Sojourner and Champion 3.0


Through The Never

All that is, was and will be
universe much too big to see

time and space never ending
disturbing thoughts, questions pending
limitations of human understanding
too quick to criticize
obligation to survive
we hunger to be alive

all that is, ever
ever was
will be ever
through the never

in the dark, see past our eyes
pursuit of trhuth no matter where it lies

gazing up to the breeze of the heavens
on a quest, meaning, reason
came to be, how it begun
all alone in the family of the sun
curiosity teasing everyone
on our home, third stone from the sun

all that is, ever
ever was
will be ever
through the never

on through the never
we must go
on through the never
out of the
edge of forever
we must go
on through the never
then ever comes

all that is, ever
ever was
will be ever
who we are
ask forever
through the never


An urgent call from his second-in-command quickly roused David Xanatos from a sound sleep. Seldom did Owen Burnett's imperturbable temperament alter in appearance. Yet, tonight, his monotone inflection held hints of excitement and tension. David dressed rapidly and made his way to his office where he found Owen sitting with arms folded and a grim look on his features.

"Mr. Xanatos, I apologize for disturbing you this time of night." Owen straightened his glasses.

"Not a problem, Owen." David held his hand midair. His smile put his employee somewhat as ease. "What is it that has worked you into such a state of anxiety?"

"I recently received a call from a young woman claiming to know about the Gargoyles." Owen brought forth a tape. "I have the conversation recorded here."

"That's nothing unusual." David shrugged. "After the catastrophe with the DI-7 disinfectant and Demona's operation Clean Slate, everybody knows about Gargoyles."

"That isn't all, Mr. Xanatos." Owen's grave reply captured the billionaire's attention. "She knows that I'm Puck and that the clan resides here at the Castle."

"That could be a problem." David nodded. His brow furrowed with deliberation. "Where is she now?"

"She is on her way here, Sir, to the Eyrie building." Owen replied. "I think we need to interrogate her."

"Do you think she could be with the Quarrymen?"

"Unlikely. If she knows of my true persona, then she is more attuned with the realm of the Fae." Owen's assessment made perfect sense to David.

"When she arrives, take her to the interrogation room and hold her there until I arrive."

"Understood, Sir." Owen nodded and turned to do the bidding.

"Oh, and Owen?" David called after him.

"Yes, Mr. Xanatos?"

"For now, she is a guest and not a prisoner. We need to find out as much as possible. We need to know if she is a threat to the Gargoyles or my family." David gave him a stern look. "We need to know if she is a threat to you."

"I understand."

Wren arrived on the steps of the Eyrie building. Cab fare hadn't been inexpensive. She hoped the Dragon's blessing held strong in this dimension. She knew the stories of her employer long before his reformation in the late nineties. Her dimension's Owen had explained that David Xanatos had been a ruthless billionaire with his private agenda. He would do anything to further his own gains and used every opportunity available. He had honor, but his merciless approach made him a danger foe to be reckoned with if crossed.

Two individuals dressed in burgundy blazers approached. One man was tall with nondescript brown hair and towered over her by at least a foot. The other was a woman who hit a multitude of muscles under her clothing. She noticed they each had earpieces with cords extending into the inside lapels of their blazers.

"Miss, come with us please." The short state caused Wren's nerves to tense with nervous caution. She liked the situation less when each person none-to-gently took hold of her by her upper arms and briskly guided her into the building.

The speedily guided her down a series of corridors until they came to the elevator. She tried to read their body language and they gave away nothing. They were cold, stoic golems sent to do the biddings of their billionaire master. She watched them press the 'basement' button on the elevator.
Owen's office was on the 63rd floor. Xanatos' was on the 100th. Her outlook became grim when she remembered that the interrogation room was located in the third sub-level of the basement.

"Where are we going?" She asked the woman next to her.

"You'll know soon enough." That enigmatic reply carried a multitude of foreshadow.

[Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.] Wren took stock of her chances of subduing the burgundy behemoth on her right and the woman to her left. Combat was not her strong suit. [Mouth shut, ears open, and eyes everywhere.]

They escorted her down another corridor until she arrived at what she knew to be the interrogation room. They came to a door and punched in a series of numbers on the security keypad. She had been there only once when Owen had her take notes while he questioned a Quarryman once during her first year on the job. She barely concealed the shudder of dread that ran through her body as the couple led her into the room.

"Make yourself comfortable." The man told her.


The room itself was a deception to the eye. The walls were ivory with post-modern lithographs hanging on the walls. On one wall hung a mirror that she knew concealed an observation room. She looked in it, fixed a stray strand, waved and nodded. The various fixtures throughout the room contained various sensory devices that monitored heart rate, pulse, breathing, brainwaves and other vital functions. The only furniture in the room was a long conference table and several comfortable chairs.

[They're going to make me wait.] She resigned herself to patience and found herself a seat.

She turned her thoughts inward to all that she had left behind back home. She missed Linoma Bluffs and her job at the museum. She longed to hear the endless stream of questions posed to her by inquisitive Gargoyles asking about web browsers and television re-runs. She wanted her life back on Caledon Isle.

[How do I get myself into these things? I must be mad!]


"Mr. Burnett." She asked as calmly as bravado allowed her.

"You say that as though you know me."

"Yes." She simply replied. "Mr. Burnett, I know you are a conscientious and effective individual. You don't want your time wasted and I don't want to be poked and prodded."

"You assume correctly."

"You must be ill-at-ease if you have Xanatos Security greet me at the front door."

"Merely a precaution."

"That's classic Xanatos procedure." She replied. "I'll explain everything if you can tell me 'when' I am?"

"When? As in date, month, time, and year?" The unflappable Owen Burnett's jaw dropped to the floor and his arched brows almost flew off his face. "

"Yes, as I said, I'm rather chronologically displaced." She wanted to wipe that impenetrable mask of neutrality off his face. "You're really quite cute as Puck."

"Uh...yes." He straightened his tie and followed.

"It is June 11, 1996." He told her shortly. "What is your name?"

"I am Wren Summers." She replied. "Before I answer any more questions...I need to know...Has Hunter's moon occurred here?"

"Hunter's moon?" He asked. "Ms. Summers, I'm the one asking the questions here."

"You don't trust me anymore than I trust you. I just needed to know the day and the year."

"Oh, and why is that, Ms. Summers?" One blonde brow arched noticeably.

"Because where I come from, I a very trusted Xanatos employee. I'm your majordomo. I act as researcher and linguist for you. Your counterpart has entrusted me with most of his secrets." Wren explained. "I also know that at one point in time, you and Mr. Xanatos were individuals of questionable ethics."

"Really?" The skepticism dripped from his voice. "Why are you here?"

"June 11th..that's shortly after Hunter's moon." She spoke her thoughts aloud.

"What does that pertain to?" He asked the young woman.

"Much. I've studied some quantum physics. Not much. Parallel dimensions often have similar scenarios and points within them. However, based upon my research, there are several vast differences compared to my home dimension."

"Ms. Summers, you are wasting my time." His voice grew short. "Why did you call us and what do you know?"

"Okay....Hunter's Moon ..reinstatement of Gargoyles to ancestral home, first appearance of the Quarrymen. Ring a bell?" She asked.

"Mr. Burnett, I'm not trying to be cocky. Has Xanatos reinstated the Gargoyles to their ancestral home here?"

"Again, I am the one asking the questions." She thought she saw a spark of mischief in his ice-blue eyes. "But, I'll play. Yes, they have been reinstated in their ancestral home."

"He's renounced his feud with the clan and reformed because of his love for his wife and son?" She wanted further clarification.

"Perhaps." Came the slow reply. She knew she had his immediate attention.

"Goddess, let me know if he is to be trusted." Wren whispered to the air with fingers crossed. "I beg for your guidance."

The annulus at her hip began to vibrate. Wren almost jumped onto the table at the sudden motion. She grabbed the Annulus and held it before her. The twin dragons engraved on it glowed. She looked through the whole at Owen and saw Puck instead. She pulled away the Annulus and saw Owen standing before her. She thought she saw one of the sapphire eyes wink at her and a nod from the dragon's head. Wren took that to be her sign.

"Okay, that's what I needed to know." Wren replied. She looked at Owen to see if he were being duplicitous. His brow wasn't arched. That meant he was on the level. She breathed a rather large sigh of relief.

She related her tale of how she came to work for Xanatos Enterpises as a linguist and researcher. She explained how she rose in the company and caught Owen's attention. He had made her head researcher in his research and development department. Her research covered everything from magick tomes to information for the Illuminati. Wren recounted how she had been brought in as educator and consultant to tutor a recently discovered clan in her home world to the ways of 21st century culture and technology. She explained that the clan was, in fact, the resurrected Clan Wyvern.

Owen's eyes widened to the size of saucers as she told him her tale. He remained silent as she talked about how she came across the Annulus of Avalon and had helped transcribe the Tome of Tacitus. She told him that she and a Gargoyle had made an enemy of Ares, god of war. To escape his wrath, they had used the Annulus to escape their home dimension. Now, they needed to find a way to best Ares permanently.

"That is quite the tale, Ms. Summers." Owen folded his arms.

"And I've managed to live through it all." She sighed.

"If you're telling the truth, Ms. Summers, then you have had some extraordinary ...adventures." His face remained expressionless.

"I am telling the truth, Mr. Burnett." Wren bit her tongue in an effort to keep annoyance from flavoring her words.

"And your dimension is one where the Gargoyles never found peace or acceptance?" His question reeked of doubt.

"Unfortunately yes." Her smile died. "That is where the differences between these two dimensions begin. David Xanatos did end his feud with the Gargoyles, but the Quarrymen in my world joined up with an anti-mutant group known as the Friends of Humanity. They use fantastic technology to hunt Gargoyles and mutants alike. We're all seen as threats to Humanity."

"You are a mutant?" He contemplated her statement.

"Homo Sapien Superior is the proper term. I possess an extra chromosome that allows me abilities above and beyond other humans. Where I come from, there are 200,000 of us in the world and about 60 million of us worldwide. Only 600,000 worldwide possess any superhuman abilities. The rest are all just mutations in eye, hair, and skin color. But, because we're different, because we're not understood; we are hunted like animals!!" Wren's anger crept into her voice. By the time she finished she was nearly screaming at the top of her lungs.

Owen Burnett pressed his finger to his earpiece. He paused briefly in silence then he nodded in direction of the mirror. "Our body moniters indicate you tell the truth as you know it. Our genetic scan indicates a chromosomal anomaly unknown to our scientists. There are also ionic disturbances about you that indicate time-travel. My more magical senses inform me that you've recently cast a smell of inherent magick. We believe you."

"And I believe you. But, I have a bit more to tell you. I also need to ask your help."

Wren left shortly before sunrise feeling little better than when she had arrived. While he found her account interesting, he made it obvious that it was of little relevance to him or David Xanatos. Without further proof, they refused to assist her in any way. She knew that if she had told them about Demetrius that would have changed everything. She refused to blame them. There were too many people who still held prejudice against Gargoyles.

A car returned her to the diner and she knew Security would follow her. Wren cared little at that point. The only thing permeating her thoughts was returning to Demetrius before he entered stone sleep. The dimensional travel and the rough landing had left him in need of healing. She wanted to catch a few winks so that she could stand guard over him during daylight hours.

She remained in darkness as she made her way to the cathedral. [What are we going to do now? What if Ares knows about the other Gargoyles? He may have changed history anyway during that twenty-five hundred year hiatus? What if he comes here?]

She thought she noticed security loitering in the shadows a few hundred feet behind her. She gathered her thoughts and focused upon the natural energies around her. She called upon the forces of probability to act in her favor so that the security people would lose sight of her.

She heard a long series of beeps. She grinned as a garbage truck backed into the alley between the diner and the cathedral. With that dose of good luck, she snuck through the hole in the chain link fence and made her way to a side door of the church. She checked to make sure the guards line-of-sight was blocked by the refuse truck. Wren felt her way through the dark and finally found the stairs that led to the bell tower.

"Demetrius?" Whispered in the darkness of the tower. "Where are you?"

Silence was the only reply that greeted her.


Nothing. [This is not good!]


She saw a large winged silhouette shadowed in the moonlight. She saw the long mane of thick argent tresses. She saw the glimmer of jewelry and the crimson glow of eyes meeting her. A powerful form stepped into the light. She noticed the ebony skin and the crimson eyes glowing brightly.


"No, not quite." Came a low chuckle.

The Gargoyle standing before her had her lover's coloring but Goliath's voice and appearance. Goose bumps danced along her body as the Gargoyle advanced. She had never seen a Gargoyle such as this. He also held a very large laser rifle in his grasp.

It was pointed at her.

"Demetrius is rather indisposed at the moment, I fear." The Goliath Doppelganger smirked.

"Who are you?" Wren found her tongue.

"I am Thailog."