Five years ago; 2015

All he could see was red.

Red, the colour of blood.

"Doctor, look out!"

He turned his head, narrowing his eyes as he stands naked in the room…it appeared to be some kind of laboratory. He couldn't seem to remember how he had gotten here, or what had happened.

All he could remember was a scream.

A crash.

Someone's dying, begging plea for him to find the will to live.

The click and whirl of a gun locking into place made him look towards the blonde in leather with a sadistic snarl curling on his lips as he remembered the face of his lost one; black locks fading into gray with wisps of hair falling into his golden eyes, those soft – oh so soft – lips begging him to live…

But life wasn't worth living without his best friend.

His teeth ripped into the flesh of an unfortunate person who had gotten in his way, blood spilling into his mouth as their dying scream rang like church bells in his ears. His sadistic snarl curled further into a maniacal grin as he tore their arm clean off, earning himself another scream. He was being shot at, but he didn't care. All he cared about was…

"Experiment Seiten Taisei has escaped his confinements! All units…AAAAHHHHHHHHHhurk…"

The doctor didn't have anymore time to say anything else – his lungs were ripped from his neck the same time a clawed hand plowed into his stomach. He died with a panicked look on his face, staring up into the vicious golden eyes of a madman.

A madman he had a hand in creating.

A shot rang past his ear, nicking his cheek and making him turn to face the man who had fired at him. It was the blonde. He snarled, dodging another bullet and running full pelt towards the man, lips curling up in a cruel smile.

"Goku, stop!"

He stopped still in his tracks, turning his head curiously towards a woman in a lab coat. Yes, it was her. The only one who had cared for him while he was in confinement. Hwuan? Was that her name? She was calling his…did that mean his name was Goku…?

In his moment of confusion, the blonde had snuck up behind him and placed a gold diadem around his head. It shone, glimmering brightly before the light faded. His ears, nails and teeth reversed back to that of a normal human's, slit golden eyes widening to mimic the look of a curious child. He stared at the blonde man in wonder, beginning to slip into unconsciousness.

"So bright…like…like the sun," his voice hoarsely declared as he fell forward and into the man's arms.

"Stupid monkey. I know you'll be a pain in the ass," was all he heard before he blacked out completely.

Gensomaden Saiyuki: A.D. 2020
I: To The West
Written by Takato Metallium
Plot: AU, will be slash (Gojyo/Hakkai, hinted Goku/Nataku and future Sanzo/Goku). Twenty-two years after the outbreak of the Minus Wave virus caused by a mad scientist, four individuals must journey westward to find ancient scriptures said to have immense power. A demon killer, an experiment, a gambler and a psychopath. Joy.
Disclaimer: I disclaim all rights to Gensomaden Saiyuki. Saiyuki belongs to Kazuya Minekura. I only own the fic, the idea and not much else.

Present day; 2020

"Sanzo! Hurry up, man, I'm starving!"

Genjo Sanzo sighed in irritation as he pulled on his buckled, black leather boots. Son Goku was bouncing around outside on the balcony leading into their apartment, not looking like he'd just gotten out of bed like Sanzo did, with his disgruntled look and everything. Goku usually woke up around five in the morning and would play one of the many RPGs or fighting games they owned and/or Halo until he felt hungry enough to risk death and wake Sanzo up.

"Fine, fine already. Shut the Hell up, you stupid monkey." Sanzo rubbed his temples and sighed as he stood, taking his leather jacket from the coat rack and fishing around in his pockets for the keys to his motorcycle as they began to walk down the stairwell on the outside of their apartment building. Goku was bouncing down the stairs ahead of him, taking them two steps at a time.

"So where're we going for breakfast, huh Sanzo? You gonna take me to McDonalds? Subway? A real restaurant??" Goku turned around so he was walking down backwards, facing the blonde, a broad grin across his face. Sanzo lit the cigarette between his lips and closed his eyes.

"The pay was low last night because the bastard only gave me ten percent and ran away after the job was done. We'll be going to McDonalds this morning." Sanzo still had the address of his client. He'd hunt him down after breakfast and make him pay the full price he'd originally asked for.

"Ah, man." Goku crossed his arms behind his head as his feet finally hit solid ground, pouting. "I hate guys like that. Can I kick him in the nuts after you're done?"

The blonde smirked as he took the cigarette from between his lips, exhaling smoke. "Sure thing, kid."

"Genjo Sanzo!" Ah, the landlady. Mrs. Samson was a tough old lady for her age but still a little senile, standing next to Sanzo's motorcycle with her hands on her hips like a disapproving mother. Goku made a quick retreat behind his roommate's back as soon as he saw her and Sanzo raised an eyebrow. "That monkey of yours has been at my peach tree again."

"A peach is a peach is a peach. Get over it," Goku muttered from his position behind Sanzo's back.

He replaced the cigarette back to his lips as he slid one leg over the motorcycle seat, closing his eyes and sliding the key into the ignition. "Not my problem, and he's not my monkey. It's guilt by association and that's all." Starting up the motorcycle, he turned his head, looking at Goku with hawk-like amethyst eyes. "Hop on."



The air was muggy and filled with smoke and the scent of beer, the lights dim and two gorgeous women at his side. Not to mention his winning streak.

Sha Gojyo had never felt more at home.

The redhead smirked wickedly as he looked over his cards at his opponent – who had lost his poker face and looked like he was about to panic, before he regained his composure. The girls were whispering good luck to him, and that maybe he'd see one of them afterwards. Feh. He didn't need their well wishes, as he already had a beautiful lady on his side; Lady Luck.

His opponent picked up a card, then smirked and threw his hand down, revealing a three, two Jacks and two Kings. "Two pairs. Two pairs Jacks over Kings."

Gojyo let out an almost mocking low-whistle, smirking wider as he sat back in his chair, cigarette dangling from his free hand. "Wow, what a coincidence. I have two pairs, too." He laid out his own cards on the table. "A pair of queens, and another pair of queens. I believe the term is Four of a Kind."

The guy across from him lost his cool, tossing down some yen notes. "Just take it all. Take all of it, you damned whore."

If the comment had hurt, it didn't make itself known on Gojyo's face. Instead, he merely shrugged and gestured. "Sorry about that, Souchi. Believe me, these women around me are more important than the four on the table."

Souchi snarled, his eyes narrowing, his ears becoming pointed and his teeth growing sharper in his mouth. The redhead tensed, pausing with his cigarette halfway to his lips before Souchi hefted up the table and threw it at him. Gojyo barely dodged it.

"Stop it!" Crimson eyes studied his opponent for the moment before he dropped the cigarette to the floor and snuffed it out with the toe of his combat boot. Souchi looked like he wasn't going to listen to the command, instead growling loudly and ripping off his shirt, and turned on the girls who were watching in fright. Gojyo's eyes narrowed before he drew back his fist. "I said knock it off!"

Gojyo's punch threw Souchi right out of the pub and onto the bustling night streets. The man made to stand up and face the redhead directly, but before he could do that, there was a loud screech and a sickening crack and pools of blood. Gojyo winced as he watched the scene unfold, then snuck away into the gathering crowd when no one was looking.

"That sucks," he started as he slipped another cigarette to his lips, lighting it. "I always made money off of that guy too…"

It wasn't as though he didn't care about what had happened to Souchi – the man had been a long-favoured gambling partner and a good friend. He'd just learnt that nearly the best way to deal with a situation was to act as though nothing had happened. Although he wasn't religious, he knew Souchi was, and, turning in the direction of the corpse, Gojyo made a cross motion from his forehead to his chest, and from his left to his right shoulder.

"Rest in peace, man. I'll find out what made you go berserk, promise."


A loud shot rang through the classy casino, causing several of the patrons to turn their heads in the direction of the above floor window before going back to their talking and/or gambling.

In that floor's meeting room, Sanzo had his booted foot pressed to the mafia boss' chest, shotgun pointed point-blank at the middle of the sweating man's forehead and a deep scowl etched into his face. Goku had already taken out the gang members with his Nyoi-bo, and was helping himself to a bit of the food that had been served just before they had arrived, his staff shouldered as he watched his keeper 'negotiate' his pay with wide, golden eyes.

"I already said I didn't give a fuck about who wasn't involved here," the blonde snarled, pressing his boot and his gun closer to the man's chest and forehead. "Either you give me the rest of the money you owe me, or this little casino of yours and everyone in it is going to Hell."

"Y-you're supposed to be a priest…a monk! What's a holy man like you doing threatening people like me with a gun of all things?" the man stammered, trying to worm his way out of it. Sanzo's buckle boots were very heavy on his chest and crotch.

"Former priest. Religion ain't my thing. Now…about the money…?"

"I…I…" The mafia boss swallowed before his eyes landed on Goku, drinking in the boy's appearance as greedily as the monkey was helping himself to the feast that had almost gone to waste. "…Listen…let me have a turn with your pet there. I'm sure a sweet little thing like that knows how to suck and swallow…"

The snarl on Sanzo's lips curled more and he could barely contain himself from shooting the bastard then and there. He only pulled the clip of his gun back, locking it in place as his foot pressed tighter. "The money. Now. Or I blow your brains out. Which do you prefer?"

The boss' eyes widened considerably, his skin beginning to shine with sweat under the dim light. "F-Fine. Top right draw of my desk, there's a small safe where I keep some cash. Key's in my pocket."

"Goku, come over here and keep this guy pinned so he doesn't try anything." There was a whine, which went answered by a shot in his general direction and the brunet scampered over, sitting himself on the mafia guy's stomach and holding his staff to the man's throat, a hard look in his golden eyes.

Sanzo reached into the man's coat that was thrown over the recliner's back and found the key easily. Opening the drawer and the safe within, he counted the money and smirked, turning around just in time to catch the man's hand wandering from its pinned position to Goku's thigh with a lecherous smile on his lips, caressing it slightly as the monkey froze up, preparing to jump like a cat in fright, which he did so once Sanzo was close enough.

"Ew, ew, ewwww! Sanzo!"

Another loud shot rang through the main room and the blonde's hawk-like eyes were narrowed, cat-like slits, snarling as he shot him in the chest a couple of more times for good measure. Nobody touched his monkey, with or without his permission.

Wait…did he just think his monkey…?

He turned from the corpse and whacked Goku on his head, earning a protest and whine from the boy. "Let's go. We got what we came for." As they were leaving the room, Goku stopped by the table and grabbed another couple of meat buns from a plate before heading out after Sanzo with a wide grin on his face.


Elsewhere, fog had settled in for the mid-afternoon in the middle-class district of Chang'an, quiet as well, which was unusual. Two figures made their way through the thick white mist – one appearing to be a young man of his early twenties, the other a young child of pre-teen years.

"God, I need a katana to cut through this shit," the older one complained, hefting the grocery bags in his arms before looking down at the child. "Hakuryuu, hit the fog lights, will you?"

The boy nodded. "Sure thing, Hakkai." There was a moment's pause before there was a light shining through the fog, seeming to come from the young child's eyes. Hakuryuu took that moment to begin walking ahead of his adopted older brother, brushing some white hair from his gaze. "Na, Hakkai, did you hear? They say Gyoukumen Koushou won the election again."

Hakkai blinked in slight surprise, then covered it with a frown. "I can't say I'm not surprised. Lady Gyoukumen Koushou has been China's madam president for the last eight years..."

Hakuryuu turned his head slightly, looking at the older man before speaking softly, noticing his companion had stopped and tensed. "What's wrong, Hakkai-gege?"

"We're not alone."

The white-haired boy turned his head back around, coming to a stop as well, the light coming from his eyes dimming. "What do we do, Hakkai-gege?" he whispered, backing himself against the older man. He could sense – no, feel – the Ki around them. There was so many he was actually scared. A soft 'kyuu' sound left his throat as he huddled against his older brother for comfort.

Hakkai dropped the groceries he was carrying, causing the bags to fall to the ground and items to spill as he conjured a shield just in time to stop several bullets that were being shot at them. "We make a break for it. Hakuryuu, jeep transformation! Do it quickly!"

Hakuryuu would have responded if he wasn't already halfway through the transformation without being told twice. A bright blinding light filled the area, giving Hakkai a chance to see just exactly what they were facing. The brunet scowled deeply – a gang of demons who were smart enough to use human weapons.

That type of demon gang was dangerous, considering how demons had become smarter over the twenty years or so since the virus had broken out. The government might have been trying to cover it up, but Hakkai knew he and Hakuryuu were two of the few people who didn't believe them.

Hauling himself into Hakuryuu's front seat, Hakkai switched gears and slammed his foot on the accelerator. He was going to have to apologize to his adopted brother later for it, but nonetheless managed to get them away from the scene without so much a damage as a nick across his arm from a passing bullet.

"There's some serious spiritual shit going on here," he hissed as he healed the slight wound, wincing a little as the fog finally began to lift. "So you can go a little faster if you want to, Hakuryuu."

He received a soft 'kyuu' in response and smiled.

He squatted down in front of the boy as the older children ran off, placing a hand on his head. "Are you alright, little one?" The head of white hair shook and the boy continued to sob, choking on his tears from the torment he had just endured. Hakkai scowled – children could be such bullies. "Do you at least have a phone number so I can call your parents to come pick you up? I'll wait with you. Wouldn't want those bullies to come back or anything."

"I…" The boy sniffled, looking at him with wide crimson eyes that startled him a bit – the boy appeared to be an albino child. "…I-I've never known my parents, mister. I…" He swallowed, biting back another sob. "…I live on the street…"

Hakkai frowned, then smiled. "I'll tell you what. How about I adopt you? My fiancée always said she wanted kids…" And now she'd get her wish, though she wasn't around anymore. 'Oh, KananI'm sure you'd have loved this boy like his own mother…'

The boy looked genuinely surprised, the tears stopping in the expression on his face. "You…you aren't gonna hate me 'cus I'm a demon…? 'Cus…'cus that's what the kids were calling me…" Hakkai noticed the pointed ears the white-haired child bore, then smiled again.

"No, I'm not going to hate you. Hating you because of something so trivial isn't right." He stood, holding his hand out to the boy. "My name's Hakkai. So what's yours?"

The boy rubbed his eyes, as though to make sure he wasn't dreaming, then looked up at the jade-eyed man in wonderment before a brief smile crossed his lips and he took the offered hand. "Hakuryuu."


"Shit. How many guys did you get pissed off at over the last week, Sanzo?" Goku slammed his Nyoi-bo into another flunky, causing him to buckle and fall to the ground in pain before it was thrusted back and into yet another. He turned his attention in the direction of his caretaker, scowling. "This is the fourth lot today and I'm hungry. When're we gonna eat? I'm starving!"

"Shut your mouth," Sanzo hissed as he dodged a couple of hits from one of the flunkies he was fighting. "And move your ass." The fighter fell as soon as the blonde shot him with his gun, dead before he hit the ground.

"Jeez, why the Hell're you being such a hard-ass anyway? I'm hungry!" Goku complained again as he took down the last one, shouldering Nyoi-bo as he watched Sanzo shuffle around in their pockets until he found what he was looking for. "You're a priest, show a little compassion."

Sanzo ran a hand through his hair, beginning to get irritated. "Look, I'm a former priest, and you and I both know that it's impossible for you to starve to death."

"Well…yeah, but we don't know that for a fact," the monkey replied, poking one of his former opponents in the stomach with the end of his staff. The man moaned and began to roll over so he hit him over the head again, ensuring he'd remain knocked out. "Damnit, mustn't have hit that one hard enough… And anyway, instead of turning this into a death march, you could've just had Hakkai pick us up in the jeep…"

The brunet was whacked over the head by the sudden appearance of a paper fan in Sanzo's hand, which had come from somewhere within the depths of his jacket. "Ow!" Goku rubbed his head, scowling. "And what's up with your sudden burning desire to hook up with Hakkai and Gojyo anyway?"

Sanzo frowned as he replaced the paper fan into his jacket, pausing. "There's something I need to confirm." Feeling the golden-eyed stare of his roommate, he continued. "Yesterday, I was summoned to the Temple of the Setting Sun in the middle of the city."

"So that's where you went." Goku scratched the back of his neck, still seated on the top of a trashcan that hadn't been tipped over during their fight. "Don't they know you don't work there anymore?"

"They obviously didn't get my message clearly enough," the blonde answered, then continued as he leant against the other wall with his arms crossed over his chest. "And anyway, it wasn't the abbot who summoned me. It was the Three Aspects of the Merciful Goddess."

"So what did the floating heads have to say?"

Sanzo lit a cigarette and placed it between his lips, taking a short puff. "The Minus Wave virus has steadily gotten worse ever since Gyoukumen Koushou came into power as madam president of China eight years ago." He frowned, raising his hand and plucking the cigarette from his lips. "Someone's trying to resurrect Gyuumaoh."

"Gyuumaoh?" Goku had to think for a moment before he snapped his fingers. "Oh! The big demon guy who was sealed in Houtou Castle three thousand years ago, right?" Golden eyes looked at his roommate quizzically. "But Houtou Castle was destroyed when they landscaped the area for a theme park. So how can we…?"

"Exactly." Sanzo stood from where he was leant against the opposite wall, beginning to walk out of the alleyway but not without kicking one of the flunky's dead bodies on the way out. Goku jumped off his trashcan and followed, Nyoi-bo disappearing from his grasp.

"So…we're going to India? To look for something that's hidden in a theme park?"


"I'll take that as a 'yes' then, dumbass. Now are we done? I want something to eat already." The brunet bumped into the former priest's outstretched arm before he blinked up at Sanzo in confusion. "What…?" His eyes turned and widened as he saw that the alleyway they had just walked out of was surrounded, blocking their way back to Sanzo's motorcycle, which appeared to be thoroughly trashed. "Oh, shit!" Nyoi-bo was summoned again and clutched with both hands.

"I smell…"


"I'm hungry…"

"You're going to have to get in line because the stupid monkey is too," Sanzo snarled as he shot at the three demons who had spoken before turning to shoot another few. "There's only so much I can take when he whines about food, you think I'm going to show you any mercy?" His eyes narrowed. "And whoever ordered you to trash my bike is going to pay damage fee, plus interest."

Goku scowled as it seemed as though one demon he slapped down, another came back into its place. "Man, how many more of these are we going to fight?" the monkey complained as he backed himself into his roommate's back. "I'm starving here!"

Something suddenly swooped down in an arch, slicing through the demons and leaving them no room to move or get away. "Well now," a familiar voice called out from above them and both raised their eyes to look upward, squinting when the sunlight got in the way. "If it isn't my favourite hot-blooded monk and his pet monkey."

"Na, check it out, Sanzo!" Goku began waving enthusiastically as he recognized the two men and one child on the roof of an apartment building, still knocking demons unconscious without intending to. "It's Gojyo! And look; Hakkai and Hakuryuu!"

"Long time no see, Goku!"

"Goku-gege! Sanzo-susu!"

The three of them leaped down from the building and Hakuryuu nearly toppled Goku to his butt when he tackled him with a hug. Goku caught the white-haired boy easily, whacking Nyoi-bo over the head of a demon that had just gotten back up from the ground as he did so.

"I take it you guys have noticed it too?"

Hakkai turned slightly to look at Sanzo, a small frown on his face. "If we hadn't, we wouldn't have sought you out. I'm assuming you understand everything that's happening?"

"What? That if we don't do something about it, China's going to Hell in a hand basket? Yeah, pretty much."

"Wait…why are you saying 'we'?" Gojyo shouldered his shakujou as it took out another couple of enemies, facing Sanzo.

"Because I've been ordered to take you guys along with me whether you like it or not." The blonde looked around the five of them, noting that all of the demons seemed to have either been knocked out or dead. Hakuryuu was still nuzzling Goku, who was grinning impishly as Nyoi-bo disappeared for the fifth time that day. Sanzo looked over the small group as they interacted, wondering how in the world Kazeon Botsatsu believed they could be the keys in all this.

The former monk lit another cigarette, taking a long drag before he brought it away from his lips and exhaled the smoke before he gave the others another glance. "Goku." The monkey looked at him from where he was hugging Hakuryuu. "Hakkai. Gojyo. Hakuryuu." He turned his head back around and stared at his beaten-up motorcycle, then raised a hand to his forehead and massaged it. "I hope one of you bastards are driving."

End of chapter one

Chinese translations: Gege apparently means 'older brother' in Chinese. 'Susu' is one of the terms for 'uncle', but it's for 'younger than your father'. Since Sanzo's older than Hakkai by one year, I'm going to change this later (as I forgot the term for 'older than your father').

Notes: First Saiyuki fanfic. I hope I got everyone IC as much as possible. This was based on a roleplay I wanted to do but never got around to doing. Please review; it encourages me to write more.