found him a year too soon... Or something like that anyway. " He finished his food and pushed the plate aside. "So are you nervous about it? The meeting?"

"Yeah, like either of us waited until we were twenty one to drink." Dean scoffed. "If he hasn't at all, I'm going to seriously doubt his parentage." He twisted a french fry in his ketchup for a minute. "Nah." He said finally. "Not yet. I don't know, if we all get along, we get along. If we don't, it's not like it'll be this big hole in my life that I'll never be able to fill." Like if Sam wasn't there or something. "Guess I just need to meet him and that's it. Don't get me wrong, I hope it goes well."

"Yeah. But we don't have fake ID's for a third Winchester, so we'll have to do that round of drinking in private I guess. Wow... Do you realize we actually drink... A lot?" Sam said with a laugh. Not that he was surprised by it really. Their father drank heavily after a job. Or on any occasion that reminded him of their mother. It just seemed to be the way things were for hunters.

Sam knew that his leaving was going to hurt Dean. He also knew that Jack wouldn't fill that hole for him right away, but he would at least give him someone else to need him around. Dean needed to be needed more than anything else in the world. And it wasn't that Sam didn't need him. It was that he didn't want to see him hurt. Not by his own actions.

"Well, it's all relative." Dean said with a chuckle. "We also have way different jobs than anyone else in the world. I mean, maybe the Marines come close. Dad thought so, just a little. Okay, we all tend to drink." He said. "But hey, it's good for sleep, great for pain, and an awesome conversation starter with a pretty girl. Better than 'what did you do today?' or 'so what do you do for a living?'"

"You know... There are other places to meet girls than in bars." Sam pointed out. "Girls that might actually accept what we do." It would be great to think of Dean having a family, even if it were a strange quasifunctional family. "You don't want to end up like Dad... That would suck. We all deserve better than dying alone like that." Sure they had been there but that wasn't what he meant by alone.

"Don't plan on it." Dean said. But in his view point, hunters weren't long lived. The fact that John lived until both Dean and Sam were into adulthood was an amazement upon himself. So, often, it was better to be alone, because there were less people to leave behind when your number was finally called. And it was always called. He, himself, he knew he was living on borrowed time as it was. "Also don't plan on settling down any time soon, so no reason to tell some girl what I do."

"There are women who do what we do...and I am sure not all of them are psycho." He said, with a laugh. "Has to be at least one out there that isnt a man eater." He thought it was sad that the Winchester line wasn't even going to continue on with the Winchester name. "Gotta get Junior to change his last name to Winchester. Other wise... We're it man. It ends with us."

"Well, then, Sammy...guess we better finish all our business before you're all dried up...cause damn, we're going ot have to find you a pretty little wife that wants a dozen kids and a few dogs." Dean said. "Because that whole white picket fence thing, gives me hives. Way too many things for a woman to accept about me. Like, uh, the whole America's Most Wanted thing. The I'm technically legally dead thing. The whole demon and spirit hunting business. The fact that she would never rate above my car. Dude, I'm better off single."

"Nah... I'm too much like Dad. One woman for me and well... We know how that ended." Sam lied. He still loved Jessica but he knew that he could move on. If it were for that whole screwed up gonna turn all shadowy and evil someday crap "That and you know the demon would just kill anyone that has a chance of keeping me all bright and shiny. Not looking for a string of dead lovers, thanks."

"Uh huh." Dean said, non committedly. The demon hadn't managed to kill EVERYBODY. Dean was still alive, and their father had killed himself. The demon might have had a hand in it, but John was dead because John arranged for himself to be dead. "Come on." He said, laying some money on the table. "Let's cover more blacktop so we have more time for drinking."

Sam nodded and got to his feet. "You get to drive this time. My turn to nap." He said giving Dean back his keys to the Impala. The demon had tried to kill Dean. Sam remembered all too well the cabin where they had found John was possessed. The only reason he wasn't Dead was because John had fought hard to be in control of his own body just long enough for Sam to get the colt.

"Finally." Dean said with a laugh as he took the keys as they got into the car. He moved the journals to the backseat to make room for Sam and unhooked the jury rigged connection between Sam's computer and the Impala's tape deck. Then he reached for his box of tapes and sorted through them until he found one that would help cleanse his car of the torture Sam had put it through for the last several hours. "Texas bars here we come."

Sam laughed and shook his head. "Lush." He teased as he settled in and leaned his head against the warm window. Strange, he was going to miss this car. He was going to miss the familiar feel of it all. The sounds and smells. It was almost overwhelming all that he would be leaving behind.

Dean laughed off the comment as he pulled back onto the road, blaring the radio. He sang along, but the radio was so loud, no one could tell if he was off key or not. Which was probably the point. After a few more hours of loud music, bathroom stops and gas fill ups, he found the first motel and pulled in, finally turning the radio down. "We made good time." He said with a laugh.

Sam rubbed his face with one hand. "That's because Christine travels faster in the painful decibels." He said with a smile as he got out. "I get the shower first." He told Dean as he reached in to get his bags.

"Yeah, yeah." Dean said as he grabbed his bag. The first thing he did was pop the hood and check the fluids. Because it had been a long drive after all. Pretty much straight through. Had to make sure everything was still okay, which it was. Then he carefully shut the hood and threw his bag on the bed. "Hurry up!" He called out. He wanted some hot water after all.

Sam finished up and shaved before getting dressed and heading out into the bedroom leaving Dean the steamy bathroom, with enough hot water for a long shower. Sam wanted the time alone to do a little research on his computer. Misleading research since he planned to leave the computer behind.

"Finally." Dean said. "You're such a girl." He said with a chuckle as he made his way into the bathroom and turned the shower back on, flinging his clothes onto the floor before stepping under the stream of hot water.

He loved his car. But too long in the Impala made for some stiffness, even he'd admit that. And they'd gone on a whirlwind drive from Bobby's to Texas, so stiff didn't even really cover it as he adjusted the shower head to hit that sweet spot between his shoulder blades.

Nervous? Hell yeah. Some mysterious brother that shared half their genes had been out there the entire time. Being raised by a demon on top of it. There was this huge chance that Jack had turned out even more screwed up than Dean and Sam, if it were possible. This meeting could go all different ways of wrong. But he'd committed to it, because he figured that's what his father wanted. And Dean usually did what his father wanted or ordered. The man being dead didn't change that at all, no matter what Sam thought.

Sam was always able to circumvent the old man though. Which just, in retrospect, made Dean try all the harder to be the good soldier. As if to make it up to John.

He pushed all the words the demon had said to him out of his mind. Demons twisted things to hurt you when they needed to, or even just wanted to. He knew that. He did.

Sam had to have hope about this new brother. Because he had to believe that there was something in the kid that would draw out Dean's big brother instincts. Which were larger than his survival instincts to put it mildly. Dean was going to need this kid. Sam just hoped there was a way to make sure they sorted it all out and bonded.

He lay out trails on the computer to three different locations. Even placed a couple of phone calls on the hotel phone while his brother was in the shower. Checking out lodgings on the west coast. But with the cell he called one in Idaho, that had a history of supposed hauntings. The cell he would leave behind although not in an obvious fashion. He knew that Dean would see through some of the subterfuge, which was why he had to lay the extra layer. It seemed paranoid and almost excessive to him but Sam knew his brother. Anything too obvious he would discount completely.

Dean lingered in the shower. Until it was finally time to get out. Only then did he remember the point of taking a shower, which was to get clean. So he hurried with the soap and got out before it was too unbearably cold. Drying off and redressing. "Okay, ready to go out?" He said as cheerfully as he could when he got out of the shower. "Come on, you know the girls are waiting. Even if they don't know they're waiting."

Sam laughed. "So much for drinking together." He teased. "Long legs and long hair and you'll forget all about me." He said as he got up and grabbed his cell phone and wallet. "And I know how much of a drag this is gonna be but maybe we should avoid the obligatory brawl tonight. Don't want the kid thinking we're a couple of... I don't know... Delinquents or something."

"Well, I can't promise no brawls." Dean said with a grin. "How about I promise just not to start one?" Contrary to popular belief, he didn't start all the brawls. Sometimes, he just happened to get caught in the middle of a bigger situation. "And no sneaking off with women, promise."

Sam grinned. "Fair enough." He said. "You get to pick the bar. " He told him. Sam was no stranger to bars. He had spent a good deal of time in them at Stanford. They were just different than the ones Dean would want to pick. "But I am so kicking your ass at darts tonight." Pool he doubted he could best his hustler brother.

"You are, are you?" Dean said with a chuckle as he grabbed his jacket. "Come on, let's see what this town has to offer." They'd gotten a motel in a bar district, and they were probably better off on foot anyway,he'd never risk the Impala like that!

Sam nodded. "Yes, I am." He said as he followed his brother out the door. "Well, they don't look too bad around here. Let's start with that one." Sam suggested pointing to one that looked like it was at least well cared for. "We can give a few a try tonight, see which one we want to sneak Junior into tomorrow night."

"Yeah, watch. He'll be anti alcohol and straight edge or something." Dean said with a laugh as they headed into the bar Sam indicated. "Then I'll really doubt his paternity. Cause damn, a Winchester that can't hold his alcohol has no excuse over the age of, I don't know, two."

Sam laughed. "There is that." He said. "I don't know... Dad's genetics tend to show through pretty strongly, I would say." The two of them were living proof of that. Dean could use one of his father's old pictures for an ID and no one would look twice. Sam had a lot of his features mixed in that you could only really see if you looked at them individually. Then there was temperament. "I got the feeling he is going to out attitude both of us. Given his parents AND being raised by Ben... If he is milk toast... I say we disown him and hit the road." Not that Sam would do any such thing. He'd get those two to bond if he had to lock them in a ...no... He would never do that. Amusing though it may be in stories, being locked in a closet lost something in the translation to reality.

"Deal." Dean said, though the likelihood of that was pretty much nil, he'd say. Because Sam was right. His father...was a strong man. Right down to his genes. He looked around the bar. "Hello Texas." He said with a grin. "Yeah, yeah, I know. No leaving with one of them. We can look though. God, can we look."

"Absolutely." Sam said as he looked around. There was definitely nothing wrong with looking. He even enjoyed looking with a relatively guilt free conscience. In fact it was getting easier to do all the time. Of course the dreams of Jessica were happening less frequently as well.

He pointed out a likely table. One a little off of what appeared to be the center of the bars action. All bars had them. The sweet spot where it always seemed to be lively. Lively could be raucous laughter... Or it could be the beginnings of a brawl depending on the bar. Sam didn't want to take any chances, so when he spotted the center of activity... He steered a little clear of it.

Dean sat at the table. "Now here's normal behavior for a Winchester. Drinking and girls." He said with a chuckle as a blonde came over to the table with her note pad.

She was young, out of high school, maybe early college, with the requisite shorts, sneakers and tank top with the bar emblem on the front of it. The bar was actually full of them of various heights and hair colors. But she gave them a sweet smile.

"What can I get you boys?" She asked.

"Depends on what you're offering." Dean replied with a grin.

Sam shook his head a little. Dean wasn't exactly out of his league with this one, but the fact was she looked more like the type of girl who would be seen in public with him than his brother. He smiled, letting his dimples show. "What ever you recommend is fine with me." He told her. He was obvious that he was appreciative of her appearance but not so blatantly as Dean's normal technique. He opted for the shy yet attracted approach. This wasn't hunting for a real date, or a mate for life. Playing the game like any other con was acceptable here. The boys worked a different crowd when it came to women. Sam was betting this one was more his crowd. Laid back, easy going, midwest charm was usually the kicker for both brothers but this was Texas. Half the room had that going for them.

She smiled at the men, flashing dimples of her own. "We've got a good local beer on tap." She said. "Your normal selection of bottled beers. And the bartender makes a hell of a Sangria." Because friendliness meant tips. And tips was the only reason to be a waitress because the pay was pretty much crap.

Oh she'd had the experience of guys reading it wrong. But if she couldn't handle it herself and the bouncers were occupied, she also had her boyfriend on speed dial!

"When in Texas..." Dean said with a chuckle. "We'll take two of the locals."

Sam nodded. "Sounds good." He said. He had to admit the girl was genuinely pretty. Not just cute around the edges or trashy enough to make up for certain flaws in hopes of a early pay off on minimal investment. He was glad they had a rule that they weren't leaving with anyone tonight. She had a look about her that made him feel a little protective, not that he knew exactly why.

She smiled and headed over to the bar to put their order in. "And if we and Junior hate each other with a passion, we can always come back here and drown our sorrows." Dean said with a chuckle. "Okay, so we drive up there in the morning, see what we know." Nope, Dean wasn't nervous.

"What sorrows?" Sam asked, feeling just as nervous as his brother. "We don't even know this guy. Okay so Dad and the evil bitch from hell spawned... In the back seat of your car... Doesn't mean we have to grieve if he doesn't want us around. Besides you just want to come back here for the waitress." He said. "You know, I don't think she's you're type." He said, trying to keep a straight face. "I mean... She can form complete sentences and everything." Sam leaned back a little in his chair.

"Okay. You say I'm obsessed with the car, you keep bringing her up in every single conversation. Besides, those seats have been reupholstered more times than you've gotten laid, so no big deal. I'm sure I've managed to wipe clean any memory of hell bitch and Dad with my own escapades, thank you very very much." Dean said with a chuckle. "And you know, just grieve over the whole wasted trip, more mileage on my car, things like that. Course, we could play it up and make ourselves seem really wounded by the whole thing. Girls LOVE that whole thing. And just because she can form complete sentences doesn't mean anything. Can she spell? She is blonde after all."

"And so are you." The waitress said, putting down their drafts. "Just for that I get a really big tip." She said with another smile. She was used to the blonde comments, she'd been getting them since she was a child after all, like all blondes tended to do.

"You'll have to forgive my brother." He said laughing. "His feet aren't quite big enough to stop him from talking no matter how much he tries " He paid for the beer and the tip, a decent tip. "I promise he isn't always a jerk."

"Oooh, ouch." Dean said laughing as he drank his beer. "It's the dark hair, he thinks it means intelligence."

The waitress took the money and put it in her apron pocket. "Okay. Forgiven. Signal if you guys need anything. You know, like help on your spelling homework."

Sam smiled at her. "I'll let you know if he has trouble with the big words." He looked at Dean once she had moved on. "I told you she wasn't your type. Too smart for you. Although I guess that's your loss. " He said, that smile actually reaching his eyes. Not that he was saying his brother wasn't smart. He was saying that with the exception of Cassie every woman he had seen Dean with had the IQ of a pet rock.

"Dude, that's because I'm never in town long enough for a deep philosophical discussion. I leave that to you." Dean said with a laugh. "Besides, we're just drinking and checking out the scenery. Believe me, if I were really interested, I could have turned on the charm easily. And not made blonde comments on top of it. But she's cute. Why, is she more 'your' type? It's the blonde thing, isn't it?"

"It's not the blonde thing. Although she does kind of remind me of Jess in some ways. I mean Sarah isn't blonde." He pointed out "I think it's just... I don't know... She looks like a college girl... Things to talk about ya know... Important when the scenery isn't all I'm are checking out."

Psychologists could have a field day with this one. Their mother had been blonde. Jess was blonde. Sam never knew his mother, had only seen pictures. Whereas Dean deliberately seemed to go after women who couldn't remotely resemble their mother (like Cassie, with her biracial heritage for a good example).

Luckily, Dean wasn't a shrink.

"You're the only one I know who goes into a bar hoping for a deep and meaningful conversation." Dean said, shaking his head, laughing. "But you want to swing up to New York next then?"