Title: Hunger

Notes: Not mine. George's. Based on a concept from the RotS novelization.

It is not easy for you to admit defeat. After all, you believe your own press. Hero With No Fear. The Chosen One. You are not these things, but you believe that you are. Because he believes that you are.

Jedi should know no attachment, but you are attached. Not only to her, although the thought of her is what makes me what I am. You are attached to her in a way that no sane human being should attach themselves to anyone, and yet you do not see it. You do not sense me grow when you think of her, you do not even try to quash me when you think of her, as you do when you think of him.

I am here when you think of both of them, but it only her who you allow me to exist for. He is forbidden in a way she cannot be, in a way she will never be. You allowed yourself to love her from the moment you saw her. That moment, that instant in Watto's shop, I let you know of my presence.

He is different. When I appear for him, you strike me down, send me to the dark corners of your heart, only to reappear when you see her again. My presence in the presence of him means you love him the same as her, and you cannot fathom the idea.

You love as you hate, hot and dangerous, and you know I will hurt him. Hurt them. And yet you allow me existence in the face of her. Why is that? Why do you allow me to curl around your soul when she is near, when you speak her name?

My existence proves your love to her. Your fear for her feeds me, makes me stronger. You like that, when I take you over in her presence, the power I allow you in her name.

He, on the other hand, will never see the power I grant, because you never allow me to surface when you think of him. You fear me as you fear for her, and you trust she will soften you when I am in control. You have no such delusions about him. He would sooner strike you down if he knew what you were becoming – what I am becoming.

Or so you think.

The gifts I grant you are stunted in the field of sensing others' feelings. It is simply part of who you are – after all, you are quite the self-centered one at times. I would take credit for that, but it is not entirely my doing. So you don't sense what he feels for you, can't see what is before you, if only you would reach out and take it. Take it as you take everything else.

You have been calling on me more and more recently, and sometimes you slip. In battle, beside him, you make me grow with your fear – fear, now, for him. But you do not let your mistake linger, you stamp me down as quickly as you bring me forward. I don't mind these games you play with me. I understand, after all.

I wait for the day when you will let me out fully. Someday you will slip, and someday you will allow me to show you your true power. I only hope he will be present to see what you can do when you allow me my freedom.

I am here, Anakin Skywalker, and I am hungry.

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