This is my very first stab at HPDM and i know i'm not as good as others but hey you have to start somewhere right?

i know it's short (super duper short) (does anyone say duper any more?) (hmm...) so don't bag on me for that and err i hope you review and like the ending hehe

" Kiss me,"

" What?"

" You heard me,"

" I really don't think I did," Harry stood an arms length away from Malfoy. His wand rose to the other man's throat. He blinked hard frowning at the statement that had been uttered.

" I know you did Potter, that's why you're standing there with that dumbfounded look on your face instead of using your wand," a familiar sneer swept across his face and Harry's temper rose. Malfoy always did have to prod a soft spot even after it'd bruised.

" Why?" Harry curiously peered at him through his spectacles as Malfoy casually examined his nails. How could he be so RELAXED?

" I thought it might be a nice alternative to my imminent doom,"

" Don't be so dramatic," Harry's voice fell as he watched the silver orbs across from him calmly circle his face. He barely registered his hand starting to shake before it already was.

" Well?" Malfoy looked down awkwardly at the tip that was too close for comfort.

" Well what? I'm not kissing you." Harry said flatly and Malfoy looked at him bored.

" I can see that you nitwit, you don't have to state the very obvious. You do that a lot don't you? All you sniveling Gryffindors do. It's probably all you can do to help yourself from walking around and announcing everything you do, 'I'm breathing, I'm walking, I'm looking at the wall, I'm looking at that girl, I'm walking some more, I feel-"

Harry pulled his wand back and threw his arms around Malfoy smothering his words in a kiss. Locked together Malfoy fought back determined not to let Harry win. When they finally broke apart gasping for breath Malfoy sneered again.

" That was rather rude Potter,"

" Nah, you asked for it. Besides what's really rude is that tie, why won't you let me change it again?" Harry straightened his own out and Malfoy rolled his eyes.

" Because you wouldn't know style if it bit you in the bottom. Hurry up or we'll be late," Malfoy smoothed his already perfect hair and held an arm out to his escorted.

Harry slipped his arm through Malfoy's and frowned.

" It's weird how anyone could think we could kill each other," Harry grinned and Malfoy allowed his own smirk to join in.