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Chapter 12 - THE END

The first thing Hiei was aware of as he came to was Yusuke. His scent was all around him and his warm naked body was pressed against his. As he rubbed his own nakedness against his lover it took Hiei a moment to remember that Kurama had drugged them with one of his plants. His head felt heavy as he forced himself to lift it from Yusuke's shoulder. Taking in his surroundings Hiei shivered both in pleasure and a little fear.

Turning back to Yusuke Hiei nudged him as he kissed his cheek. "Wake up Yusuke."

Nuzzling against Hiei's neck Yusuke murmured. "Five more minutes Hiei-Koi, then you can have me any way you want me."

Smirking, Hiei watched as Yusuke struggled to get his arms around his lover. "Damn Kurama, let go of my arms so I can touch Hiei, he's horny."

In an attempt to get Yusuke's attention Hiei playfully but firmly bit his ear. "You'd better open your eyes Detective because someone a lot hornier than me wants your ass."

Hiei's words finally sunk in and Yusuke raised his head to look around. After a moment wide brown eyes met his. "This is definitely not our bedroom. Where the hell are we?"

Yusuke shivered at Hiei's cryptic answer. "The Youko's den."

A single lamp weed lit the darkness but it was enough for both men to take in their surroundings. Hiei and Yusuke knelt facing each other on a soft bed of leaves in the center of a large cave. Their ankles were bound by vines and they were strung up at the wrists to a vine anchored to the ceiling.

Everywhere they looked something sparkled. There were trunks overflowing with gold and jewels and in every corner there were piles of gold, silver and jewel encrusted treasures. In the midst of all this there was also a large elegantly draped bed covered in furs and plush pillows. "Damn Hiei, I didn't know our fox was rich."

Hiei rolled his eyes. "Did you forget that Kurama is Makai's greatest thief? This is nothing though, Kurama has dens like this scattered all over Makai."

Light flooded the den when the plants covering the entrance suddenly parted. "Yes, and with any luck before long I will have both your pretty asses at my mercy in every one of them."

Both of their hearts began to pound at the seductive implication of those words. The sight of the beautiful Youko before them, silhouetted by sunlight, had them both instantly hard. Kurama's golden eyes slowly traveled the length of their naked bodies until they rested where their erections brushed together. The Youko's long silver tail swished in anticipation as the plants behind him once again covered the entrance. "I see you're just about ready for me. Sorry to keep you waiting but I wanted to get something special for my lovers."

Slowly Kurama circled them not bothering to hide the seeds he dropped at each of their feet. Yusuke didn't understand the significance of the seeds but he was very aware that they made Hiei gasp and shiver. Thinking they needed to even the odds a little Yusuke took aim at the vine on ceiling with his spirit gun. He didn't even get to raise his energy before Hiei shouted at him. "Yusuke no! You'll hurt Kurama!"

Yusuke frowned as withdrew his finger. "What the hell are you talking about Hiei? I would never hurt our fox."

Hiei nodded up to the vines Yusuke had targeted. "You would have if you'd shot those vines. Kurama is linked to any plant he is controlling therefore hurting them hurts him."

Behind him Kurama trailed his long clawed fingers down Yusuke's back to his behind and gave it a squeeze. "That means you can't escape and that you my love are mine to do with as I please."

When Yusuke trembled Kurama stroked his behind as he knelt beside them, then he leaned in and nuzzled Yusuke's neck as he purred. "Don't worry little one, I'll make sure to see to your pleasure as well as Hiei's and mine."

Kurama then kissed him before turning his attention to Hiei. As Kurama kissed him Hiei felt long fingers caress his behind pulling him tighter against Yusuke. Both men moaned as Kurama forced their erections to rub together. When he released Hiei's lips Kurama's sexy voice caressed their ears. "There's just one little thing we need to take care of before we get down to the real fun. First I want to watch while you kiss, then I want you to lick and suckle each other's necks for me."

So turned on by their Youko's sexy request Hiei and Yusuke devoured each other's mouths before moving to attack the other's neck. Distracted with their play neither felt Kurama's energy flare as he fed ki to the seeds at their feet. Suddenly they were each aware of the plants that slithered between their thighs. They would have pulled back in surprise but Kurama held the back of their heads pinning their mouths on each other's neck. "Relax my pets, my plants are simply an extension of me, therefore it is me touching you and pleasuring you."

Hiei and Yusuke's mouths each opened in a moan on the neck they were kissing when a soft vine wrapped around their erections, joining them together. The tight plant only served to increase the friction as their cocks rubbed together. Neither could move as Kurama continued to direct their actions. His wicked little plants weren't idle either as each man became aware that they were about to be intimately probed by their slippery tentacles.

Still holding their heads Kurama kissed them wherever he could reach as he began to whisper. "Bare your fangs lovers. I want to watch while you mark each other."

They didn't have much choice but to do as Kurama said as each was impaled by the plant. Their natural instinct at the sudden intrusion was to bite down as the plant stroked in and out of their bodies. "That's it my loves, feed ki into the marks so they never fade. Now feed on each other to seal the bond between you."

The one part of their bodies Hiei and Yusuke could control was their hips which were thrusting madly against one another. The stimulation to their bodies and the rush of their ki mingling with their mating, combined with their sexy Youko touching and purring at them sent both demons spiraling to their climax.

Only when their heads dropped to the other's shoulder did they became aware that Kurama was no longer holding them. Hiei knew before Yusuke where the Youko had gone when strong hands grabbed his hips from behind. Yusuke's eyes looked over Hiei's shoulder when Kurama's sexy voice met his ears. "Now it's time for me to have a little fun."

The plant released Yusuke's erection as Hiei's hips were pulled back. Hiei continued to rest his head on Yusuke's shoulder for balance as Kurama pushed his knees apart. Only a second before the plant slipped out of him Kurama slid in, causing Hiei to cry out. Watching Kurama roughly take the fire demon Yusuke was worried for his lover until he heard Hiei whimper. "Gods Kurama, YES! It's been so long Fox. Please, take me harder!"

Yusuke knew Kurama obliged Hiei's plea by how fast and hard the fire demon now rocked against his shoulder. Suddenly Kurama grabbed Hiei by the hair, pulling his head to the side exposing his neck. Yusuke watched as Kurama viciously sank his fangs next to his own mark on Hiei's neck. Yusuke could see that Hiei didn't resist but the fire demon's cry confused him. "KURAMA YES! No please! Don't deny me!"

Kurama ignored Hiei's cries as he thrust harder and howled his release. Kurama panted as he licked the blood from Hiei's neck. "Sorry my pretty Fire-Baby, but I promised Yusuke he could be in the middle next time."

Looking down Yusuke saw that the wicked little plant tightly circled the base of Hiei's erection thus preventing him from reaching his climax. Yusuke's eyes widened as Kurama crawled around behind him. He had forgotten that one of those tentacles was inside of him until he felt it withdraw. Just as he'd seen with Hiei, Kurama forced his hips back and took him in one swift thrust.

Now it was Yusuke's whimpers and moans that echoed around the cave as Kurama took him. He attempted to lean on Hiei for support but was surprised when Kurama held him up. He could feel Kurama's breath on his neck as the fox growled at Hiei. "Turn around Hiei, you know what I want."

So caught up in their passion Yusuke could barely whimper Hiei's name as the vines released the fire demon. Dropping to his hands and knees Hiei turned and moved closer to Yusuke. The Toushin shouted in pleasure when Hiei rocked back, impaling himself on Yusuke's erection. "Hiei!…Kurama!… Ahhh!"

Long silver hair caressed Yusuke's back as Kurama took him fiercely. It wasn't long before Yusuke heard Hiei begging for release. "Kurama, please! It's too much! Please… I need…"

So swiftly neither demon knew what hit them Kurama sank his fangs into Yusuke's neck and released the plant from Hiei's cock. Amid their cries of pleasure Kurama marked Yusuke as he drove into him until he too roared his release.

Hiei immediately collapsed to the ground. Kurama eased an almost unconscious Yusuke down next to Hiei before he allowed himself to crawl between them. Exhausted, Hiei and Yusuke barely had the strength to reach for Kurama's hands before all three slipped into sleep.

Kurama couldn't help but smile as he walked back to Tourin with his mates. They looked so cute dressed in his flowy, white Youko clothes. Yusuke had cuffed the long pants so he wouldn't trip. Hiei on the other hand had searched his treasures until he'd found a dagger he could cut them with. Hiei was more than a little annoyed that when Kurama had spirited them away from Tourin the previous day he hadn't bothered to grab their clothes. "Damn it Fox, how do you wear this flimsy stuff all the time? Even the slightest branches tear it to shreds. I'm surprised you're still clothed at the end of a fight."

Kurama smiled at the mess Hiei had made of the outfit after only walking a mile. "I guess I'm just a little more graceful than you are Koi."

Yusuke reached out and stroked Kurama's back and tail. "Graceful is an understatement Fox. You my love are graceful, beautiful, alluring, and sexy just for starters. And damn what you did to us back in that den, I'm surprised we can walk today."

Smirking, Hiei grunted. "Kurama's not Makai's greatest lover for nothing Koi. No matter how vigorous his lovemaking is the most I've ever felt is a pleasant ache afterwards. He's always very careful that we enjoy our joining as much as he does."

Kurama shivered when Yusuke scratched the very sensitive spot at the base of his tail. "Hey Fox, you had your way with us almost every way I can imagine. I'm looking forward to finally having a piece of fox tail when we get home."

Again Hiei grunted. "Dream on Detective. No one tops Yoko Kurama, not even us."

Startled golden eyes turned at Hiei's words. Slowly a sexy smile crossed Kurama's lips. "Well Hiei, now that we're mated that could all change. How about a little wager? If I win I stay on top, but if either of you beat me to our bed I'll submit."

The moment the words were out of his mouth Kurama transformed to his fox form and raced towards Tourin. He wasn't in the lead in their little race however since Hiei had taken off like a shot by the time Kurama said the word bed. Bringing up the rear Yusuke shouted after them as he struggled not to trip on the cuffs of his pants. "Hey guys, wait for me! Does this mean I have to be on the bottom?"

Two days later the trio crossed the border back to the Ningenkai. Enjoying his time as Youko, Kurama delayed changing forms until the last possible moment. Seeing civilization ahead he was just about to change when Hiei came up beside him. Seeing the look in his mate's eyes Kurama smiled and drew Hiei into his arms. "I love you Fire-Baby. I'm so glad to have you back Hiei. It hurt so much when we were apart."

Hiei didn't show his emotions often but Kurama could tell from how tightly the fire demon held him that he too had been hurt by their separation. Kurama held him even tighter when Hiei actually voiced his feelings. "Me too Fox."

Knowing that Hiei needed this time with Kurama Yusuke just smiled and blew him a kiss. Smiling back Kurama made a mental note to reward Yusuke for his consideration. Leaning down the Youko claimed Hiei's lips. When they pulled apart no words were necessary as Kurama changed forms with Hiei still in his arms. A moment later soft green eyes gazed lovingly into red. "I am so sorry Hiei, for everything I put you through. I know I don't deserve your forgiveness but…"

Hiei silenced him with a kiss. "Don't Kurama. This all started when I betrayed you, it's me who should be asking your forgiveness."

This time it was Kurama that silenced Hiei with a kiss. "Let's just agree that we both could have made better choices and promise never to let anything come between us again."

Hiei smirked. "I hope that doesn't include Yusuke because I think he likes being in the middle."

Laughing Kurama held an arm out inviting their mate to join their hug. Yusuke grinned and threw himself into their embrace. "Damn right I like being in the middle… and on the top… and on the bottom…"

Kissing Yusuke briefly Hiei rolled his eyes. "Mated only a few days and he's already a pervert."

Laughing, Kurama stole a quick kiss from their mate. "Well, he is mated to us Hiei, it was bound to happen eventually. You can't deny though, he is the best apology gift we could have given each other."

The demons laughed a cuddled a few more minutes before heading home. When they reached the park however Kurama hesitated. "Hiei, Yusuke, would you mind if we went by my mother's? We left so suddenly and we've been gone for days, I'm sure she's worried."

Hiei and Yusuke shared a knowing look before leading their mate towards Shiori's house. Sprinting up the steps Kurama knocked on the door before letting himself in. "Hello, is anyone home?"

Kurama stiffened when Kazuya came in from the dining room. He was more than a little surprised when his stepfather hugged him briefly. "Shuuichi! Son where have you been? You're mother's been worried sick. Shiori! Come out here Sweetheart!"

A moment later Shiori came out of the kitchen. Seeing her son Shiori rushed into his arms. "Shuuichi! Honey, I've been so worried. Is everything alright? All Kazuma would tell me is that you and Yusuke had to leave in a hurry because Hiei was hurt."

Kurama smiled reassuringly. "I'm sorry Mother, things happened so quickly I didn't get a chance to call. I knew you'd worry so we came straight here as soon as we got back."

Behind him Shiori suddenly saw Hiei and Yusuke just inside the doorway. "Oh Hiei Dear, I'm so glad to see that you're alright."

Stiffly Hiei accepted her hug before she turned to hug Yusuke as well. "Yusuke, I'm happy to see you too Dear."

At this little reunion all eyes turned to Kazuya expectantly. When he spoke Kazuya's words were genuine if delivered a little awkwardly. "Shuuichi, boys, it's good that you're all home safe. We were just about to barbeque, why don't you join us?"

Not giving them a chance to say no Shiori grabbed Hiei and Yusuke's hands. "Of course they'll stay. I'll just take a few more burgers out of the freezer. Kazuya Darling, go check on the grill it should be almost ready."

As Shiori led the way to the kitchen, Hiei and Yusuke had not choice but to follow. Smiling, Kurama watched his lover's with his mother. Hiei had never had a mother to fuss over him and Kurama knew his lover had always secretly loved it. Yusuke had Atsuko but as mothers went she left a lot to be desired. Now, with Shiori smiling and giving them both chores to help with dinner he could see both of his mates quietly eating up her attention.

Seeing that the burgers were ready Kurama reached for them. "Here Mother, I'll take those out to Father."

Uncomfortable leaving his fox with the ningen an Hiei moved to where he could watch them out the window. He was relieved to see the older man greet Kurama with a smile. "Perfect timing, the grill's just right."

Smiling back Kurama helped Kazuya grill the burgers. He hadn't realized how much he missed the good relationship he'd had with his stepfather right after his marriage to Shiori. It was only after Kazuya learned that his relationship with Hiei was more than friendship that they had began having problems. Luckily that was about the time that his stepbrother had gone off to college, so the boy had been spared most of the tension within the family.

Green eyes widened in surprise when Kazuya actually broached the subject of his lovers. "It… um… looks like you boys have worked things out."

Kurama nodded. "Yes, we have."

It was Kazuya's turn to nod. "I see. Are you happy?"

This time Kurama gave him a little smile. "Very much so. I love them both so much."

With a sigh Kazuya shrugged. "Shuuichi, I can't say that I approve but if you're happy I'll accept your decision."

Now Kurama's smile was huge. "Thank you Father. That means a lot to me."

Seeing Hiei intensely watching their mate Yusuke joined him at the window. Understanding Yusuke's silent question Hiei grunted. "He's missed this, being part of this family. Until the ningen found out about us Kurama had a good relationship with his stepfather. He took a lot of shit the last couple years waiting for this day to come."

Overhearing Hiei's words Shiori came up behind them. Resting a hand on each of their shoulders she poked her head between theirs to watch her family. "Thanks to you Hiei, we can finally be a family again. Only now I have two wonderful new sons to love."

It was late when they finally arrived back at the apartment. In a dramatic display Yusuke showed his youth by flopping on the sofa and picking up the remote. "Damn, it feels like we've been gone forever."

As Yusuke turned on the TV Kurama shook his head with a smile and quietly led Hiei to the bedroom. Tenderly the redhead undressed his lover then himself before pulling Hiei onto the bed. Neither had to voice their desires as Kurama settled against the headboard and Hiei curled up in his arms. Kurama smiled when Hiei tucked his face under his hair and nuzzled into his neck. "I missed this… I missed you Fire-Baby. I love holding you and taking care of you Hiei."

Hiei blushed. "I missed this too Foxie. Until you I never knew how good it felt to trust someone enough to allow them to take care of me. I've known a lot of loneliness in my life but it was nothing like the despair I knew when I lost you."

Holding him tighter Kurama kissed his temple. "I didn't know you were alone, I thought you were with Yusuke. When you left him with me I knew the only thing I could do was send him to you. No matter what Hiei, I'd never allow you to be alone again. I think Yusuke's about to join us, are you okay with him seeing you like this?"

Hiei shrugged. "He's our mate Kurama, I need to learn to trust him the same way I trust you."

Just then Yusuke poked his head around the door. "What's up guys? I thought you'd be doing it or something."

Knowing that being vulnerable in front of anyone made Hiei uncomfortable Kurama stroked his back as he smiled at Yusuke. "It's not always about sex Yusuke. Besides, you wouldn't want us to start without you now would you?"

Hiei grunted. "Took you long enough too. We were beginning to think that ningen contraptions was more important than being with us."

Blushing, Yusuke came further into the room and undressed. "I just thought you two might like a little time alone."

Hearing Yusuke's uncertainty Kurama held out his hand. "Something bothering you Koi?"

Only hesitating a moment Yusuke before taking Kurama's invitation and climbing in beside the redhead. "I don't know. You two have been so lovey today I guess I just feel like a third wheel."

Both Hiei and Kurama gave him gentle kisses to reassure him and Kurama began stroking his back too. "I'm sorry Koi, we didn't mean to make you feel left out but it's like I said, it's not all about sex. Our relationship with you is new so it's been very passionate so far but sometimes we just like to cuddle. Especially our little Fire-Baby here. He has a softer side that he will only allow us to see."

As if to prove Kurama's point Hiei climbed over Kurama to cuddle against Yusuke. With both Kurama and Yusuke nuzzling and stroking him Hiei sighed and began to purr. Over Hiei's head Yusuke smiled at Kurama. "You two never cease to amaze me. Though you are a strong demon Kurama I always see you gentle, caring and loving. When your Youko side came out in Makai I saw a whole new side of you. Nothing about you Hiei has ever made me think you were anything less than strong and dominant. Now I have you cuddling and purring in my arms. I'm looking forward to seeing what other little secrets you two have."

Kurama and Yusuke both laughed at the muffled growl Hiei gave. "I do not purr!"

Grinning, Yusuke rolled Hiei beneath him. "If you say so Koi but how about we see what other sexy noises I can get out of you."

Before Hiei knew it Yusuke was settled between his legs with his warm tongue licking him until he was rock hard. When Hiei would have reached for Yusuke Kurama moved quickly, grinning as he pinned Hiei's hands beside his head. "Not so fast my beautiful Fire-Baby. Let us take care of you tonight."

Hiei could only moan as Kurama's wicked lips and tongue left a fiery trail from his lips, along his neck and down his chest. Feeling Yusuke's fingers exploring, Hiei bent his knees and spread his legs. When Yusuke and Kurama switched places Hiei began thrashing beneath them.

Hiei began to whimper when suddenly both of his lover's lips and hands left him. Opening his eyes Hiei saw Kurama and Yusuke kneeling between his knees as they kissed and touched each other. He frowned when they seemed to be involved in some sort of silent battle. Hiei smiled when a sudden cry of pleasure from Kurama declared Yusuke the victor.

Feeling neglected Hiei stroked his own arousal as Yusuke's hand's elicited sexy little mews and whimpers from their fox. When Yusuke noticed Hiei's actions he turned Kurama until the redhead was positioned between Hiei's thighs. When Kurama too noticed Hiei pleasuring himself he took the fire demon's hand in his, raising it to his lips to lick his fingers and palm. As he did this Yusuke guided Kurama into position then he himself brought them all three together with one swift thrust.

Three shouts of pleasure filled the room as Yusuke set the pace for their loving. Remembering the affectionate mood his mates had been in earlier Yusuke slowly but steadily made sweet love to them. As Kurama gently kissed Hiei between gasps and moans of pleasure Yusuke kissed, licked and nipped at the sensitive spot on the back of Kurama's neck.

They continued making slow, passionate love for some time before the urgency for release became too strong to ignore. As Yusuke increased the tempo and strength of his thrusts he could hear his mate's moans of appreciation. Knowing they were near the end Yusuke reached around the redhead to join his hand with Kurama's as they stroked Hiei to completion.

As usually happened, the pleasure filled cries of one quickly became a chorus of three as they climaxed together. Panting, Kurama and Yusuke each settled on the bed with Hiei between them. Pulling them close Hiei chuckled. "I think our young lover is getting pretty good at this Kurama. Yusuke picked up on our mood and transferred it into our lovemaking."

Reaching out Kurama caressed Yusuke's cheek. "Pretty good would be an understatement Hiei. I'd say our sexy little mate here got it perfect on the first try."

Looking up at them Yusuke put on a fake frown. "Damn, and here I was hoping that once we're rested you'd show me what I did wrong Fox."

After leaning over to give him a kiss Kurama purred seductively. "Oh you didn't do anything wrong Koibito, but there is always room for improvement."

Hiei just laid back and smiled as Kurama went to work pleasuring his lovers. He knew that once Kurama got started there would be no resting tonight. His smile just grew when he realized that now that he was mated to two sexy and always horny demons they might never sleep again.