"Worlds of All Kinds"

If I touch you now, the world will end.

The world that is this clubroom. . .peaceful, I think. Some - you - would call it a land of insanity, abnormality. I find it charming, and I suspect you do as well, deep down. Certainly our life is not always as active as you complain, as I think back on our games of Othello, look at our game of Shogi before us at this moment. Even when we are called into action, whether into some show of Haruhi's to save herself from boredom or into some adventure to save the day from the after-effects of that boredom, there's a certain joy, you must admit, in feeling the unity among us.

The peace within our little SOS Brigade, the unity among us, is a feeling I have not always been so lucky to have. I am a part of the Agency, but the Agency is not a part of me. There is no kinship among us, there are no friends. There is business, there are colleagues. There is no spontaneity, there is no banter. There are rules and regulations I know by heart, there is formal, crisp speech.

The world at large. . .imperfect, but all that I know. I would miss it terribly if it were bashed to pieces and rebuilt from the bottom up into some new world, one of proportions unknown but for the only two factors sure to be there: a fiery, frank woman of strong temperament and blazing eyes, and you. Always you. I could not face my colleagues, as it sank into each of their minds, in that strange, sudden way facts seem to do when it comes to Miss Suzumiya, that the cause of closed space is amongst them. Their glares, the resulting inquiry, these I cannot bear. Your interactions with Miss Asahina already add unneeded strain to their lives.

I do not need to touch you. I truly don't. But the desire is overwhelming at times such as this, when we are simply sitting here, playing a small game. Haruhi is merely feet away, fiddling around with our ill-begotten computer, and yet it would be so easy. I could reach out my hand, and brush against your arm, and that would be more than enough. However, you would not appreciate it,would you? A sarcastic comment would flee from your lips, and you would give me that look, and because you can be so incredibly thick-headed when it comes to yourself, the moment would pass and I would smile. The world - endangered, I know. Yet you would not know.

"Hey, Kyon," a bright voice commands. "Come take a look at this."

You do, and I wait, silently. Smiling.

Your world is complete. And I will not end it.

Many thanks to my beta, Audley, who both rocks and rolls.

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