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The evening was warm as Kurama walked down the street. Distracted, his mind kept wandering back to the last time he had seen his lover. Perhaps ex-lover would be more appropriate since the last time they'd spoken they had agreed not to see each other any more. 'Agreed' wouldn't exactly be right either, Kurama amended, since he'd just stood there in shock as his boyfriend of two years had broken up with him.

Kurama had known it was coming, he'd sensed his lover's withdrawal for some time before their final meeting. Neither that nor the suspicion that his boyfriend had been cheating on him however had lessened the pain of losing the man that he loved. Sighing, Kurama tried to push these thoughts aside. Thankfully he had good friends that would help him through this.

Looking up, Kurama saw the restaurant where he was meeting Yusuke for dinner. Reaching for the door he took a deep breath and tried to smile. Yusuke was just starting a new relationship and didn't need to know his friend was suffering from a broken heart. Looking around Kurama found Yusuke in their regular booth. As usual he was flirting with the waitress.

Shaking his head as the silly girl blushed Kurama slipped into his seat. "Yusuke, stop teasing the poor girl and let her get back to work. Hello Brie. Could I get some iced tea please?"

Without greeting his friend Yusuke smiled at the waitress. "Make that two iced teas Brie."

Nodding, the girl went to get their drinks. "Yusuke, the way you flirt you're going to make your new lover jealous."

Yusuke's smile faded. "Not much chance of that Kurama. That relationship was over almost before it started. Maybe if I crawl on my hands and knees Keiko will take me back."

Grinning at the thought of the former detective crawling back to his ex-girlfriend Kurama raised an eyebrow. "Is that really what you want Yusuke?"

With a sigh Yusuke shook his head. "No, not really. Keiko's happy now. She has a new boyfriend who's really good to her and she doesn't have to worry that he'll be killed by demons. Besides, we've always been more like brother and sister than boyfriend and girlfriend."

Kurama smiled. "That's a little easier to accept now that you know why isn't it?"

When Brie returned with their tea Yusuke was blushing. They quickly gave her their orders and watched her walk away before Yusuke answered. "Kurama, this dealing with being a demon thing has been a pain in the ass. First I died again, then I turn into this long haired macho freak, now I find out I'm at least bisexual if not just flat out gay. How the hell do you deal with it?"

Ever since Yusuke had become fully demon he'd begun to realize that he was attracted more to men than women. Noticing the change in her boyfriend Keiko had encouraged him to talk to Kurama. Since then they talked often and met once a week for dinner. Kurama was trying to help him cope with the changes being a demon living a human life had created. "It's a little different for me Yusuke. I've always known I was demon and always been bisexual. You've only been a demon for a few years and only recently admitted your attraction to men."

Yusuke smiled. "Kurama, if you're bisexual then how come the only real relationships I've ever heard about have been with men? You and your old partner Kuronue were lovers for a long time. I know you've at least slept with Yomi some where in the past and maybe the present. I'm more than a little suspicious that you and Hiei have been lovers. Then there's the guy you're seeing now. I'm not hearing about any girls. Doesn't that make you gay?"

Kurama tried not to let his pain show at the mention of his ex. "Perhaps you're right Yusuke. Though there were many females in my Youko past I have not had the desire to bed one since decades before my Youko death."

They had been friends a long time and Yusuke didn't miss the look that crossed Kurama's face. "Kurama? Are you and your boyfriend doing okay? You looked away when I mentioned him."

There was silence for a moment before Kurama answered. "We broke up."

Reaching across the table Yusuke took Kurama's hand in his. He was prevented from responding when Brie returned with their food. Discretely the men pulled their hands away but the movement didn't go unnoticed as the waitress set their plates down with a grin. "Enjoy your meals gentlemen."

When she walked away Yusuke pushed their plates aside to retake Kurama's hand. "Hey man, I'm sorry. Every week you sit here and listen to me whine about my sorry love life and the one time you need me I don't even notice. Tell me what happened."

Knowing Yusuke's concern was sincere Kurama held tight to the hand holding his. "I fell in love and he didn't. A few weeks ago he started acting different, in the end I think he was seeing someone else."

In true Yusuke style the brunette got mad. "Damn Kurama, I wish you'd tell me who he was so I could kick his ass for hurting you."

Kurama smiled. "That's one of the reasons I'm glad I keep my private life private. Thanks for the offer though Yusuke, you're a good friend."

Yusuke's thumb stroked across the back of Kurama's hand. "What kind of an idiot breaks up with someone like you? Kurama, you're gorgeous, sexy, smart, you have your shit together and with centuries of experience in bed I'll bet you're one hell of a lay."

The redhead couldn't help but laugh at his friend. "Somewhere in all those complements I'm pretty sure you called me an old whore but I'll over look that and just say thank you. Yusuke, I can't blame him for not wanting the same things I do. I'm a lot older than him and am looking to settle down with someone I love. He's young, inexperienced, a bit wild and not ready for the same things I am. Actually, all the things that attracted me to him are the same things that made us incompatible."

Shaking his head, Yusuke smiled. "I can sympathize with that one. The guy I wanted was a bit older and more experienced than me. Unlike me he's quiet, reserved and even a little shy. It's kind of a turn on to be with someone so different than yourself."

Raising a brow Kurama grinned. "You still haven't told me what happened between you two. Did you at least get to tell him how you feel?"

A mischievous grin slowly spread across Yusuke's face. "We did a little more than that. Since you're the one that taught me how I guess you know I've been flirting with him for a while now. Well, a few days ago things went a little further than that. I kissed him."

Kurama smiled. "And?"

Yusuke shrugged. "I figured it was a bad move when he split. I couldn't believe it though when an hour later he came back and get this, he kissed me. Before I knew it we were on the floor and… well…"

Surprise lit Kurama's face. "You didn't! Did you?"

Blushing, Yusuke grinned. "We did. Damn Kurama, it was so fucking hot. I didn't know sex could be like that. With Keiko it was… okay. With him it was… WOW! It was hot, passionate, scream out your orgasm sex."

Squeezing Yusuke's hand Kurama laughed. "I'm glad your first time with a man was so… exciting. So what happened then? You said it was over before it began."

Again Yusuke shrugged. "He got dressed then shuffled his feet as he told me we couldn't see each other any more. He said he was involved with someone. Said that no matter what he felt for me he still loved this other guy and didn't want to screw that up. Then he left."

Having just been through the heart ache of having the man he loved walk out on him Kurama could feel for Yusuke. "I'm sorry Yusuke. Whether it's a new relationship or an old one, breaking up hurts. The best thing to do though is get right back out there and try again."

Before their conversation could continue the waitress returned. Realizing they hadn't eaten Kurama smiled at her. "We've been so busy talking we forgot about our food. Brie, would you please box these to go? We'll eat them later."

Only when Kurama reached for their plates did he realize that he and Yusuke were still holding hands. Both men blushed as Brie smiled and took their plates away. The awkward silence was broken when Yusuke chuckled. "Even thinking we're gay she still thinks we're hot. What do you say we tease her just a little more before we go?"

When Brie came back a few minutes later with their food and check Kurama handed her enough money to cover the bill and a large tip. Both men then slipped from the booth. In one of Brie's ears Yusuke whispered. "Thank you Brie."

In the other ear Kurama purred. "It's been a pleasure."

After both men gently kissed her cheeks and left Brie was left blushing and giggling.

Three weeks later Kurama and Yusuke each approached the restaurant from different directions. Standing in front of the door neither reached for the handle. Kurama finally laughed. "Is it me or do neither of us want to go in there tonight?"

Moving away from the door Yusuke agreed. "Yeah, it's getting kind of old. Let's do something else tonight."

Feeling a little restless himself Kurama nodded. "There's a nice club a few blocks from here. I think you might like it."

In silence they walked to the club Kurama mentioned. The redhead paid the cover and they went in. Kurama watched Yusuke as the younger man looked around. They'd sat at the bar and ordered drinks before Yusuke turned to him with a grin. "A gay night club, interesting choice Fox."

Raising his glass in a mock toast Kurama grinned. "Just what two lonely, horny, gay men need on a Friday night."

They were just ordering their second drink when they were approached by two rather attractive men. "Are you guys together? If not then how about a dance?"

Knowing Yusuke had never been in this situation before Kurama smiled at their suitors. "No we're not together and yes we'd love to dance."

Taking the taller of the two by the hand Kurama made his way to the dance floor. As he was swept into the man's arms Kurama watched as Yusuke awkwardly did the same. Before long they were both having a good time.

Several drinks and several dance partners later they took a break. Quickly downing one drink then ordering another Kurama laughed. "Definitely better than spending another night with Brie. Don't you think Yusuke?"

Distracted by his drink Kurama didn't see Yusuke scare off their next set of dance partners with a glare. "Kurama, what's gotten into you tonight? I've never seen you drink so much in public and it looks more like you're having sex out there than dancing."

Kurama slowly took a sip of his drink before answering. "It's been a month Yusuke. It's obviously over between me and… my ex. I'm lonely and I'm horny. With any luck that tall Adonis that's been rubbing himself on me all night it going to take me home and fuck me until I forget there ever was anyone else."

Downing his drink Kurama slammed the glass back on the counter and stood up. "If you're smart Yusuke you'll pick one of these guys, I suggest the blond, and forget all about that other guy. I'll talk to you next week."

Before Yusuke could reply Kurama walked away. Yusuke just watched as the redhead went to the dance floor and melted into the tall dark man's arms. Even while acknowledging that it was hot watching the man ravish his friends mouth it pissed Yusuke off.

Not stopping to analyze what he was doing Yusuke stalked to the dance floor. When the blond man approached him Yusuke glared and growled, effectively scaring him off. Moving to Kurama and his dance partner Yusuke grabbed his friend by the arm. "Play time's over Fox. You! Get lost!"

Kurama was startled when his friend pulled him from the other man's arms. The tall man released the redhead to turn on Yusuke. "What the hell? He said you two weren't together."

Pulling Kurama way Yusuke tossed over his shoulder. "He lied!"

Luckily the man didn't want a fight and started dancing with his blond friend. A moment later Kurama was surprised to find himself in Yusuke's arms as they danced. "Yusuke, what are you doing?"

Pulling the reluctant redhead close Yusuke pressed against him. "I'm not sure myself. I just know I didn't like that guy touching you."

At first Kurama struggled against the arms that held him but eventually resigned himself to his fate. With a sigh Kurama tucked his head into Yusuke's neck. Surprisingly the first thought that crossed his mind was 'When did Yusuke get so tall?'. Liking the security of being held in the strong arms of a man he trusted Kurama cuddled closer to Yusuke's warmth. "This feels good."

Relived that Kurama no longer resisted Yusuke held him tighter. It wasn't long before the lithe body resting against him began to move more intimately. Yusuke shuddered when Kurama's erection rubbed along his thigh. Hesitantly, as if not sure he'd be accepted, Yusuke shifted allowing Kurama to feel his own arousal.

Kurama's breath hitched and his hands clenched on Yusuke's shoulders. "Yusuke, I am so horny. Unless you're planning to fuck me soon let me go back to…"

Kurama was cut off as Yusuke growled in his ear. "Shut up Kurama and let me think! I'm not sure we should be doing this but I'm not letting that creep touch you again!"

Hard bodies rubbed together causing Yusuke to bit his lip. Kurama's sexy voice caressing his neck didn't help. "You or him Yusuke I really don't care but one way or the other I'm getting laid tonight. By the way, you were right before. With my experience I'm a really good lay."

Yusuke groaned. "Damn Kurama, you're making this, and me, really hard. We've been friends a long time, I'm not sure us having sex would be such a good thing."

Grinning at his humor Kurama nibbled on his friend's neck. "It's not like you'll be the first one of my friends I've had sex with and the world hasn't come to an end. It's just sex Yusuke. If I have to choose I'd rather have you but he'll do if you say no."

Gulping, Yusuke found it hard to think clearly with Kurama kissing him and rubbing against him. "You said you wanted to be fucked, does that mean you want me to…?"

The warm tongue caressing his ear made it hard to breathe especially after Kurama's next words. "I want to feel that big cock that's rubbing my leg thrusting deep inside me. Is that clear enough for you Yusuke?"

Grinding himself harder against Kurama Yusuke moaned. "Gods yes Kurama! I'm just not sure I have the experience to… you know… be on top."

Chuckling at his innocence Kurama claimed Yusuke's lips in a no holds barred kiss. Using his tongue Kurama mimicked what he wanted their bodies to do. When he pulled back he smiled when Yusuke's mouth tried to follow his. "Guess that means you were on the bottom last time. Since I've taught you everything else Yusuke here's Gay Sex 101. Take me home, strip me naked, suck my cock while you prep me with your fingers then fuck me. It's that simple."

Lust glazed chocolate eyes locked on green. "I can do that. Let's get the hell out of here."

Pulling Kurama by the hand Yusuke led them out of the club. Luckily Yusuke's apartment was only a few blocks away. By the time they reached it Kurama was going for the buttons on Yusuke's shirt. Pinning the redhead against the door for a passionate kiss Yusuke fumbled for his keys. When the door opened they practically fell inside.

Clothes were scattered from the door to the bed before Yusuke pushed Kurama down on the bed. Impatiently Kurama spread his legs letting Yusuke know exactly what he wanted. Settling between the creamy thighs Yusuke reached out to touch the hard length before him causing Kurama to moan. "Please Yusuke, take me in your mouth!"

A warm tongue snaked out to lick the moisture from the tip. Finding the salty taste to his liking Yusuke leaned over and suckled Kurama's head into his mouth. Kurama's fingers clenched into the bed at the first feel of the warm mouth on him. When Yusuke began bobbing his head taking more of him in Kurama threw his head back and moaned louder. "Gods Yusuke yes! Please touch me!"

When Kurama bent his knees Yusuke blushed realizing what the redhead wanted. Trying to remember how his one and only male lover had prepared him Yusuke began touching Kurama. Listening to Kurama moan Yusuke was encouraged to continue. A few moments later Kurama's cries grew frantic. "Gods Yusuke! Take me! Now!"

Releasing the pulsing erection from his mouth Yusuke moved over his lover's body. With Kurama's hands guiding him Yusuke found himself buried in the warm body beneath him in one thrust. "Oh Gods Kurama, you're so tight! I don't think I'm going to last long!"

Gold rimmed green eyes glared back at him. "Then move Yusuke! If you don't see to my pleasure before your own the only way you'll ever have me again is on your knees!"

With that treat looming over him Yusuke tried to get a grip on his raging hormones and began pleasuring his lover. It only took a few thrusts for Yusuke to figure out just where and how Kurama wanted it. Snapping his hips he took Kurama fast and hard. "Yes, harder! I'm ready to… AHH YYYEEESSS!"

Hearing Kurama's pleasure filled cries and feeling his body clench around him sent Yusuke over the edge with a scream. "KURAMA!"

Panting, Yusuke pulled out of Kurama's body and fell beside him. Out of breath himself Kurama chuckled. "So, was I as good a lay as you thought?"

Barely strong enough to shake his head Yusuke smiled and pulled Kurama into his arms. "Damn Kurama, with as loud as I screamed do you have to ask? How about me? Did I pass Gay Sex 101?"

Cuddled against Yusuke's chest Kurama yawned. "You get an A plus Yusuke. Maybe after a nap you can work on some extra credit."

To tired to even laugh the lover's fell into an exhausted sleep.