A Simply Horrible Summer

Chapter one: Bad feelings

Hermione woke, the soft light of morning assaulting her eyes. She looked out of the window by her bed. The day was bright and noisy, the birds of morning warbling their delight in the sunshine. It had been raining for the past week and everyone was glad to have a bit of sunshine. Hermione looked toward the road as parents left for work and early rising children stepped outside to play.

She threw open the window to let the breeze tickle her face and the sun light up the room. She could already tell it was going to be an absolutely glorious day, the way most people think before they have to step out of their bliss and into the real world. Hermione wasn't ready to step out of her room and away from the window just yet, though. She delighted herself by whistling some of the tunes the birds held, albeit badly. She only stopped when her stomach growled in protest, demanding supplement. She sighed and hesitantly stepped away from the widow, not yet wanting the day to fully begin.

She walked quietly down the steps, not wanting to disturb her parents, for neither one of them woke this early on a Sunday. As she crept into the kitchen she got the horrible sensation that something was dreadfully wrong. She pushed it to the back of her mind at the moment, too intent on getting breakfast.

As she ate her cereal, she allowed her mind to wander. It had been a fairly good summer thus far, not counting the rain. She had been able to apparate many times to the Burrow now that she was of age. Ron hadn't been as much of an arse as usual and Harry wasn't brooding about. She had been doing a lot of bookwork on Horcruxes and had found a few helpful things while Harry and Ron searched places they might be hidden.

As she finished her breakfast and placed her dish in the sink, the horrible feeling returned. This time instead of pushing it away, Hermione sat down and analyzed it. Her body must be trying to tell her something was wrong, but what? She decided to visit the Weasleys to make sure everything was okay in the wizarding world. She left a short note on the kitchen telling her parents where she had gone. She quickly left the house and disapparated.

Everything seemed fine as she walked the short distance from the apparating spot to the Weasley's house. She knocked on the door and answered the security question before she was allowed in. Mrs. Weasley was apparently the only one up this early, but Hermione didn't have to wait long before the boys showed signs of being alive. She scrutinized them both under her stare, making them both feel very uncomfortable, before she passed them off as both okay.

"What the bloody hell was that stare for, Hermione? And why are you here this early anyway?" Ron asked bluntly.

"Ronald Weasly!" Mrs. Weasly snapped. "Do not use profanities under this roof!"

"Sorry Mum. But seriously Hermione, what are you doing here?"

"I had the strangest feeling this morning," Hermione answered. "But everything seems fine over here. Oh well, I had best be getting home. My parents will be awake soon and I don't want them too worried. Goodbye!"

Hermione started for the door. Ron decided to walk her out as "Goodbye!"s came from the kitchen. He held open the door for her then stepped out into the garden. He had a look on his face that was hardly ever there, deep thinking.

"Is something wrong, Ron?" Hermione asked, startling Ron out of his daze.

"No, just thinking. Umm, Hermione, do you have a moment?" Ron said, his voice faltering slightly.

"Of course, Ronald. What exactly is it that you want?"

"Umm, I know I've been an arse in the past, and we fight a lot but, umm," Ron broke off, not quite sure how to say what was on his mind.

"Yes, you have been an arse. What are you trying to say?" Hermione said, smiling brightly at him.

"Erm, uh," Ron blushed horrendously. "IreallylikeyouHermione."

"I didn't quite catch that. Would you mind repeating it?" Hermione said, trying to hide the amusement in her voice.

"I, uh, I really like you, Hermione. And, uh, I was wondering if we could go on a date sometime?"

"Oh, Ron," Hermione blushed scarlet, not wanting to hurt him. "Ron, I, umm, I think things are to hectic right now. Maybe after the war is over or when everything's calmed down, alright?" She asked hesitantly.

The spark in Ron's eyes dulled a little, but he still looked hopeful. "Fine with me. I'll see you later, Hermione." He waved and went back into the house.

Hermione sighed. She used to like Ron that way, but then realized she was more like his mother than a girlfriend. Plus, they bickered far too often. Now her attentions were turned on the upcoming war and she didn't have time for romantic relations. She mussed over her thoughts as she walked down the road. She did tell him the truth, though. She might just give him a chance after the war.

Soon she was back in her yard and the feeling of dread welled up inside her. She stopped and stared at her house. Something was definitely wrong. She hesitantly opened the backdoor and walked inside with her wand out. It was nearly ten o' clock. Surely her parents should be up by now. She looked around her living room and kitchen for any sign of them being awake. Her bowl was still in the sink where she had left it, and Hermione knew that her mother hated leaving dishes in the sink.

The feeling intensified as she slowly made her way upstairs, not bothering to take off her shoes. She looked around her room first, and then quietly made her way down the hall. She slowly pushed open the door to her parents' bedroom. A ghastly smell wafted to her nose and she gagged. She pushed the door all the way open and almost threw up at the sight.