Watching Maria walk away, Yuki blinked. Then turning slowly, she walked back to her dorm. Yori was studying when she entered their room. That caused Yuki to begin gathering her school supplies hurriedly. "Oh no! I completely forgot about the English test tomorrow! I haven't studied at all!"

Yori smiled at her friend and shook her head. "Don't worry, I just started. We'll study together."

Yuki let out a relaxed sigh then glomped Yori. "Oh! What would I ever do without you, Yori-chan?!"


Kaname sat with the other Night students in class. The teacher had walked out to allow them a free discussion period. He was not paying attention as usual, for there was only one who occupied his mind. Kaname didn't sense her on the school grounds. He wondered if she had finally taken his advice to rest a bit from Guardian duties. ( Yes, I said duties. No giggling xP Hehe ) However, his thoughts were interrupted when there was a girl suddenly sitting on the teachers desk. Kaname knew the girl instantly as she stared at them all and giggled.

"Hello everyone!"

They all stared back at her, some with looks of disbelief. Many of them wondering how she had gotten so close without them detecting it. Aido glared at Maria from between his feet, which overlapped each other on his desk. "Who the hell are you?" He rudely demanded.

Ruka mumbled just loud enough for them all to hear, "I'd like to know that as well…"

Maria continued to smile at them. "I'm Maria Kurenai. Pleasure to meet you! I'm glad to finally be attending the famous Cross Academy." She then glanced at Kaname for a moment.

He was curious as to why she was attending Cross Academy so unexpectedly. But he showed no interest in her outwardly. Maria hopped off the table and danced about the room lightly.

"Aren't you all bored in this stuffy room? We should do something… Fun!"

Some of them sighed in unison and began to take Kaname's lead in ignoring her.

She pouted, looking to each of their faces. "Well, that's not very nice! Oh well… I have unpacking to do anyway. I'll see you all around then!" And just as she came, she was gone in an instant.

It didn't take long for Kaname to figure out a theory for Maria's presence. He would only need to confirm it when he was not too tied up. The real problem was how to keep Yuki out of trouble and away from Maria. He sighed aloud, causing several glanced from his classmates. Yuki took after her in so many ways; good and bad. Kaname watched the teacher as he walked back in with disinterest. Very soon everything would come together. He only hoped it didn't affect Yuki too negatively.