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FanFic 100 Challenge #:: 010- Years

Every Year That Passes

There is a certain elegance in beautiful people that do not find themselves attractive; such is the case with Minerva.

From her soft, dark waves of hair at the top of her head to the very bottom of her perfect feet, Minerva is exquisite. Her marvelous green eyes and lovely face mirror her exact emotion to those that know best how to read them. Her long, slender fingers move in sync with the vivacity in her words, whether she is teaching or simply having a friendly or heated conversation with another. Her lips curve to a warming smile when she is happy or to a beautifully heartbreaking frown when she is distraught.

I cannot fathom how Minerva can deny her beauty. Perhaps she does not see the shimmer of her lustrous hair with the golden sun rays, the lively glow in her emerald eyes, or the richness of her creamy, smooth skin. Yes, perhaps that is why she does not realize her own beauty. Alas, that is quite unfortunate for her.

It is true that the years have aged her, but they have not languished her true beauty. My love for her, like her inner self, has blossomed and deepened with each and every year that passes.

For this and so very much more, I am blessed to have her as my wife.