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The room was bare. In fact, it was almost completely empty. There were only the dusty curtains clutching to the windows and a small bed on either side of the room. The freshman stood looking at his new decor with sigh and walked over to one of the stained mattresses. He decided on the one closest to the window, since he liked the fresh air sometimes. The blonde began to unpack his things, although he had no where to put them at the moment, and found some bed sheets he had brought from home. As he made his bed he began to daydream about different things, and especially his girlfriend.

"I'm going to miss you so much, and I'll call you everyday, I-I promise!" The poor girl was almost in tears as she faced her boyfriend for the last time, for probably months. Their relationship had technically only started a few months ago, when she awoke from her coma, but they actually were in a relationship before but it's complicated. Now the green haired girl was going off to university, which unfortunately, was far from her beloved boyfriend. A steady finger was placed on the girls trembling lips. "I know you will, and I'll call you as well. Don't worry about me here, I'm fine. Its you I'm worried about-" The girl latched onto her boyfriend, nearly sending him backwards, and held tightly onto him as she sobbed in his embrace. "I-I don't want to leave," she cried. "I love you too much, Seiji!" The boy held onto her as well and gave a faint smile. "I love you too, Midori."

With the last of his sheets on the bed, he decided he'd give her a call. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed "1". The phone began to ring, and that was about it for a couple of minutes, until a voice automated message came up. "I guess she's studying or something." Seiji said aloud.

It had been a couple of hours and Seiji was still in his room, reading some manga he had brought from home. He let out a heavy sigh and let the comic book fall on his face. There was suddenly a knock on the door that nearly made the blonde jump as high as the ceiling. He shuffled himself up and opened the door. Outside stood a very nerdy looking boy with large glasses and was holding a clipboard. Seiji stared at the boy with a blank stare for a couple of seconds until the boy cleared his throat and acted sort of professional. "Hello," He started and looked at Seiji with the friendliest expression he could muster. There was an awkward pause until the boy cleared his throat again and adjusted his glasses nervously. "I am your dorm manager, Hideki Sawiara . Are you familiar with the dorm rules-um-wait, where is your roommate?" Seiji gave the manager a blank stare. "Beats me, I guess he ain't here yet." Hideki adjusted his glasses again. "I see, I'll be back when your roommate is present. Thank you for your time." He gave a polite bow and walked off to the next room.

Seiji closed the door and walked back to his bed. Bored of the manga he was reading, he tossed it aside and look for something else to do. He looked through his college booklets and course guides and nearly fell asleep looking through them. "This is going to be a long three years." He said with a groan and fell back onto his bed, falling asleep in no time.

There was a loud thump and scuffling around the room. Seiji rolled his eyes in annoyance as his roommate continued so make a racket. He looked at his watch to see what time it was and saw it was already midnight. 'That fool is making so much noise at this time of night? He'll wake up the neighbors in no time.' The blonde thought in his head. As the mystery roommate continued to bring in things, Seiji started to getting curious. 'What did this guy bring? His whole house?!' Just then, there was a loud crash as different things could be heard as they fell to the floor. There was a faint "ow" and Seiji was really annoyed now. He sat up suddenly and smashed down the light switch. "Alright, what is your problem, man?! I mean you come in here at this time and make such a mess and a racket that the whole dorm probably heard you!" Seiji finally looked at his room mate who had his back turned to him. "Hello? Are you listening to me?" There was a faint whimper and Seiji took another look to see the boy was clutching onto his ankle. Seiji stood silently cursing himself for being such a jerk. After a few moments, he finally turned his attention back to the boy who was still on the floor. "Listen man, I'm really sorry for yelling at ya back there," he began, "Are you okay? Did you hurt yourself?" There was no reply for a few moments until the roommate nodded and said, "Yes, my ankle."

Seiji was shocked. He knew whose voice had escaped his new roommate's mouth. It was Kota, a shy friend of Midori's. Seiji hadn't seen him since he'd moved away about a month after Midori came out of her coma. He still remembered the day Kota left vividly, since Midori had been so sad that day.

Midori hugged her best friend goodbye as he was about to climb into the car with his family. "I can't believe your leaving, Kota." Midori said as she let go of him. "It won't be the same without you." Kota let out a heavy sigh and smiled at Midori. "Don't worry, we'll still keep in touch. You can call me anytime you like." Midori nodded in agreement and put on the best smile she could and looked at her best friend once again. Kota walked towards the car and opened the door. Before stepping inside he turned and chuckled a little until he said almost as though it was forced out from him, "Besides, you have Seiji now!" He waved good bye and stepped into the car, closing the door behind him. As it drove away Midori waved frantically, without noticing no one was waving back. Seiji found the situation strange but decided to comfort Midori other then question her about it. Midori never spoke about Kota after that day.

Seiji snapped himself back into reality. He now realized who is roommate was, and to be honest, wasn't exactly to keen on the idea. Without thinking, Seiji grabbed the boy by his shoulders and spun him around. The boys hurt ankle banged against Seiji's knee a split second later. "Ouch!" yelped the brunette. The smaller boy looked up to meet Seiji dead in the eyes. Seiji looked into the boys large watery eyes and thought he was a girl at first with the expression he had on, and he had been fooled before. To Kota, Seiji's gaze was too much to handle as it cut right through him and he could feel himself blush. Another wave of pain washed over Kota and he accidentally bonked his head on his roommates own. Seiji nearly flew backwards but ignored the slight pain and decided to break the silence. "Kota! I knew it was you! Well, sort of. How are you? Oh shit, right, your ankle!" Before Kota could even breath a word of protest, Seiji picked up the brunette and practically threw him on his mattress. "Hold on a minute, Kota! I'll get you some ice."

A few minutes later Seiji ran back in with ice wrapped up in a small cloth. "Here ya go, Kota. This will bring the swelling down." Seiji brought the cloth toward his roommates ankle, only to have it snatched out of his hand. "Thank you." Kota said shyly. Seiji nodded and stood up. He watched as the boy tended to his knee until he looked up and gave him an percular stare. Seiji looked away and cleared his throat. "So, ¦what brings you to a community college? I always thought you'd be university bound." Seiji laughed uncomfortably with himself a little until Kota answered his question. "I came here because I chose to. Right now, i guess i'm not really sure what I want to do since I graduated early. I also don't want to waste my family's money so... " Seiji nodded to show he understood and stood up. "I see...Well what are the chances? We being roommates really is a coincidence. I really thought we may never see each other again." Kota let out a small noise in agreement.

Both boys sat in silence for a while, Kota tending to his ankle and Seiji watching him. The swelling had gone down and Kota was just starting to walk a little. Kota's yawn broke the silence in the room which woke Seiji up from his dazed state. He noticed the tired look on the younger boys face and how his bed was not yet made for him. "Come here." Seiji said. Kota turned around to see Seiji sitting on his bed motioning for him to come over. Kota flushed slightly but turned his head away hoping Seiji wouldn't notice. "W-why?" Kota managed to stutter out, and cursed himself for tripping on his own words. Kota turned around again to see Seiji starring at his own bed. "Just sit on my bed, will ya? So I can fix yours up and we can both get to bed." Kota did what he was told and sat down on his roommates bed and watched him put on his sheets from one of the suitcases. How he ever found the sheets on the first try, no one will ever know, but he did and it wasn't long until the bed was dressed too.

However, by the time the bed was done Kota was already asleep on the edge of Seiji's bed. Seiji sighed and walked over to his roommate. He gently picked Kota up and brought him over to his own bed and tucked him in. 'God, I feel like I'm a housewife or something.' Seiji thought to himself. Then he crawled into his own bed and fell back asleep in no time.

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