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Kamakura, Kurosaki Residence

The room was filled with silent. The sound of glass echoed in the room. Watari was playing with it. Tsuzuki anxiously stared at Hisoka and Nagare. The two of them avoided to look at each other.

"Sorry for mistaking you," Nagare decided to talk first. Hisoka shook his head but still avoided to see his father's face. "You look so much like my deceased son, uh..."

"Hi..." A glare from Tatsumi stopped Tsuzuki from exposing Hisoka's identity. The green eyes youth sighed in relief and send Tatsumi a grateful smile. "Hisamu, it's my name."

Since his sister used Hisame as her name, Hisoka thought, why he didn't just use Hisamu, which was a common name anyway. His green eyes looked around the room. He never came to this room before, though this was supposed to be his house. His father's room was very dark. A dim light from outside is the only thing that enabled them to see each others' faces, of course, it couldn't be clear.

His father's room was very empty but too large even for a grown up man like him. "So, where is Rui-sama? She is our patient, right?" he said. Hisoka raised his head, knowing that he couldn't avoid looking at his father while he was doing his mission. It pained him. He wanted to run but can't. He grabbed his glass and looked at his own reflection on the water inside. The same face, same age, nothing changed. Knowing that deep inside his heart, he was hoping that his father would recognize him, he smiled sadly.

What am I hoping? They just think of me as a monster, nothing more. It's so fool of me to have a stupid wish like that.

"Na...gare...help...me..." soft sobbed can be heard from beside the room. From the voice, Hisoka knew, it was Rui, his mother.

"Rui-sama, I assume?" Hisoka's green eyes looked directly to Nagare's eyes.

The four shinigami sharpen their ears to any sound. Hisoka stood up and walked toward Nagare. "Can we go to Rui-sama's room? We can't examine her only by voice..."

Hisoka could feel his voice trembling while facing his father, but he did his best to hide it, which could barely fool his father but not his partner. Tsuzuki grabbed his hand, pulling him outside. "Wha...? Tsuzuki?! What are you doing?!" He was shouting, but his partner acted like he never said anything. The older man grabbed his hand tightly, almost like wanting to crush it. It was hurt but he knew, Hisoka knew his partner's feeling. He knew Tsuzuki cared for him.

When they reached outer part of the garden, quite far from Nagare's room, Tsuzuki stopped. He loosened the grip and turned his body to face Hisoka's.

"Don't worry, I'm here for you." The amethyst eyes shinigami said without looking at the youth.

Hearing those caring words from his partner, Hisoka smiled. He could feel warmth inside his heart.

Maybe...I was lucky, to have Tsuzuki, Hisame, and everyone beside me.

"Baka, don't worry, small thing like that won't be a matter to me. You're underestimating me." Hisoka landed a soft punch to Tsuzuki's cheek. The older guy replied with a soft, wide smile.

"Let's go back, and finished this soon." Hisoka turned his body and head back to Nagare's room. A smile secretly carved his lips. He walked faster, Tsuzuki made a small run to catch up with him.

Tsuzuki had pulled him far enough from Nagare's room. It took quite a time to go back. Hisoka suddenly stopped when they passed a small pond near a sakura tree. He stared at that pond, frowned, as if he tried to recall something. A pair of hand suddenly came out of nowhere and closed his eyes. From the size, it was obvious that the hands belong to a girl.

"Hisame?" the green eyes youth tried to guess, and he was right. Tsuzuki looked at the girl in confusion.

"Hisoka, don't look, don't recall anything, you must forget it, don't worry, I'm here with you, I will protect you." His sister whispered softly to his ear. He turned his head to face her. Hisame, floating low from the ground until she reached Hisoka's height, hugged him tightly and whispered softly again to his ear, "I'm here...for you..."

Hisoka looked confused. He tried to look at Hisame from the corner of his eyes, fail; he directed his eyes to Tsuzuki who was now standing with clueless face. He smiled, replied back the hug his sister gave. "Yeah, I know. Thanks," he said, though he didn't know why Hisame suddenly acted like that.

Together with his partner and sister, Hisoka headed back to Nagare's room, but no one there. They looked around only to find Miya came from Nagare's room. "Ah, great timing, I was about to look for you two. Your companion and Nagare-sama headed to Rui-sama's room. You can reach the room by walking straight from here and then turn right." She bowed and soon vanished from their range of sight.

"Let's go," Tsuzuki pulled his hand but Hisoka froze in place. "Hisoka?"

Hisoka didn't reply. He climbed the stairs to his father's room. With a touched to the sliding door, he closed his eyes, concentrating. Images flashed before his mind. He tried to limit the images to some images he wanted only but failed almost immediately. His mind was flooded with hundred and thousands of images which were not in his memory before. He couldn't stop it. Pain in his head made him wanted to scream but he felt like something stuck in his throat. Tried to concentrate more only worsen the pain inflicted.

"Hisoka!" Hisame pulled his hand from the door. The images stopped but his head still hurt. He pressed his head hardly, tried to reduce the pain. "You alright?" a gentle touch were placed on his forehead. He was sweating and face turned pale. He nodded but it worsened the pain. "Sorry, I'm alright."

Tsuzuki tilted his head to see his partner's face. It looked a little bit pale and shocked. "You need rest?" A concern tone was shown in his voice. Hisoka smiled and shook his head.

Certain that the pain has reduced, the youth stood. He stared at his two companions, "We should go there soon, fath...er...Nagare-sama is not patient enough to replay his story."


"Chief, who is that girl?" The cheerful Wakaba asked seriously.

Konoe, shocked by the sudden seriousness, stared blankly at her, but he recovered almost immediately. "Well...you can say...one of the 7 wonder in EnMaCho?"

Kamakura, Kurosaki Residence

The room was smelly, as if it had been abandoned for years. From inside, Hisoka could hear his mother moaning.

"Let's go," he said, signaling the two to go inside. There is hardly any light helping them to see. They searched for the wall to guide their way. Tsuzuki was the first to arrive at the nearest wall. "Hey, here," he pulled Hisoka's left hand to the wall.

The moment he touched it, again, images flashed inside his head, flooding his mind. Thousand of unseen needles like stabbed his head. He could feel his hand was no longer touching the wall. With dizzy head and mind full of unknown memories that flashed like a broken video, he tried to keep walking and reached Rui's room where his companions waited for them.

Hisame flew lowly from the floor, tried to follow her brother. In a situation like this, Hisame never regretted she became a ghost since everything passed through her body though she couldn't see them in the darkness of the room. She still tried to search for Hisoka in this darkness when she suddenly saw something passed through her transparent body and fell with a loud sound.


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