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Tasty noodles….

Kagome growled as for the umpteenth time her noodles didn't come out right. Considering how much her favorite hanyou was going through the cases of ramen that he constantly requested from her. She was actually going to try and surprise him, with some homemade noodles this time.

Not that he would appreciate it, knowing him. Still, seeing him happy was all she ever wanted. Therefore the constant attempts to get it right. Not to mention in the long run…

Might be cheaper on the pocketbook...

Bringing stuff back from the past to be sold was a great idea and all. But after awhile, the requests die off and you are left with excessive stuff. That is the law of supply and demand in a nutshell. She thinks having remembered some things from school.

Despite not having been there in a while, thanks to said hanyou. Things were fine now for her and her family money wise, but she had wanted to cut off a potential problem before it could start.

So here she was on a perfectly beautiful day…stuck in the kitchen trying to make noodles that weren't coming out right.

"Hey sis, what happened here?" Souta asked as he wandered in from outside. His eyes looking at the mess, his sister had made of the kitchen. Flour was all over the table, and spilled on to the floor. Not to mention on his sister, and despite the apron she was wearing at her waist. It did not cover the top, where splotches had hit. Because thanks to water she may or may not have spilled earlier, it was congealing and sticking to her shirt.

The ten year old backed away real fast though, when he heard a distinct growl of anger emanate from said sister. "On second thought tell me later! Just so you know Mom, Grandpa and I are heading off to the store! Be back shortly!"

Never realizing that her brother was there in the first place, Kagome pounded her first frustratingly into some dough that was just too dry and not working right.

Picking it up and throwing it away, behind her, Kagome never noticed from the viewpoint a blur of red coming from the direction of the well house. "Damnit, that was my fifth attempt. What am I doing wrong?" The young woman said murderously. Reaching for the flour, she is unprepared for what is about to happen next.

"Oi! That was the first time I ever heard you cuss Kagome." A very familiar voice stated amusedly from behind her. Yelping in surprise, for she had grabbed the bag, she swings in response to what could be perceived a threat out of habit.

Flour went EVERYWHERE! And now more then Inuyasha's hair was white…

"FUCK! What the hell did you do that for wench?"


As Inuyasha slams into the linoleum kitchen tile, Kagome steps over him. "That was for calling me wench! You know how I hate that Inuyasha!"

A string of cusswords and a collection of ingredients later, the hanyou had started to clean himself up, as the miko started work on something in the kitchen. When he had returned, the young girl looked frustrated as she punched her fists in what could only be dough….

"Uh…Kagome. What are you trying to do?"

"None of your business…" The young woman replied with obvious irritation in her voice.

An eyebrow rises, at the curtness in the tone of her voice. Striding towards her now, in his white shirt and red pants. He takes a look at the dough….

"Are you trying to make bread or something?" Inuyasha replied with confusion. "If you are you are kneading it wrong."

"For starters, I am not making bread, I am trying to make noodles and as to kneading how would you know!"

His ears flattening as she almost screams it at him, he knows deep down she doesn't mean it. As implications of her words hit her, she looks at him with a guilty face. "I'm sorry for that Inuyasha, if it seems like I called you stupid or something."

"It's all right Kagome and I do know a little bit about cooking." The hanyou replied gently.


"My mother, you forget because of what I am, her family disowned her and with her being a former Princess…well…there were a lot of things she had to learn how to do by herself." The hanyou remembered sadly.

"Oh…I'm sorry Inuyasha…."

"Don't be…" He smiled. "Some of those times with my mother, watching her attempt to cook time after time, were some of the best memories I had to hold me over…after she died."

Seeing her smile warmly, and say nothing more, she turned her back to him, and looked at the mess in front of her with a groan. "Inuyasha…"

Startled as somehow, he had anticipated her request, Kagome turns to find him behind her. Her back to him, she steps a little closer to the counter as he studies the dough from over her shoulder.

"What are you trying to do?"

"Make some noodles." She whispers a little breathlessly. The proximity of this hanyou was dangerous to her sanity at the moment. As more then just frustration with the process was starting to get to her.

Watching as his clawed fingers mess with the dough, the hanyou grimaces a little bit in disgust. "Consistency is all wrong."

Forgetting everything again, Kagome turns her head towards the mess, in front of them curiously. "How? I am following the recipe…"

"What recipe? One for glue?"

Hearing a growl, emanate from her the hanyou's inner demon reacted in surprise. As did the rest of him…considering that she was from a different time and all. The demon was pretty sure; the young miko from his future didn't know she was issuing him a challenge.

The type of challenge, which usually ended in pleasurable ways….

Staying behind her, he reaches for the flour she put off to the side, brushing his body against hers. His nose twitching he detects a definite spike of interest and his senses soar as the scent teases his nose.

"Right now you got it to sticky from what I remember, Kagome, let me add some more flour to it and show you."

"All right."

Grabbing pinches of it and spreading it into the dough, till he is satisfied, he rolls it around for a few moments before satisfied. "Now it has the right consistency. Time to knead it…"

Her hands reaching out for the dough, the young woman is surprised as his clawed hands cover her hands a minute into her starting. "You are being to rough Kagome." The hanyou worded in her ear softly. "Like this…"

With his hands upon her own in the dough, Kagome feels them messing with the substance in a fashion. Gentle and coaxing, the dough responds better then it has had on previous occasion. His breathing upon her neck as they work the dough together becomes stronger and more focused as it starts to take shape.

Soft almost flesh like…a flutter that was light becomes like a full fledged swarm of emotions deep and low in her belly.

Kagome pauses for a moment then to look at him as he stops kneading the dough. Her head turned, she finds gold eyes staring at her intently. "Inuyasha…?"

"Keep kneading…" He whispered hoarsely. "And don't stop."

Her heart racing, she nods her head and continues to work the dough. She pauses for a moment as his hands circle her waist. Although she remains standing where she was it, she could feel him so close behind her, that her hands were trembling. "Don't stop Kagome…and be gentle. You don't want to overwork it." He whispers in her ear.

Her breathing becomes more intense, as his hands wander up and knead upon her breasts as she does the dough for the noodles.

Pinching…pulling…squeezing…testing out their softness….

"Inuyaasshaa?" Kagome whispers heavily as her hands keep going. The trembling is becoming more and more obvious.

"Don't stop…." He growls out. Both sides of his soul agreeing with what comes next, he is happy this woman adores skirts so much. To guard the fact, that her family could come in at any time, he had to be careful.

His hands are moving lower now, as she works the dough. His voice belies a need, which her scent responds to. "Remember now don't stop kneading…"

Moving below her waist, and to the skirt, his hands play idly with the edges of it. His claws occasionally scraping gently against the soft skin, he smiles as her scent spikes tenfold. Raising it even higher, her skirt is at her waist now. He finds the edges of her silky covering and teases it.

With his clawed fingers, he slashes at one delicate edge on the hip…and then a second later. The other side receives the same treatment. Pulling the delicate material from between her legs, he smiles as it appears it covered the scent, and it immersed him in its sensuality. Its flavor…from the scent of the moisture coming off the material would be sweet…flowery…tasty…

But right now he had other ideas…

Placing his knee between her legs, He let the skirt fall back down to where it originally was. But unlike before, his hands remained under it…with her open and exposed to his ready fingers.

Sliding a single finger, down her folds, a sound erupts from her lips, as she raises her body out of instinct. His almost purrs his delight in her response. She tries to turn around but do so in the position she is in at the moment…would be difficult.

"Don't turn around…keep working the dough Kagome…"


"Just do it Kagome…" He whispers against her ear. "Or do you want me to stop…"


"Yes, Kagome?" He replies softly as he nips at her neck. A finger, slowly working its way inside her body, as he does so, she wheezes as her breath seems to rush out of her body. Her hands, working the dough a little harder now…. "Remember gentle Kagome…gentle…"


Curling he said finger around deep inside her, careful with his claw as not to do any damage, he revels in the tightness. He can imagine it sucking at him down below. Milking him for all that he can give…

His finger working deep inside her, he moves the other to her front. Teasing he brushes against the nub, the causes the muscles to contract even more. His breath catches at that sound, which raises a primitive instinct within him... One that the human part can barely control, as reasoning fights the need to mate, with the woman he has picked for his own.

Still, the human part wins out as her cries of don't stop reach his ears. Not realizing he had done so, he chuckles softly, and resumes. Adding another finger, to the one inside her body, he remembers in time to be careful. He wants to pleasure this young woman…not hurt her. Her hands are almost ripping at the doughy mixture now, and he smiles as he can feel her walls squeezing his fingers, almost to the point that even he almost can't feel them.

Suddenly, she bucks hard against him as her energy soars over the peak from his deft hands.


He is reveling in the feel of those inner muscles and the sweetness of her flowing over his palm.

It is just in the nick of time…that he pulls his fingers out and away, as he steps to the side. Leaving the skirt to fall back in position around her body, he watches as her mother followed by the rest of her family come through the front door.

"Why, hello Inuyasha!" Mrs. Higuarishi stated with a warm smile. "Are you staying for supper tonight?"

Licking his hand with calmness, unlike her daughter, who appeared to have a problem…with standing?

"I've already eaten Ma'am…" Inuyasha said with a sly smile. "But I wouldn't mind staying."

"Oh…Okay? So Kagome gave you something already?"

"Yes. Kagome gave me some of her noodle dough to try…." As he licked his fingers, he could see Kagome's eyes following his tongue's every move…with a sense of longing.

"Oh and how was it Inuyasha?"

"Sweet…Sweet and Tasty…"