Warning: This story contains Twilight Princess spoilers. Do not read if you haven't finished the game.

Disclaimer: I don't own The Legend of Zelda or any of its characters. I'd like to, though.

The Legend of Midna: Call of the Twilight

Book 1 - Call of the Twilight


"Why?" Those sapphire eyes, once shining brightly with determination and courage, were dull, filled with sadness as Link stared unseeingly at the platform. The last of the mirror shards settled into the sand as Princess Zelda bit her lip, choosing her words carefully to both explain and provide a modicum of comfort.

"Link, Midna did not mean to hurt you at all; by breaking the Mirror of Twilight, she did what she thought was best for both worlds..." The princess rested one gloved hand on his shoulder. "And also, I think, for you."

The Hero of Twilight remained silent, waiting for her to explain.

"I believe Midna wanted you to be happy. Had the mirror been intact, you would have been torn between both realms; between your friends and Midna." They stood in silence for a while; she had begun to give up hope of Link ever speaking when he spoke.

"She should have asked me." His voice was thick and subdued, as if he'd been crying. Bending down, he picked up a small shining object off the floor. "I would have gone with her." As he turned to go, the princess glanced at the object that rested on his palm and gasped.

It was Midna's tear.


"Link, I..." Sadly Midna shook her head; the words still wouldn't come even though she was now alone by the edge of the Palace of Twilight, watching the last of the portal between the realms disintigrate into nothing. She reached out with one hand, as if trying to grasp the fading trails of light, then let it drop. Twilight wrapped itself around her in a warm, comforting embrace, but already the realm seemed dull to her, the serene grace Midna had once found in it fading away to be replaced by the empty longing in her heart. It was for his own good, and the good of Hyrule, she told herself firmly. Besides, he could never love me... not after the way I treated him before. Shaking her head once more, she wrapped her cloak about her and set off towards the palace - only to pause and turn back to face the last of the vanishing portal. "Good-bye... forever..." she whispered. Thoughts of him weighing heavily on her mind, she slowly made her way down the familiar path to her home.