Into Light

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Story takes place in Kamakura (Kamakura Hen). I read the translation but looks like the next chapter won't be up soon, hence, I decided to make up my own story XD

Pairing: Whoever I feel suitable

"Watari, I've found lead about Hazama sensei in that old school!" A tall man with glasses comes rushing into the room with only a long haired blonde inside.

"Tatsumi! Well, what do you find?" The blonde called Watari turn his head to Tatsumi. He held a breaker with bizarre colored liquid inside.

Tatsumi took a nearby chair and put it in front of the blonde's working chair. He looked serious. Watari put down his breaker and took a clean cup and filled it with tea. The blonde gave the cup full of tea to Tatsumi whose eyebrows formed a wrinkle now. They have been investigating their own worker's family just because it WAS an order from above. They didn't want to do it but they have to. Hisoka and Tsuzuki who were supposed to solve the case on this house were going to GenSouKai to look for Shiki for Hisoka. Tatsumi usually hate to work for free but this time he was glad. It is pain to let Hisoka investigating his own family, furthermore, a family that rejecting his existence.

Tatsumi took the cup and took a sip before telling his partner what he found in the old building. "Well, Hazama sensei most definitely killed by Nagare-sama's older brother."

Watari froze in a position before sipping his own tea and looked up to the man in front of him. "Er...that noisy guy that come last time?" Tatsumi nodded and continue his report. "I found a secret door leading to a room where I found this diary." The dark haired man pulled out an old worn out book and opened some pages. "It says about this family was cursed by Yatonokami's curse. Kurosaki's ancestor by the name Ren killed a god, Yatonokami and cursed by it."

"So...Nagare-sama and Rui-sama were cursed?"

"Yes, most probably Hisoka-sama too, was cursed."

Watari look confused. "Hisoka...sama??"

Tatsumi frowned and immediately understand. "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, Hisoka, our Hisoka has an older sister named Hisoka too. I heard form Miya."

The blonde's cup almost crushed to the cold floor before Tatsumi catch the cup and give it back to him. Watari put his cup to the table, deciding not to break it. "The boy is named after his deceased sister? What a horrible family!" Even though he rarely can angry, he looked like he will explode soon enough. Tatsumi understand his feeling. He too felt the rage almost took over his calmness. "Don't let anger consume your heart. We must solve this before those two come back from GenSouKai."

Watari didn't say anything. He took his cup, finished his tea and stand up from his chair. "Yeah, we can't make him experience sadness more than he already had."


"Hisoka! I've finished here." The amethyst eyes shinigami cheerfully run toward the younger shinigami. They have stayed in this imaginary world longer that they expected. Hisoka finally got his second shikigami, Kurikara RyuOh, after Riko's sacrifice. They decided it's time to go back. Tsuzuki said he wanted to say goodbye to everyone in this world before leaving because he can't come to this world as often as he wanted.

"Hem, then let's return. I hope they won't throw too much work to us."

"Don't worry! Chief won't do that!"

"Yeah, yeah, let's go back now. Kurikara, thanks for accepting me. See you later." Hisoka put a small smile on his face and looked down to his shinigami.

"...yeah, but are you sure about 'that'?"

"...yes. That day will come soon, I can feel it."

"..." Kurikara turned his head down and walked away from them.

"Kurikara..." The green eyes youth looked at the back of his second shikigami. Kurikara swayed his hand and soon vanished inside the forest. Hisoka smiled sofly and turn to face his partner who has become so dead silent all of a sudden. "What?" the youth asked. Tsuzuki's amethyst eyes looked at him suspiciously. "What are you guys talking about?"

Byakko had to change to his real appearance so that he can take the two shinigamis back. Hisoka avoid Tsuzuki's eyes and looked down to Byakko. "Please take us to the tengu. We need to ask them to open the gate for us." Byakko nodded and flew to a big misty mountain where the tengu lived. They soon saw Kojirou and Kotarou standing not to far from their place. They landed to the twin tengus' standing place. "Know you guys will come soon. We'll open the gate."

The twin created the gate. Tsuzuki and Hisoka walked through the gate. "Thanks a lot and...Sorry for the troubles, Kojirou, Kotarou." Hisoka smiled and waving his hand to the twin. Not long after, the two of them reached their world. The first thing they saw is Wakaba. "We're back, Wakaba-chan!"

She's worried. We've gone too long. Sorry, Wakaba.

"Wakaba, sorry for making you worried but I got my shikigami thanks to you." Wakaba didn't turn her body. She sit there silently but soft sobbed can be heard from her.

As an empathic, it's not difficult to read her mind. If something were to happen to them, the girl wanted to take all the responsibility. He knew what she was thinking but he can't do anything. He didn't know how to deal with other people's sadness, thanks to his 'painful' past. Tsuzuki seemed to know what he was thinking. He can barely hide anything from his partner. "Wakaba-chan, are you crying? You worried?" Tsuzuki almost childishly said. He bent his body down and looked at the crying girl. "Wakaba-chan, we're so sorry. Please don't cry..." Wakaba wipe out her tears and smiled. "I'm not crying. Welcome back, you two."