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The Dawn of the Dragons

Written by HyperHarryPotterGoddesses (Emiko)

Scene 3: Raimundo's Wind

Love was a big thing in the Pedrosa household. It always had been and always would be. From the moment Sonia and Alberto laid eyes on each other, love had filled their hearts. Therefore, when they were married, love filled their home. Children also filled their house with joy and tears. Their eldest was a spirited girl named Roxanna. She was six years old, just about to start school. After her came Tadeu, then Rodrigo, and finally Jovita. The Pedrosa family was a big one, and Sonia happened to be expecting another arrival any day now.

A baby is a wonderful thing. The time before the baby arrives can be trying for everyone, but the baby itself is almost always a treasure. First, of course, the so-called "lucky" mother must endure nine wretched months of pain, but the prize of seeing a beautiful baby, sleeping quietly, is enough to bear the pain.

It does not, however, always go so smoothly.

Sonia had never had trouble like this before. The doctor claimed it was because she was carrying twins. The strain would be harder on her body. Sonia knew something else was wrong, though, when she gave birth to the twins – one beautiful girl and one gorgeous boy – because her mind could not rest. What was happening to the babies? She glanced over at the doctors in the corner. They whispered hurriedly, looking back at her several times in concern. Sonia frowned.

"What…what's wrong?" she asked in her native Portuguese tongue. The nurse, her eyes filled with fear, turned slowly back to Mrs. Pedrosa, holding the baby boy in her arms. She stepped silently closer to the worn-out, concerned women and held out her arms.

"He's – he won't breathe, ma'am," the young girl said worriedly as Sonia took her child in her arms. "We can't make him."

Mrs. Pedrosa immediately took the baby boy in her arms, holding him tightly to her chest, praying to God that by some miracle, his little lungs would take in air. She let tears fall onto the baby boy's face. Oh, if only he would open his precious mouth and take in a breath. Was life to be so cruel to her as to take away a child that she did not yet know?

"Please, my dear boy," she whispered in his ear, her eyes never leaving the tiny child. She kissed his tiny face. "Please awaken, my darling…Raimundo."

Sure that he would not ever wake up to see the beautiful world around him, Sonia closed her eyes, letting the tears fall quickly and passionately. She longed for him to open his eyes and gaze up at her, those round eyes telling her that everything would be all right.

For a long moment, he didn't.

Then, slowly, as Mrs. Pedrosa cried, the baby boy that would later be called Raimundo let his chest rise and fall once. The once more. Again and again he sucked in air, struggling to get it out once more. Sonia nearly screamed in relief, too happy to stop her tears from coming. She muttered words that would have made no sense to the human ear. She praised the Lord for bringing life to her little baby boy, the boy that she knew would one day be greater than all his siblings. One day, this little child would save the world from the greatest evil of all.

She was close. She just forgot one very important detail: this little baby would have help.

WiNd >

It wasn't long before the family arrived, jittery with excitement at the prospect of seeing the new member of the family. As expected, the senior Mrs. Pedrosa was the first to arrive, her hair messily put up in a bun in the early hours of the morning as though, for a moment, it didn't matter to her how the world saw her. She was going to see her baby grandchild.

The senior Mrs. Pedrosa was a very stately woman. All of Rio de Janeiro seemed to know her name. She had a way of holding her gray-locked head that made one want to gravel. On the outside, she was all about manners and chivalry, but if you were to ask her husband, he would have talked on hours about the times they were young. He would claim that she was a wild little thing that denied any form of rules at all. What happened? And then Mrs. Pedrosa would give him a very sound hit on the head, and that would be the end of it.

"Sonia!" the woman's mother-in-law called as she entered the room. "How are you dear?" Sonia smiled slightly.

"I feel wonderful, Mama Mireia," she answered the woman. In her arms lay two sleeping babies, a boy and a girl. They had slept for the past four hours, refusing to wake for anything at all. How were they to know that their mother needed rest? They, so innocent to the cruelty of the world, could never have even known that the woman who held them tightly was the lady who would care for them all their life, no matter what.

Without a sound, Sonia handed the twins off to her mother-in-law. The little old lady looked rather odd holding two babies in her arms. She looked down at them in awe as she pulled them closed, studying their tiny faces. Babies really were a wondrous thing.

"Names…" Mama Mireia said, dazed. "What are their names?"

Sonia smiled.

"Luz…" She indicated the girl. "And Raimundo." She pointed to the boy. Mama Mireia studied the children for a second, contemplating.

"Hmm," she said. "'Light' and 'Guardian.' Interesting." She turned her head to her daughter-in-law. "But why?"

"Why?" Sonia asked, taking a moment to think this over. "Because, Mama Mireia, she will be a light for everyone in the times of darkness and peril, while he will be a guardian. Yes, a guardian for many."

Sonia closed her eyes, imagining it. She could see Raimundo, a gorgeous heartthrob of a boy, standing in front of three people, defending them. She could see his arms, wrapped protectively around a girl who claimed she wanted no protection but found comfort in his arms, anyway. And, with a wince of pain, she could see him bear the pain that should have been for those friends. She opened her eyes.

Mama Mireia looked at her strangely.

"What do you mean?" she wondered aloud. "What do you see?"

"Me? I see love." After another odd look from her mother-in-law, she continued, "I see a boy who will love the people around him so much, it may just kill him. But that won't stop him from protecting the people he needs."

"And Luz?" the old lady asked.

"She will be the only one who understands him for a very, very long time."

Nothing more was said. The two women merely sat their, silence consuming the room, closing in over their ears. There really was nothing to say. It was all in heart of the little baby who had just opened his eyes.

WiNd >

The world is an extraordinary place when you are two. Nothing reigns in your mind except goodness. There are no demons, no monsters hiding in the closet. Your good fairy is your mother, who gives you cookies and kisses your boo-boo's when you hurt yourself. So it was for Raimundo Pedrosa.

He had an adoring mother and a playful father. He was surrounded by siblings that showered him with love (most of the time). Living at a circus, he had no need to even fear clowns. Life, it appeared, would be good to this little boy.

That didn't mean there wouldn't be minor hardships. No matter who you were, there were always hardships. The end to your first love, the deaths of beloved pets are common ones. But Raimundo knew none of this yet. He knew not the pains of the world.

On this certain day, we find Raimundo near the beach with his elder siblings, Roxanna and Tadeu, playing close to the water, but not going in. The water is cool and the wind has died down since yesterday.

"Rai-rai, come here!" eight-year-old Roxanna called to her brother. The chubby baby stumbled over to his sister, who struggled to pick him up. After a minute of this struggle, she gave up, taking his hand in her own to walk him along the edge of the beach.

"Rox..a-anna," Raimundo struggled out as a tired to keep up with her. His breathing became heavier. Roxanna immediately stopped, dropping down next to her brother. Since birth, Raimundo had problems breathing. His lungs weren't really strong enough to support his body. It was as if air avoided him as much as possible.

"Are you all right, Rai?" Roxanna asked worriedly. He nodded.

"Where is Tadeu?" Roxanna smiled at her little brother. She had to admit that, for a runt, he was pretty cute. His large, emerald eyes could only be matched by Luz's. Oh, how she wished she had those eyes!

"He's around, playing with his friends," Roxanna told him, touching his cheek.

Out of nowhere, suddenly came a stone. It flew over Roxanna and hit Raimundo on the head. The infant cried out in surprise and pain before beginning to bawl in the middle of the beach. Roxanna flipped around, searching for their attacker. She all but growled when she saw who it was.

"Mark, did you throw this?" The American boy, Mark Martins, who had often times teased the girl who stood before him laughed. He was three years older than Roxanna, eleven. For a reason the eldest Pedrosa couldn't possibly fathom, he constantly was mocking her and Raimundo. Her mother often times told her to ignore him, but Roxanna was not a girl to sit back and relax while someone was bullying her. Instead, she fought back – with her fists if necessary. Now, she could see, would be one of those times.

"And what if I did?" Mark retorted, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Why I outta-!" For a moment, it looked as if the poor Brazilian girl would attack the haughty American boy when suddenly she was picked up by her arms by two of Mark's friends. She struggled against them as their cackles taunted her little brother's ears. Out of this came the little boys wailing tears. With as much sanity as she could muster in the situation, Roxanna Tried to calm her brother down. She called to the poor Brazilian boy, "Rai! Rai-rai, calm down. Everything's fine! Please don't cry!" Of course, under such a frantic circumstance, the boy could not be soothed, which only multiplied the cutting laughter that emitted from the superiors' throats.

And then salvation. God in the form of man. The angel who saved the two children came like an eagle from down the road. Within seconds, the other boys were on the ground, sounding much like a herd of cows. Not wanting their pride weakened, they jumped back up, ready to defend themselves.

When they saw who it was they would have to fight, however, they backed away, heads down in shame. Miguel Campos stood a few feet away, his presence intimidating in all its glory. He was a year older than Mark and was a known friend of the Pedrosa family. Though he was her senior by a good few years, he was seen many times during the week walking the eldest Pedrosa girl to school. Everyone knew he would do anything to protect that family.

"Oh, Miguel, umm, what are you doing here?" Mark asked nervously, rubbing that back of his neck. Miguel passively refused to answer him. Instead, he turned to Roxanna.

"These boys bothering you, Roxy?" he asked, using the nickname he had given her years ago. Scowling at the bullies, she nodded. Miguel turned to them.

"Well, what should we do about that?" He slowly circled them, studying their pathetic appearances. "We can't have you ganging up on Roxanna and terrorizing her little brother, can we?" With such vigor, Roxanna was sure their heads would fall off, the boys shook their head.

"N-no, sir," they all answered in unison.

"Then I suggest you run now and never show your sorry hides around me again." And, like cheetahs, they ran swifter than the wind. And the wind had picked up, too.

Miguel turned back to Roxanna. Gently, he asked, "Are you all right, Rox?" She nodded twice and was about to thank him for helping her, when she remembered her brother. Flipping around, she found that he was whimpering, the wind slashing more furiously around him. She opened her arms to him and in he ran, his simpers becoming howls.

The wind grew as he let out his pain of heart. Roxanna hugged him closely, wondering where on earth the wind was coming from. Today had not been a stormy nor blustery day. Odd.

She got an inkling to her answer when Raimundo stifled all his sniffles and was able to just rest in his sisters arms for a few moments. At the ceasing of his tears, the air was calm – no wind at all. A thought flashed across Roxanna's mind. Could it be that Raimundo…? No, of course not. That was impossible.

But still…

"You guys ready to go home?" Miguel asked, glancing up at the sky. The Pedrosa children nodded and they set off, unaware that Roxanna had hit the nail on the head.

But what was to come would not be for her to know.

WiNd >

"School's out! Yay!" a young boy of nine called as he jumped down the steps of his school building, all-too-ready to be away form the learning and teachers and books. Who could stand that for more than a month, anyway?

His friends came tumbling out behind him, just as buzzing and excited as he was. Together, they all walked home, hoping for cookies at Raimundo's house. His mother was always so happy to give them something.

"Ah, yes, another summer of soccer and cookies at Rai's house, exactly what we need!" Inigo exclaimed happily, another ripple of anticipation coursing through the group of soon-to-be fourth graders. Quickly, they raced to their favorite hang out spot, hoping for their summer dreams to be fulfilled.

"Well look who's here! Are you all going to be fourth graders next year?" all the kids nodded to Mrs. Pedrosa who laughed lightly. "You know what new fourth graders need, right?" And with that their dreams came true in the form of a plate stack with the woman's best cookies. The children ate hungrily before running out to play.

"Rai, go get the soccer ball so we can play!" Luz exclaimed. Her twin instantly complied, running to go get the soccer ball. He found it in garage where they had placed it last. He pulled it out and ran back to the front yard.

"Hey Veronica!" he shouted. She flipped around. "Catch!" He sent the soccer ball whirling past her ear. She shrieked before grabbing the ball to kick it back at him, pouring her annoyance into it. Raimundo could be so irritating sometimes.

Eventually, of course, they started an actual game of soccer, girls vs. boys. For a while it seemed as though the girls would win, but suddenly the boys got in the lead. By the end of the afternoon, Raimundo, Amaro, and Inigo had won with Raimundo making the final goal.

"Yes! We won!!!!" Inigo shouted in jubilation. Anytime the boys beat the girl was a time to celebrate. Raimundo and Amaro joined in.

"Aw, can it you guys!" Veronica said good-naturedly, sticking out her tongue. Raimundo returned the gesture.

"Don't worry, Ronnie, he's just jealous that boys are sooooo much better than girls." Luz faced her brother. "And he knows it."

Raimundo rolled his eyes.

"Besides, he brags all the time about what a good soccer player he's gonna be one day, but I don't know many soccer stars who sleep with teddy bears!" At this, laughter could be heard from all of his companions. Raimundo flushed.

"Nice one, Luz," Camilia told her. Veronica wore a smug look.

"Yeah, well, at least I'm not ticklish!" Raimundo exclaimed, diving for his now screeching sister. If there was one thing she did not like, it was being tickled by her brother. She raced down the road to wear there was a dirt cliff. At the edge, she stopped, glancing over the edge then turning back to face Raimundo. The others had not followed him. She knew she was caught.

"See, now you have no where to go!" he exclaimed, inching near her. She inched back. A little more, more, more-

"Aah!" she shouted as she fell over the edge, cutting her leg in the process. Raimundo was instantly on the ground at the edge of the cliff, praying his sister had not fallen all the way.

He sighed in relief when he saw that she was still alive – just barely. She was clinging desperately to a rock that jutted out just enough for her to hang on. He needed to get her up. But how? There wasn't any time to find an adult or a rope. He needed to do something himself.

A thought came to mid. He had been realizing lately that if he concentrated, he could get the wind to do what he wanted. Now, he had no possible idea how the wind of all things could lift his sister, but it was worth a try.

"Hold on, Luz!" he called to her. Then, using all the strength he had, he began to summon the wind. It did not come at first – it played with him, coming only in short gaps.

"Please!" he silently begged it. "I must save my sister." In a sigh, the wind was there, giving everything it could to the little boy.

"If it is your wish, Master Wind." Raimundo sent the wind down to the girl that looked exactly like him, hoping that he was right with his plan. He gently pulled, using every ounce of the wind to pull her up and up and…

"Wha…?" Luz asked as she landed on her feet next to her now exhausted brother. He breathed heavily once before pulling Luz into a bone-crushing hug, which she returned.

Ah, the sacredness of having a twin.

"I…I thought I'd lost you," Raimundo murmured quietly. "I couldn't bear that!" The rush of emotion made his sister smile.

"Oh, Rai, you'll always have me," she assured him. He returned her grin.

"Good, 'cause I don't think I can…"

Without even fishing the sentence, he fainted.


"Yo, Rai-rai, it's time to open your eyes, sunshine!" Roxanna called happily, throwing open the curtains in the room her little brother shared with Tadeu and Rodrigo. The boy groaned, rolling over to block out the sun. Roxanna laughed at his vain attempts.

"Hey, no amount of groaning is gonna keep you in bed all day, buster. We've got a show to do and you've gotta help." His sister exited on that final note, leaving Raimundo at peace for a little while.

Eventually, the eleven-year-old boy got out of bed, stumbling out into the hallway, where his brothers and sisters ran around noisily. Jovita was chasing Tadeu, who held her hair brush in his hands. They passed swiftly by Raimundo, nearly knocking him down. Next came Mireia (named for her grandmother), three years old and absolutely infatuated by her older brother. She waddled right up to Rai, her arms stretched out to receive a hug, one that he easily gave. He could never deny that little girl anything.

The day went on as usual, which involved practice for the show that afternoon, laughter, and a whole lot of screaming. Well, that was a normal day in the Pedrosa household or you.

"Rai, you need to be on now!" Jovita whispered hurriedly as she passed him down the hallway. He nodded and headed on stage to perform his act.

It began smoothly, as usual (he'd done it so many times, there was hardly a chance he could mess up). It was at the end that he made a wrong flip and ended up on his back. What had caused it, you ask? A girl. Of course, Raimundo, being eleven, was just getting into the idea that girls could possibly be anything more than annoying pests that you had to call sisters. This girl, though, was amazing. Her skin was the color of porcelain and her eyes a deep blue color. She sat with her back perfectly straight, as though she were born a princess. An Asian princess.

"And now could we please have a volunteer from the crowd?" the voice on the speaker said a while later. An idea popped into Raimundo's head. Running over to his father, he pointed out the little Asian girl he had seen earlier. Mr. Pedrosa nodded and the spotlight was set on her.

Raimundo watched as she tentatively, shyly walked down the steps to where he stood, waiting to let her down. A soft blush crept up into her cheeks as their hands, and he found the he liked having power over her that made her act that way. For a moment he watched her eyes, wondering…

"Toda para a direita, irmão pequeno," Roxxana said to him. "She's very bonita, but you've got a job to do." Raimundo rolled his eyes, dropping the girl's hand and bowing slightly before running off. Why did Roxanna have to ruin everything?

"Yo, Rodrigo, you got the matches and ball ready?" he asked his older brother. The boy nodded and handed them to him. Hoping to get another glimpse of that girl, Raimundo ran back to the stairs just in time to hear her proclaim, "Kimiko."

Kimiko. What a pretty name.

"That's wonderful," Mr. Pedrosa said. "So would you like to help me out for a minute here, Kimiko?" She nodded. Raimundo grinned, knowing that she would be sent back over to him. Roxanna leaned over and whispered to him.

"You OK, Rai?" she asked. "You're grinning like a fool." Her little brother said nothing in reply, merely watching as Kimiko raced over to him. He was ready.

"Here you go…Kimiko," he said, grinning wider. She returned it.

"Thank you very much, R…Ray…" Not at all put off by the fact that she did not know his name, Raimundo proudly told her:


"Yes, Raimundo." With that she took the ball and ran back to the center. He stared after her for a moment before Roxanna coughed and gave him a look, indicating she needed his help. Raimundo grabbed the matches and set the wood in his sister's arms afire. It glowed before his eyes, hypnotizing him.

His father brought him out of his trance.

"Raimundo, Roxanna, if you will please," he called to the two children. Raimundo grinned wickedly as his sister walked out to their papa. He stole a glance at Kimiko. She seemed to have frozen. In terror maybe? What was wrong with…?"

"NO!" she screamed. The whole room was silent. ""No, not the flames! Not now!" Raimundo watched in wonder as her hands began glowing with flames from nowhere. What was going on?

"Get it away," Kimiko hissed at Mr. Pedrosa before screaming, "AWAY!"

Then she began running toward the stairs. Unable to move from shock, Raimundo didn't move as she bumped into him, glancing up into his face before running onward and out the exit. A man jumped up from the stands, calling, "Miss Tohomiko!"

His father yelled after the girl, too.

People murmured to themselves, confused as to what was going on.

"Kimiko?" Raimundo called. A name he would remember forever.

"Kimiko," he whispered to himself before racing up the stairs and out the exit after her.


"Uh, Rai, you OK there?" Inigo asked during math class one morning. He waved a hand in his best friend's face, hoping to wake him up from his thoughts. Raimundo nearly jumped.

"Huh?" he asked suddenly, shaking his head. Inigo snickered.

"What? Thinkng about 'Ronnie'?" he teased. Raimundo rolled his eyes. In truth (and quite guiltily) he hadn't been thinking about his most recent girlfriend. He had, actually, been thinking about another girl. He couldn't quite find her name, but he knew her face well enough. She was that girl from the circus, the one that Roxanna brought up every once in a while when she needed to get on her little brothers nerves. He had been so infatuated with her.

Well, that wasn't the entire reason he was thinking about her. He had had an odd dream last night. In it, he stood on a grassy hill with tree people: a blonde cowboy, a small bald kid, and that Japanese girl. Her fingers suddenly laced through his, and he was aware at once that they had to be "together." But he didn't know that girl. Only once, long ago…

It was probably nothing, but still…

"Dude, you mean to tell me that you weren't thinking about the future Mrs. Raimundo Pedrosa?" the fifteen-year-old boy said incredulously. "I mean, you only think about her every minute…of every hour…of every day." Raimundo glared at his best friend, who laughed.

"OK, Rai, I jest," he said. "So what's on your mind? Please, spill all to the Great Inigo. I am here to listen." Raimundo hesitated. Would even Inigo understand? He had avoided telling Luz, mostly because she would have an answer that would make no sense to the rest of the world but somehow make perfect sense to him.

"I…well, I had this weird dream last night…"

"Boys, when I last checked, math class was for learning about numbers, not when the next soccer game is," the teacher interrupted as she passed their desks. They grinned sheepishly at her before resuming their conversation after she had passed.

"And?" Inigo said. "Is that all? What was it about?"

Raimundo looked directly at his friend.

"Promise me you'll take it all seriously?" he asked. Inigo frowned but nodded anyway and motioned for him to continue.

"It…it all started out with me standing on a hill. At first I was by myself, but then there were these figures floating around me. The first was this ghost-looking thing. I felt that I knew she was evil, but she was warning me. She kept saying, 'Don't let her choose the way I did.'"

"'Her'?" Inigo interjected, quirking a brow. Raimundo shook his head.

"No idea," he fibbed. In truth, he thought he knew exactly who it was, but Inigo didn't need to know that. "Then a few others went by. I don't remember exactly what they said, though I know they were all warnings.

"The next person talking that I remember was this old guy whose mane I can't really recall. He told me I must find the strength or fate would be worse than 'ten thousand years of darkness,'" Raimundo continued. He paused, silently debating what to say next. Inigo coughed.

"Go on."

"Well...then I saw…this girl," Raimundo stuttered, unsure of how to describe her. "Asian, short, red robe on. She was sprawled on the ground, rain pouring down. In front of her there was this black figure. She had to…make a choice of some sort, and her choice would affect the whole world.

"All of a sudden, the figure turned towards me, telling me there was nothing I could do – it was over now. Then I woke up," he finished lamely, shrugging at his friend. Inigo frowned curiously.

"That is weird," Inigo replied. "What did you have for dinner lat night, man?" Raimundo rolled his emerald eyes.

"It's not funny, Inigo," he said sternly. The laughter issuing from his friend subsided.

"Look, Rai. I'm sure it's nothing. Dreams don't usually mean anything, right?" he said. "This is no different. Just forget about it." With that, he turned around, ending the conversation.

Raimundo frowned.

Well, big help you are, Inigo, he thought, opening his math textbook.


He couldn't believe what was happening to him. Was his lack of sleep from the nightmares (which, admittedly, he'd been having every night for this past week) making him crazy? He needed to apologize to Ronnie. Now.

Then again, she had been awfully whiny…


'Oh, Rai, please?" Veronica begged, pulling on his arm. He looked towards her, hoping to make her understand.

"Ronnie, I don't feel up to it today, OK?" he explain slowly, thinking maybe she might finally get it. Unfortunately for him, and ultimately her, she wouldn't drop the subject. She did, however, drop his arm.

"What's up with you Raimundo?" she asked suddenly, her face twisting into a frown. "Are you not feeling well?" He turned towards her.

"What gives you that impression?" he asked slightly sarcastically.

"You've been avoiding me lately. We never talk. I can hardly even get you to look at me," she answered, her expression deepening into a glare. "Is something going on that I don't know about." He saw her make sudden connections in her head. "Is there…someone else you'd rather be with?" Veronica's tone was accusatory, as though she knew she'd found him out. Raimundo sighed tiredly.

"No, Veronica. Why would you think that?" But she had already turned on. The look on her face was furious. She thought she knew what was going on, but she didn't know the half of it.

"You've been cheating on me, haven't you?" she screamed at him, tears building up in her eyes.

Only in my dreams, Raimundo thought immediately, but brushed the thought aside.

"Of course not. You know I wouldn't do that to you," he began to assure her, only to be cut off.

"Oh, don't give me that! Don't lie to me. Raimundo Pedrosa, I can't believe you!" she screeched, the tears falling freely now. Raimundo made to wipe them away, earning himself a smack.

Angry, he coldly said, "Well then maybe we shouldn't see each other again." She gasped.

"Well…I…Fine. That's perfectly fine by me."

"Me too."


"Yeah, good."

She walked away without even a goodbye.

End Flashback

What on earth had he been thinking when he'd said that?

Obviously, I wasn't. Smooth move, Rai.

Groaning, the boy plopped down onto a bench in the park, his hand reaching up to push back his hair. What he needed to do was clear his thoughts. Why was that so difficult lately?

A gust of wind suddenly came up, making Raimundo nervous. The wind was making him particularly anxious lately. There was something about it. It sometimes seemed that he could, in a way, control what the wind did. He recalled the time that he had rescued his sister using it. He hadn't thought much of it at that point in time, but thinking back, he should have seen how odd it was. And when they had been trying to find that girl, the wind had led him there.


"Kimiko," he whispered before running up the stairs after the pretty Japanese girl. He ran out into the main part of the circus, trailed by an important-looking man and his father. He and the latter searched the circus as the important man (who turned out to be Kimiko's body guard) called the girl's father. He arrived in less than five minutes, thinking of nothing but his daughter. Raimundo marveled at how much he cared for the girl.

"We must find her," he said immediately after hearing the story. Raimundo secretly agreed, hoping to see the girl again. They began to search.

Up and down Rio they looked, passing parks and buildings. Remembering a time he had rescued Luz using the wind, Raimundo called upon it once more.

"Please find her," he begged. Instantly it blew in one direction fiercely. Rauimundo walked that direction, calling the others to follow him. They walked down an alley until Raimundo saw a huddled figure. It was Kimiko!

"There she is!" he called in his native tongue. Kimiko's father immediately went to her, whispering to her things that Raimundo could not hear. He watched in wonder as tears formed in the girl's eyes.

Aloud, she suddenly said, "You see, Papa…I killed Momma."

Raimundo heard everyone else gasped. He remained silent in shock.

"It-it was an accident! I was angry. She would not take me to the pool. I was throwing things and suddenly, a fire started. I started that fire, Papa! I did not mean to. It just happened. I tried to make the fire go away, talked it out of taking her away but she…"Kimiko could go on. Tears flowed down her face. She was bawling. Raimundo stared at her. She had talked the fire – the way he talked to the wind! Perhaps…

Was this girl in Brazil for a greater reason?

End Flashback.

Raimundo sighed. That girl had been sent there for a reason, he was certain. It seemed now that he would never know. Unless…

Looking up, Raimundo realized how late it must be. He jumped up and began running.

Oh, shit! I'm gonna be in trouble!

Fast as he could manage, he raced home and up his steps, running into his kitchen to be faced with his mother and father at the table.

"I'm sorry I'm-" He cut off, noticing an old man sitting with his parents. He was oriental-looking with a gray beard that was oddly familiar. Then it hit him. He was the man from his dream. Raimundo's mouth fell open in shock.

"Hello, Raimundo. Please sit down," the man said. "We have much to dicuss."

Raimundo could only nod and sit.

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