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Well, I have been having way too many ideas for what the Org does when they're not bothering Sora and his friends.

This particular story is about one day when Roxas has a nervous breakdown.

Axel and Roxas burst into Demyx's room. They stopped short, staring.

Demyx was twirling around in circles with one of his water clones. He was wearing a black tux, and his clone seemed to be wearing a dress. Demyx was singing (horribly, as usual), "Macaroni macaroni macaroni macaroni put the cheese in the noodles and what do you get? Macaroni macaroni…"

Roxas turned and ran screaming in terror. Axel smacked his forehead in exasperation. "Demyx, what the heck are you doing?"

The Melodious Nocturne jumped guiltily, his song cutting off abruptly. He blushed furiously and dispelled the clone. He yanked his black cloak back on and exclaimed, "Agh! Axel! What are you doing here?"

Roxas poked his head back around the door. "Is it safe," he asked timidly. Axel sighed and nodded. He turned back to Demyx. "We were bored again… but that was just… ew." Demyx stamped his foot, blushing even darker. "Well, that'll teach you to barge in without knocking!"

Just then, Xigbar appeared right in front of Roxas, who was still in a state of shock. "BOO!" he yelled, shooting off a round of shots.

Roxas, who was already having a nervous breakdown, finally lost it and ran out of the room in pure terror. Xigbar laughed hysterically, falling to the ground. Now this wouldn't be so strange if he hadn't been upside down. So, instead of rolling on the floor, he was rolling on the ceiling.

Axel smacked his forehead again. He reached up and yanked on Xigbar's ponytail, bringing the Freeshooter crashing to the floor. Xigbar jumped up and was about to start telling Axel off when Zexion walked in.

Zexion glanced at Axel, acting emo as usual. "Why is Roxas running through the halls screaming? I can't concentrate." Xigbar grinned. "Aw, is poor Zexy having trouble being emo when there's a screaming Nobody running through the halls?" Zexion turned his dead stare on the Freeshooter. "I AM NOT EMO!"

Xigbar held up his hands placatingly. "Okay, okay, sure. Whatever you say." The Cloaked Schemer turned and left with the same emo-ish walk as he had come in with.

The three remaining Nobodies stared after him for a minute, then cracked up. Axel and Xigbar collapsed onto empty chairs, laughing helplessly. Demyx also fell back, but he accidentally sat on the pointy end of his sitar.

The Melodious Nocturne leapt to his feet and began jumping madly around, howling in pain. Axel and Xigbar only laughed harder until they began to wheeze from lack of oxygen.

It was to this scene that Marluxia, Larxene, Xaldin, and Luxord came in. They stopped dead and stared for a moment.

Larxene was the first to crack. She fell over on the floor, laughing harder than anyone else. Marluxia, Xaldin, and Luxord were soon to follow.

The laugh-fest was cut short when Xemnas stormed in, followed by Saïx and Vexen, who were dragging a hysterical Roxas between them. Lexaeus followed behind, not for any real reason, but because he was feeling rather left out. Zexion also walked in. He never missed a chance to act emo around the others.

The Superior glared icily at the laughing Nobodies scattered around the room. "Who is responsible for Roxas's little meltdown? He disturbed a very important experiment of Vexen's that malfunctioned and blew up half the castle!"

When the Nobodies just laughed harder, Xemnas turned and motioned to Vexen and Saïx. He noticed Lexaeus for the first time, "What are you doing here, number five?" The Silent Hero shrugged. "Well, everyone else was here. I felt left out." Xemnas shook his head exasperatedly. "Whatever. Just stop them laughing."

Xemnas pinned Xigbar to the wall by his throat. Saïx caught Xaldin and Axel by their shirt collars, while Vexen pinned Demyx and Luxord with bands of ice. Marluxia and Larxene were taken care of by Lexaeus.

The Superior waited patiently until all laughing died away. The Nobodies had no choice, as the breath was being choked out of them by their various captors. Xemnas motioned for the others to loosen their hold. He glared around. "Alright, who is directly responsible for Roxas's problem?"

Roxas, who until this point had been whimpering softly and rocking back and forth, stood up. He quite clearly informed the Superior. "Well, Demyx was doing… something… that was absolutely terrifying, and then Xigbar scared the muffins out of me."

Xemnas groaned. "Alright, alright. Demyx, don't ever do whatever it was you were doing ever again. Xigbar, you are forbidden from teleporting for the rest of the day. End of story."

As the group of Nobodies dispersed, Zexion made his way slowly and emo-ly back to his room. Once the door was safely closed behind him, he cracked up. Suddenly, a giant random poptart whacked him over the head and he lost consciousness.


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