author notes: so, this is the first of a series of unconnected Buffy/Faith ficlets. Each chapter will be a new story, and they will all be slash (or have slashy undertones.) Some will be fluffy, others funny, and some just good ol' dark and angsty. Oh, yes, and I LOVE feed back. Just thought you should know.

disclaimer: HA. as if I owned anything. Buffy and all of her friends belong to Joss and Mutant Enemy, etc. I also don't own the title of this ficlet, which belongs to Augustana.


time line: post Chosen

The wind slipped through her hair, the cold air flooding into her lungs as they ran together. Side by side, dark and light with laughter bouncing off the tombstones. For once they weren't running from anything, or to anything. They were just running, winter air skimming across their skin and rushing through their veins.

They weaved between and leaped over the headstones, riding the high together, post-slay adrenaline and too-expensive strawberry daiquiris still on their tongues.

And then her world spun in blonde silk and inky sky as she twirled and let her legs give away, falling to the soft earth. The sky was dotted with all those shiny, sparkly stars, and she wanted very much to share this her dark counterpart. She looked around to find Faith perched on a headstone, breathing hard with locks of deep, dark hair obscuring her dimples and laughing eyes.

Buffy felt a bubble of excitement expand in her chest with every breath of stormy, clean air, so she laughed loudly and Faith joined her, releasing the built up happiness. Buffy could taste carefree in the air, and it felt so good, to be here in green grass of a Boston cemetery, laughing and living. With Faith.

She patted the grass next to her, and soon the younger girl was falling too, closing her eyes in reverence at how the cold, wet grass felt to her flushed skin. Faith realized she was still smiling because she could feel Buffy's cool fingertips tracing the dimples in her cheek. Buffy had been doing that a lot recently. Faith used to ask why, but Buffy always shrugged her shoulders and said 'just because.' So Faith stopped questioning and enjoyed the attention.

"This is how it was supposed to be."

Faith's eyes opened and looked over at Buffy as she dropped her hand to the ground. They smiled wider into each other's eyes.

"The Chosen Two, right girlfriend?"

Buffy shook her head.

"Buffy and Faith."

Buffy rested her head in the grass again, closing her eyes and interlacing her fingers with Faith's. Faith let out another giddy laugh, staring at the pretty, infinite starlight.

Because six months ago she wasn't even sure she even had a future, but here she was wasting it away on the lawn of rainy graveyard, holding hands with Buffy.

They don't leave until the rain soaks them to the bone.