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As the sun rose from the ground Goku stepped outside and stretched sighing heavy and he could feel his bones crackin. "Ah, Man it feels great to be alive." He muttered.. He took off and headed for the nearby mountains, he had decided he would spend the day training there. He didn't tell Chi Chi that he was going anywhere he was pretty sure they wouldn't mind, after all he would be home before it got dark. Un be known to Goku, a different set of plans was in motion…

2 hours later at the Son House….

"GOKUUUUU!!!" Chi Chi Screamed at the top of her lungs while standing in the yard. (Where is that man, has he forgotten that were supposed to go out of town for the weekend, if he was here right now I would give him a swife blow to the head.) Her mind screamed. She stood there fuming for another 10 or so minutes when a very brilliant but yet evil idea came to her, she would go without him yes of course, that would teach him a lesson, I won't tell the boys either, they can help there father when he returns. It's about time they learn some responsibility around the house, After all these years I'm fed up with doing everything myself and I get shown no love for it. My only fear is that they'll burn the house down trying to cook. She thought. And for a few moments she started to reconsider, but she had stood by this long she wasn't going to anymore. She went back inside and called her father for a ride and began to pack her things, within an hour she was pilling her suitcases into the trunk of the hover car that her father drove. She walked back to the house and quickly wrote a note and placed it on the table. When she got back to the car she took one last look at the house and got in and began her 3 day holiday….

Gohan was the first to get home and immediately noticed something different, it was to quiet to be normal for the Son house. "Mom, Dad, Goten?" Gohan called out as he stepped inside. He walked to the kitchen where his mother normally was and glanced around and his eyes fell upon the note on the table, he walked over and picked it up and began to read..

"Dear Family, We were all supposed to go on this trip together but after everyone vanishing this morning it made me realize just how important I am to you all, but I feel like you all don't realize that about me, I know I'm your mother and your wife Goku, but I also deserve to be respected, you all could help with the house work once in a while, cook, clean do something beside train and eat all the time, so with that I'm taking these next 3 days to myself, and do not try to find me because if you do. You 3 can imagine what it's like to never eat again is that clear?.. I love you all see you in 3 days..

Love Chi Chi..

Gohan gasped Oh no, this is going to be a nightmare. Just then Goku walked in and gave his trademark smile before saying "I'm starving, what's for dinner?" He piped……..

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