Seiji got off the train and scanned the platforms. The words University caught his eye the screen on the top of one of the buses. That`s got to be the one, it`s the only university around here. He boarded the bus right on time, and the bus pulled out as soon as he sat down. He took out his mp3 player and scanned the music, his legs crossed and bobbing up and down. He was too anxious to listen to music; he just wanted to be there already. He put away his music player and leaned his head against the bus window closing his eyes. He thought of Midori, and how adorable she was, how as soon as he got there and found her he was going to take her in his arms and give her a long passionate kiss. He wanted her to know how much he loved her and hated being away from here for such an extended period. He thought of their adventures they had together, although Midori didn't remember them, and remembered the moment he fell in love with her and realised it. Suddenly a memory flashed of when he first found her on his right hand almost 2 years ago, when out of panic he pulled his shirt down and exposed Midori`s naked top half. Seiji felt a rush of warmth reach his face and to other areas, and quickly pulled his bag over his lap in embarrassment as other passengers walked by. Dammit Seiji, control yourself you`re in a public place for crying out loud! Struggling to control his thoughts, he looked out the window.

Although they had been together a while, Midori and Seiji didn`t see each other much, they usually only got to talk once a week if they were lucky. But it wasn`t by choice. In the beginning Midori`s parents were still concerned about her health and kept her inside a lot to monitor her. Once they believed she had recovered completely they concentrated her very hard on school, since she had missed a lot in her absence. She had private tutoring 3 times a week in the evenings, and on weekends took extra classes. It was her parents' wishes that she be accepted to the university as early as possible. And in the end, although it was hard work for her, she had been accepted a year earlier. Because of this, they never developed their relationship any more than it was, especially physically. All they had really done in the long span of time was kiss and hold hands, and how Seiji wished they had done more, as any boy would. But he knew she was stressed from school and didn`t want to bother her when they were together. She was also his junior and still so innocent, so he never expected her to make a move. She always told him how she still couldn`t believe they were together, that her wish had come true. Now she was almost 18, almost an adult woman who would be willing to explore her sexuality. How he wanted to make love to her, to kiss her on every part of her body, on every crevice and curve. Oh Midori, my sweet Midori, I miss you so much. ``Attention passengers, the next and final stop is in the University, if you wish to go back to the station please stay on the bus. Thank you and have a nice day. ``

Kota turned the metal knobs and the water turned off. He stood there for a moment lost in his thoughts, wondering what he should say to Goh when he met him in an hour. Cold air hit his body and brought him back to reality, and slid the shower curtain to the side and got out of the shower. I quickly wiped off his body and towel dried his hair, realising it was almost six o`clock. How does time seem to move so quickly? Kota thought as he threw a sweatshirt over his head. He still had to catch the bus in order to get to Gohs apartment and hopefully he would make it on time- Goh hates to be kept waiting.

"Waiter, can I get another glass of wine?" "Of course, sir. One moment please." Goh leaned over in attempt to grab the snooty gentleman's class while balancing the heavy plates of food with his other hand. If it wasn't for the money, I'd leave this crap shack and all these assholes who come here. He thought under his fake cheesy smile he gave the man. He delivered the food to the appropriate table and went to the kitchen area where all the wines were kept. Taking a napkin he wiped his forehead which was beginning to form a few beads of sweat. "Don't worry Goh, your shift is almost done." A burly man in a chef uniform chuckled out. Goh nodded and smiled back at the middle aged man whom he admired, who never seemed to be in bad spirits. Remembering the wine, he quickly grabbed it and brought it to the demanding customer. As he was walking away, about to ask his other tables if they needed more drinks, his coworker Yuki motioned him over. "Goh, there's a gentleman at table 5 who wishes to speak with you, he asked me to get you. " She explained as she motioned over to the table. A young man, tall and with broad shoulders sat starring back at him with a smirk on his face. He had jet black hair, as untamed as Goh's, with bleached tips. His eyes were penetrating and almost grey in colour. Goh nodded to Yuki and asked her if she could watch his tables for a minute as he walked over to the man. "What are you doing here?" he asked, annoyed. "I always love you in your uniform Goh, it makes you even sexier." "Answer the question, Jin." The man ran his fingers through his hair and took a sip of his wine. "I wanted to see you tonight, when do you get off? Soon I hope- seeing you like this I can't wait long." "Sorry," Goh began. "I'm busy tonight, I'm seeing Kota." Jin made a scoffing noise at this and rolled his eyes. "You haven't dumped him yet? What is wrong with you? From what you've told me he obviously doesn't feel the same about you. Hell, it's been two years and he still isn't putting out, what a waste of time!" Goh felt angered by this, partly because it echoed some of his own darker thoughts. He wanted to punch this loser in the face right now- screw everybody! But he knew he couldn't, he needed this job. Taking a few deep breaths calm himself he looked back at the dark haired man. "That's not true, Jin. I love Kota and love is not about sex! Though I wouldn't expect you to understand that." Jin sneered at this and stood up to meet his level, looking at him squarely in the eyes. "Be that as it may Goh, in the end you still come crawling back to me, even if it is only for a good lay. Someday you'll be mine Goh, and you'll realize that brat is nothing compared to me." With that he took the last gulp of his wine, threw some bills on the table and walked briskly out the front door. Goh heard heels clacking up behind him and then felt a tap of his shoulder. "Who was that guy, Goh?" Yuki asked wide eyed. "No one, a friend from the past. He means nothing to me."

Kota was putting on his jacket and checking his pockets. Ugh where are my keys? Kota looked everywhere on his side of the room but couldn't find them. Maybe they ended up on Seiji's side somehow. He went over to Seiji's desk and started looking around, feeling immediately guilty for looking through his stuff. He pulled open one of the drawers but there were no keys inside. Instead a flash of green caught his eye. He shifted over the loose papers in the way and saw it was a photograph; a photograph and Seiji and Midori hugging on a date. Kota starred longingly at the picture for various reasons. It was the kind of relationship he longed for, one full of fun and laughter and love. It was also the person he longed for, the person he could never forget. It felt as if the weight of the world was on his shoulders instantly, and felt depressed. Despite this he did not cry; he was expressionless, soulless and just did not care anymore to try in anything. He glanced over at the clock again. It was a little after six and he was defiantly going to be late.

"Excuse me; I'm looking for the Katsui dorm house. Where can I find it?" The older woman looked at Seiji and continued to type on her computer. "It's right down the main walkway, the last building on left." Seiji bowed to her as she went back to her computer, amazed at her ability to multitask. Looking in his notepad on the first pad scribbled down was the name of Midori's dorm and the room number. It was on the third floor of the building, which had beautiful outer workmanship, small statues figures chipped away in the stone here and there. It was also a very old building, which was obvious by the intertwining vines that engulfed the building on one side. "Wow," Seiji said aloud, "this place sure is fancy." He walked into the dorm, and could tell by the sideward glances and occasional catcalls followed by laughter that it wasn't a coed dorm.

Seiji took the stairs and followed the numbers on the doors to find 321. Then he found it and felt a rush of excitement. Without thinking he knocked quickly on the door. The door opened, but it wasn't Midori. It was a foreign girl with long blonde hair that was pulled back in a ponytail. She was wearing small white shorts and a white lace bra. Seiji tried to look away, half expecting her to scream or through something at him. Instead she looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Can I help you?" she said calmly and then yawning. "Um..uh I-I'm sorry I must have the wrong room, " He stammered, trying to keep his eyes away from her chest. Impatiently she grabbed the paper he was holding in his hand which said 'Midori: Katsui dorm 321'. "Nope. You're looking for Midori? Yeah this is her room. You want to come in and wait for her?" She opened the door wider and walked into the spacious room, probably ten times the size of Seiji's dorm. The girl walked back to her table where a pile of text books where sitting. Seiji awkwardly walked into the room, but could immediately smell Midori's scent when he entered and it felt amazing to sense her so close. "Close the door." The girl barked from behind her book. Seiji quickly did as he was told and felt uncomfortable just standing there.

After several minutes, the girl suddenly slammed down her book. "Aiya!" she moaned running her manicured fingers through her hair and pulling her hair tie out. Her long blonde hair few down around her loosely in a bed head sort of way. Seiji tried to focus his attention elsewhere but she was very attractive, and hard to ignore in that lace bra. Suddenly he felt warmth behind him and turned around to find her with a coy smile. "So what's your name, sweetie?" Seiji's face must have been seven shades of red, and he struggled to answer her. "Seiji!" he yelled out without thinking. She gave him a seductive smile and giggled. "Hi, Seiji I'm Anne. You're pretty hot, you know?" Seiji tensed as she placed her hand on his stomach, feeling his hard abs. She sighed, brushing her hair from her face and looked him in the eyes. "You're probably wondering; I'm an exchange student from America studying here for 6 months. All today I've been doing nothing but studying all alone," she flashed him another smile as her hand slid under his shirt, "Won't you keep me company Seiji?" Seiji almost exploded right there, he could feel his jeans feel tighter and warmer by the minute. He'd never been so close to a girl in this way. But No he told himself, the only woman for him was Midori, he loved Midori! He quickly took her hand and pushed it away. "Sorry, but I'm here for Midori." The girls once misty inviting eyes narrowed instantly. "Hmph, whatever. What do you want from her anyway? She probably doesn't even remember you, you know, if you're here for a second round." Seiji looked at her puzzled and was about to ask her what she meant when he heard a click on the door. "Hey Anne! Whoops sorry. I didn't know you were with someone. I'll go to the library and-" "Actually he's here to see you." Seiji then turned around with a smile to see the girl he missed so much, the beautiful loving girl he left 7 months ago. Her hair was defiantly longer then when he last saw it; her bangs were almost grown out and were held to the side with a burette. She was wearing loose sweatpants and a pink tank top, which Seiji noticed instantly that it was as though that area had grown too. But probably the strangest was her expression when she saw him. He half expected her to jump into his arms as much as he wanted to hold her in them. Instead it was a look of shock and horror. "Seiji…What…What are you doing here?"

Kota got off the bus, which stopped right of the apartment. He usually never came to the Goh's place, they usually met elsewhere or he was waiting outside. It was as if he was ashamed of it. It wasn't a bad apartment, it was just small and a little messy, but in Kota's eyes it was just fine for one person. He rang the intercom for Goh's apartment and heard his voice greet him and the door buzzed to let him in. "Hey hun, sorry for the mess, come in." Kota walked inside and put his jacket on a folding chair sitting by the door. "You thirsty or hungry or anything?" Goh yelled from the kitchen. Kota didn't answer, just stared out the window, taking in the view from the 17th floor. Goh came in and asked him again, but he didn't answer. "Hey…Kota are you still mad at me? That's why I wanted to see you tonight, I wanted to apologize for what I did, and it was horrible of me. So I thought I'd make it up to you somehow, like make you dinner or something. What do you think? What do you want?" Kota mumbled something that was incoherent to Goh and moved behind him, putting his hand on his shoulder. "Sorry, what?" Kota flinched at the touch but suddenly spun around and took Goh's face in his hands and pressed his lips hard on his, parting Gohs lips this time with his tongue. Goh's eyes flew open in disbelief, wondering what had gotten into his boyfriend but at the same time enjoying the change. When Kota released his lips from his, he looked at Goh with glazed eyes and repeated what he had mumbled earlier; "I want you to make love to me Goh, right now…tonight."

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