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The night was beautiful. It was nice, calm, and warm. No sent of rain. The stars were beautiful. I always come to the roof when I need to get away, or think. My sholder hurt. Me and Yuki got into another one of our frequent fights. And once again to no suprise, he won. As I came around to do a roundhouse kick he blocked/dodged and kicked me in the side of my face and sent me flying into the wall. As I hit the wall my sholder poped. After that I imeditly ran up here.

As usual, Kyo went up to the roof. Same old story. He challenges me to a fight. I agree. I beat him. He runs. Why can't he handle the fact he is an outcast. kinda feel sorry for him. "Yuki, I think you hurt him. I heard his sholder crack." Tohru says from behind me. I turn and look her strait in the eye. "Why should I care. He deserved it." I say coldly torwards her. Hurt fills her eyes. She sighs and turns around and starts sooking again.

Me and Kyo never used to be like this. We used to be friends. But then they told us that we were rivals according to the tale. The Rat and the Cat are rivals evermore. I walk up to my room and open the door. A figure sits on my bed. "Kyo"

I sit on Yuki's bed waitin for him. We needed to talk. We needed Hatori. He walks in and spots me. "Kyo" was all he said. "We need Harori" was all I said. He looks at me. "Why do we need Hatori." He remarks with hate laced through. "My sholder is poped out of place, thatns to you." I remark back with as much hate. He walks over to me and pulls me up. He turns me around and puts a hand on my sholder . He trhusts his hand hard and I here another crack. Pain shoots through out my whole body. I wimper in pain. "Don't be such a baby Kyo." I heard Yuki say. I jerk my self loose from his grasp and gasp in pain. "Leave me alone." I yell and walk out.

Somehow I was able to climb the ladder and make it up to the roof. I find a comfy spot and lay down. My sholder hurts like hell. I lay there stairing at the stars until I feel a precence beside me. It was the Rat. "What do you want." I sanrled at the Rat. He sighs. "I came to say that Tohru says that dinner is ready and that she wants you to come down to eat." He sayed calmly. "I'm not hungry." I say back. He leaves. I just lay there under the stars trying to fall asleep.

Ow. What the hell. A rock. A rock hit me. Ow. Another one. I stand up and walk over to the edge of the roof. "Will you stop throwing effing rocks up here." I yell down. It was a bunch of kids. "Get the hell out of here." I yell again. They all look at one another and then run. The pain shot through my body. My sholder. "YUKI!!!!!!!!!!!"

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