Larxene: Oh goody, this story stars me! And my zappy powers!

Russa: Indeed it does. However, you have to disclaim stuff or you can't zap anyone.

Larxene: NEVAH! (runs away)

Russa: DANG IT!

Ashitaka: (appears out of nowhere) I'LL DO IT!

Russa: YAY!

Ashitaka: Russa does not own KH or anything remotely related to it. Or me. I'm in Princess Mononoke.

Russa: So nice... Story start!

Larxene strolled out into the streets of the City that Never Was. She needed to get away from the castle, since it was still echoing with shouts and pig squeals. Which was, admittedly, funny as well as annoying.

The Savage Nymph sighed in exasperation as she noticed Marluxia strolling out of the Alley to Between. He sidled up to her, pink scythe slung over his shoulder. "Hey Larxene… wanna go watch a movie or something?"

Larxene pushed the pink-haired Nobody aside. "For the last time, I don't like you! I think you're an idiot! Go away!"

Marluxia stared at her for a moment, then grinned stupidly. "You're just saying that."

Larxene almost zapped him then, but managed to control herself. "Marluxia, do you have any idea how many people think you're a girl?"

The Graceful Assassin stopped dead. "Who?" Larxene waved her hand dismissively. "Fans. Fangirls. You get the idea. Those who actually realize you're a guy usually think you're gay. Like most of the Organization."

She left the dumbstruck Nobody standing dead still in the street. A shout echoed from the castle, followed by a pig squeal. Larxene shook her head, chuckling. She heard a hearty guffaw from her left, and sighed again, all traces of good humor gone.

Xigbar came up beside her. "So, Larxene… wanna--" She cut him off. "No." The Freeshooter tried again. "Well, how about--"


He wasn't giving up, though. "What about--"


Larxene left the smoldering Nobody behind. Over the next hour or so, everyone who wasn't busy chasing pigs came up to her and asked the same sort of questions. They all got zapped.





Axel was the most successful. He actually managed to finish his sentence before she zapped him. However, he also got a bigger bolt.

The only one who hadn't gotten zapped was Roxas. Larxene wasn't worried about him. They were more like younger brother to older sister than anything else.

She felt someone jump on her from behind. "Hey, Nymph," The piggybacker said. Larxene sent a small electric current through to him. He twitched in surprise and fell off. The Savage Nymph turned and helped him up. "Hi, Key."

Roxas grinned at her. "Having a bad day?" Larxene sighed. "Yeah. Everyone is chasing me around asking me out. It's annoying." Roxas shrugged. "Can't help you there."

A mischievous smile spread across his face. "Though I can't see why anyone would want to go out with you…"

Larxene sighed. "Yeah… HEY WAIT A MINUTE!" Roxas squealed and fled in terror. He didn't get far.


Yay for zappiness. Oh, I forgot to disclaim stuff in the first two chapters. The giant head-bopping poptart in Chap 1 belongs to Sofricus Aurora Zakuro, and the puff of logic in Chap 2 is from the brilliant mind of alsdssg. (gets zapped for forgetting) Ouchies... HEY A COOKIE! YUMMY!