The Dawn of the Dragons: The Xiaolin Showdown Movie

By HyperHarryPotterGoddess

(Written by Emiko)

Ah, another Xiaolin Showdown story! Sayuri thinks I'm such a dork, but I don't care! I LOVE XS!!!!! Don't ask me why because I have no idea.

Anyway, this is my movieish type thing for Xiaolin Showdown. It's AU (which I tend to like a lot – is that a bad thing?), and, so, yeah. That's all I have to say!


Scene 1: The Beginning

"You're going down, Dashi!" The words came from the mouth of a spirited-looking girl with fire-red hair and dark, deceiving eyes. She jumped several times, avoiding the blasts of wind that flew towards her, narrowly missing.

Her name was Wuya. She was sixteen years old and a monk-in-training at one of the many Temples throughout China. She wasn't an ordinary monk, however; she was training to become a Dragon. The Dragon of Fire, to be exact. With her immense power she could control fire, bending it to do her will. It was dangerous and powerful at the same time.

"You keep saying that, Wuya, and I keep waiting for it to happen!" This remark came from her opponent, Dashi. He was a tall, handsome boy with dark hair and equally dark eyes. The Dragon of the Wind, as he was training to be, was the leader of the future Dragons.

On the other side of the training area, two boys were battling as well. These were the Dragons of Water and Earth. The first was Chase. He could have commanded the water to drown entire continents if he wished it so. Second was Guan. He was stronger than a thousand men and could move the earth as no one else could.

Together, the four of them created the Xiaolin Dragons, a force so powerful that no one would ever be able to destroy them. They fought evil and developed their powers side-by-side, as they were doing now.

"Seismic Kick! Earth!" Guan yelled, pulling one of his signatures moves. Chase, prepared for this, quickly flipped out of the way and continues to call "Water!" A hard blast of water went towards Guan, bringing him to his knees. He moaned in defeat. Chase grinned victoriously. Being the youngest of the monks was difficult. He had to earn his own respect. Defeating Guan was a good start.

"Need a hand?" the young boy asked, offering his outstretched hand to his partner. Guan smiled, gratefully accepting the help. Standing up, he congratulated Chase.

"You have become much stronger, Chase," Guan said, patting his back. "Soon, you will be stronger than all of us." Chase's grin widened.

"You really think so?" he asked gleefully. Guan nodded.

"I know so," he returned. Chase let his mind wander over the thought for a few minutes. He could almost see it now: Chase – the Greatest Monk of All Time-

"Ow!" Chase groaned as he was knocked to the ground by his female teammate. She quickly stood up, sheepishly grinning at her clumsiness.

"Sorry, Chase," she apologized, rubbing the back of her neck. She glanced over her shoulder then, with a panicked look, took off running once more, calling, "Uhh…gotta go!"

Not two second later, Dashi raced right past Guan and Chase, yelling after the girl. She called back, summoning her element. The fire burst from her hands, giving her the appearance of a goddess.

"Typhoon Boom! Wind!" Dashi called. The wind, however, did nothing more than fuel the fire that crawled slowly up Wuya's arm. She grinned wickedly, knowing she had already won.

"Judolet Flip! Fire!" she yelled. The fire engulfed Dashi then sent him to his knees. She called back the flames, now victorious. Laughing, she raced over to the defeated Dashi and gloated.

"Oh, who's the best now, huh, Dashi?" she bragged, offering him a hand up. He glared at her playfully before accepting the offer and promptly picking her up, spinning her around, something she absolutely hated.

"Dashi, put me down!" Wuya whined, hitting him on the head.

Guan and Chase exchanged knowing looks. It was obvious to everyone else at the Temple how perfect the Dragons of Wind and Fire were for each other. Chase could remember the day they met as clearly as if it were yesterday.


The day was a sunny one; the birds sang, the water in the stream was crystal blue, and all the earth practically sang of something wonderful about to happen. Chase could hardly agree. The day, it was obvious, was going to be a bad one. His parents were sending him off unnecessarily to one of the Temples. It wasn't fair. Chase didn't want to go. He wouldn't.

Despite his protests, here he was, a lanky, eleven-year-old boy, going to join that stupid Temple. Oh, how he hated it. Why were his parents doing this? Didn't they understand how awful this would be?

Chase's father happily waved good-bye to his son from down the road. Chase sighed.

Well, here goes nothing…

A little way down the road stood the Temple in all its majesty. Many monks walked around with scrolls in their hands or talking with other monks. Chase looked around, unsure of where to go. Biting his lip, the boy stood, hoping someone would stop to help him.

"You new here, too?" a female voice asked from behind him. Chase flipped around to find a girl of about twelve or thirteen standing a few feet behind him. She was tall with red hair pinned up messily atop her head. She smiled kindly, stepping up next to Chase, also gazing up at the Temple. Her mouth formed a small "o" as she stared. Chase smiled slightly. It was quite a sight.

"Wow," the girl whispered. She grinned at Chase. He could do nothing but let his smile grow wider and wider. Her joy was contagious, as though her smile lit up the whole world.

"My name's Wuya," she told him, nodding her head slightly. Chase could only imagine how odd they looked: an extremely tall, red-headed girl, nodding her head respectively to a squirmy little boy. Weird.

"I'm Chase," he told her, nodding back awkwardly. A few minutes of uncomfortable silence followed as they both stared at one another. (Or rather, past one another, as staring was rude.)Wuya bit her lip, looking down. It was growing increasingly unpleasant by the second. What…?

Suddenly an answer to bother their prayers appeared in the form of a boy. Now, as we all know, running with one's eyes closed is never a good idea, as this boy soon learned. He banged Wuya to the ground, sending her sprawling. As she got back up, her expression was one of clear irritation. She flipped around to face the new-comer, appearing ready to yell at him, when he quickly began apologizing.

"Uh…I'm sorry about that. My mistake," he told her, looking nervous. Chase watched as she contemplated this. Eventually, she sighed, picking her sack up. Well, no yelling so far. That was good.

"I'm Dashi, by the way," the boy continued, pulling what Chase supposed was supposed to be a flirty grin. It was a bold thing for the boy to do. Flirty was rarely accepted kindly around this part of China.

Wuya raised an eyebrow.

"I'm Wuya." She turned to Chase. "This is Chase." Dashi flashed him a grin before going back to trying to impress Wuya. She, however, obviously wasn't easily impressed, as she kept getting distracted by other things.

"And you're telling me this why?" Wuya asked at some point in the conversation slightly annoyed. Dashi faltered.

"I – uh..." he cut off, baffled. Chase suppressed a snicker.

Well, maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all.

End Flashback

Chase shook his head, thinking of "the good old times." That had been four years ago. Now Dashi and Wuya were inseparable. Chase often had to wonder what would happen after their time at the Temple. Marriage, perhaps, if Wuya was not already betrothed.

A little dragon who's name was Dojo Kanojo Cho (Dojo, for short), came slithering over to the four teenagers, nervously wringing his hands. He was new to the job, just being born a year ago. He didn't want to mess up so early.

"Monks! We've got a problem!" Dojo called to them. They all looked over at him anxiously. Dashi dropped Wuya gently, bending down on one knee.

"What sort of problem?" he asked urgently, frowning. Dojo bit his lip.

"I don't know. But Master Jiro says you're needed. Now." The three boys immediately ran towards the Temple, eager to learn of this "problem," but Wuya held back. She gazed up at a certain star, a worried frown on her face, thinking of words her mother had spoken long ago.

Beware the problem of which you know nothing. And be even more aware the man who brings it.

"Wuya?" Dashi's voice brought her quickly form her deep reverie. She glanced up at him, guarding her worried emotions. "You coming?"

Wuya nodded twice. "Yes…" she said quietly. "Yes, I'm coming."

Neither of them knew what the stars had in store for them.

The darkness consumed them, making it impossible to know exactly which way they were headed. Wuya couldn't even see her hand in front of her own face. Several times they bumped into one another, muttering unneeded apologizes as they did.

They continued down the supposed path, unaware of the man who watched them so closely. Even if they had been as quiet as mice, he would have felt their presence. It was he who had devised this brilliant plan not so long ago. He was certain it would work. He was, after all, only the most evil, most wretched…

Ah, but now was not the time to gloat. He had to make sure his plan worked as it was supposed to. He could sense they were nearing the spot now, almost there…

Wuya stopped suddenly, standing stock-still. What was that? It was not a noise. No, a presence. An unwanted one at that. She pulled on Dashi's arm (she hoped it was his arm, anyway). He made a small noise, to which she responded:

"We're not alone."

In that instant everything changed. The warriors were suddenly attacked by creatures that they could not name nor could they see. Claws scratched at their eyes and clothes, pulling them farther into the darkness. All four of the Dragons screamed their element, instantly going into battle. Dashi sent a gust of wind around the tunnel, sending the creatures flying. They screeched in pain but were quick to attack once again. Chase tried another tactic by combining his element with Guan's. It worked only as well as Dashi's, throwing the creatures against the wall and nothing more.

Wuya kicked one creature away, disgusted that these things seemed stronger than she and her teammates. The creatures, meanwhile, tugged at her clothes, pulling her towards them. She stomped her foot angrily on the ground, her element bursting from her as though it had been locked away for years. The fire caught hold of the creatures, and they squealed. In turn, it lit up the room. Wuya gasped as she realized it wasn't a sanctuary she and her friends stood in.

It was a tomb.

Cobwebs covered the walls, little black spiders scrambling for a place to escape the light. All around lay broken bones and decaying bodies. Wuya could only keep herself from retching right then and there.

"Very good, young Dragon of Fire," a menacing voice congratulated her. Wuya flipped around in search of its source. "You are very powerful indeed."

A tall man with a cloak of darkness stepped out of the corner. His face was covered by the cloak, but Wuya had an odd feeling she knew him from…somewhere.

"Who are you?" Dashi demanded, stepping protectively in front of the girl. Wuya rolled her eyes. She'd have to hit him for that later.

The man chuckled.

"You wish to defend her, little Dragon?" he asked in an evil tone. "Perhaps you would change your mind if you knew just how disappointed you would be. There is no way you can stop me." He pulled a long, silver sword form under his cloak and pointed it at Dashi's chest.

Uh, okay, if there was a later.

Dashi never backed down. He simply stared at the sword as if it were nothing mare than a toothpick. Wuya's breath wavered. She never liked it when he did that. It was too defiant, too…too Dashi.

Chase looked hesitantly from the man, to Dashi, to Wuya, than back to the man. What the heck was going on? The man was most definitely evil; there was no doubt. He even had the "cloak of darkness" on. They had dealt with villains before – more than Chase could count – but there was something about this one that wasn't like the others. He was creepier, almost more evil than any of the others.

"Well, well, well. Defiant, are we?" the man asked Dashi, grinning knowingly. "Then maybe I'll just strike you down-"

"No!" Wuya screamed, shoving Dashi aside. She had seen what was coming, seen the sword twitch in his hand, begging for a victim. Holding her hands above her head, she waited for the blow that never came. The man laughed once more, bringing the sword down. Wuya glared up at him.

"I suppose you think you're brave," he sneered. Her glare deepened as she answered.

"Only compared to some." 1 She looked away then, checking that Dashi was all right. He still lay on the ground, but she saw no blood or broken bones. Good.

"So you will fight me, will you, girl?" Wuya gazed at him, opening her mouth to reply.

"I…" The blow came before she had time to react. The sword sliced her shoulder, ripping her well-worn dress. She watched the blood fall to the floor. A fire broke loose in her chest, her hands beginning to ignite. She assumed her battle stance, eyes set.

"Mr. Evil Person Sir," she mocked. "It's my pleasure."

And she attacked. She jump-kicked, unaware of anything else going on. She was like the element inside her, her own fire, free and untamable. She never heard her teammate's calls of encouragement or the cackles of more creatures come to watch the fight. She dodged the sword's attacks, concentrating on the prize.

"You are very strong," the man said, so softly it could have been in her head. She tried to block him out, knowing it would only distract her. She couldn't let that happen. Not now.

"Yes, you have potential," the man continued. Was it in her head? No. Focus.

"But you could be better, you know." Wuya flipped up to kick. He dodged. "You could have the powers of a goddess." Wuya faltered for a moment. A goddess? As in…?

No, Wuya. Fight it, she thought, bending to avoid the sword's blow. She could in this.

"The Heylin side could do that for you," the voice continued. Oh dear, he was in her head. "You could be their queen, their savior. People would adore and obey you. All you need to do is say the word."

Wuya thought about this a moment. She saw images of herself on a throne, being praised by all. It was a wonderful thought. And all she needed to do to get it was…

"NO!" she screamed, kicking the man square in the chest. He flew back, the sword dropping beside him. Smiling, he pulled his cloak around him and…disappeared.

Wuya's breathing was heavy. What had just happened? He had been inside her head, telling her such awful lies! But had they really been all that awful? What was wrong with wanting to be a queen? All girls did. And if there was a way…

"You did it!" Chase was suddenly in her face, grinning like fool Wuya smiled back.

"I did, didn't I?" she said happily, suddenly proud of her victory. That no good, dirty scum wouldn't bother her anymore. Guan glance around nervously.

"Yes, and I suggest we go celebrate elsewhere," he told them, heading for the exit to the tunnel. Chase followed, already diagramming the battle. Wuya shook her head, turning back to Dashi. He stood about ten feet away, gazing at her as though she truly was a goddess. She blushed.

"You shouldn't stare that way, Dashi," she informed him, looking down. He walked nearer and turned her chin towards his face. He grinned cheekily.

"And why would that be?" he asked. She felt her eyes widen. Instantly, she pulled away.

"It…it isn't proper," was her mumbled excuse. Dashi let out a heavy sigh, muttering something about "never getting what he wants." He smiled at Wuya and began walking away. She followed slowly, glancing back only once. A chill went down her spine as she did. Better not to be here alone, she decided. As she hurried out, something whispered to her, You need only find me.

Wuya broke into a run, never looking back.

In the shadows, a man chuckled, knowing that the girl would soon heed his call. He knew exactly what fate had in store for her, and he happened to be involved.

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