Ichijo enters Kaname's study and walks to his desk, a slight grin on his face. "Hello buddy…"

Without glancing up from his work, Kaname replies. "What is it?"

His friend slowly glides behind Kaname's chair, his pale fingers tracing the top of the leather chair. He pokes his head over Kaname's shoulder, looking at the amount of work he was doing. "Kaname, you work way too much! You should take a break and relax."

Kaname sighed and layed down his pen on top of the pile of papers. "I work too much because I have much to do. Now, if you would quit bothering me I could finish my work."

Ichijo moved around to the front of the desk and shrugged his shoulder. "Fine then. I had brought you a little present but I suppose I'll have to take her back."

As sharp as Kaname was, he was a bit confused by his friend's comment. He leaned forward in his chair, a little interested in what Ichijo had said.

Ichijo went to the door , opening it as he stood aside from the doorway. There, in the dimly lit hallway stood Yuki. "Lets get you back to your room Yuki. I'm afraid to say it, but you are not wanted here."

Kaname immediately jumped out of his chair and hurried around his desk. "Yuki!? What is she doing here?" Upon closer inspection, he noticed the glazed look he saw in her eyes. He placed his hand on his head and let out a sigh. "I can't believe you did this. If the Headmaster finds out what you did to her, who knows how he'll react."

Ichijo led Yuki in the room and smirked. "Well, have fun then! And don't get caught children!"

Kaname shook his head, not knowing what to do with the hypnotized girl standing before him. Damn him… He thought as he looked her up and down, now noticing her Lolita style clothing. He even dressed her up. Kaname held out his hand toward Yuki. "Come here my dear girl…" He laced his words with just a hint of persuasion.

She slowly walked to Kaname, still in a trance-like state. Kaname gently placed his hand on the side of her face, softly rubbing her cheek. Glancing down at her neck, he became furious the moment he saw the bandage. How he wanted to tear Zero Kiryu apart piece by piece for sinking his fangs into Yuki.

Possessiveness took over him as Kaname pulled Yuki close, his fingers caressing her cheeks and hair. He lowered his head to her neck, the side which was free of any puncture marks. Breathing in her scent, he planted small kisses on the nape of her neck.

Kaname moved to her collar bone when his anger flooded over him again. Without thinking, he penetrated the thin layer of skin slightly above her breast. His head swam, her warm blood flowing into his mouth.

Suddenly, Kaname jumped up finding himself at his desk. With the same mass of papers piled around him. He surveyed the room and found no trace of anyone being in the room or ever being there. Rubbing his temples, Kaname let out and exasperated sigh. It had only been a dream… only a dream. One that he would keep to himself forever.