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Characters/Pairings: Ashley me, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, John Cena, Randy Orton and the list goes on.
Summary: Two different social groups have a dislike in one of their own's interest in the opposite side. Although Jeff shows deep interest, Ashley resists somewhat.
Parts: 1
Notes (if any): I honestly have no idea where this is heading!

Winds of Change chapter one
I use to look forward to see that asshole walk through those doors. Now, I am glad he doesn't. I can't believe he is back. He sure has the nerves I tell you. I ought to kick the living shit out of him. Why you ask? Why am I so angry at him? Lets go back and see.

We were in love. We met in grade nine; we both had detention in the principles office. Ironically we both kept deeking the detentions until they made us serve it in the office during school. I guess that should have been a sign. So, we sat in the office side by side. I'd seen him around but never really thought nothing of him. He hung with a different crew. I've heard of him and his friends, they did try to call us on a few times. He tried to call on my brother. So stupid of him. Well, my brother hung out with a different crew but at times we hung out.

"How goes it?" I look at him. It's how I usually am. I'm a social butterfly so they say. If I stand by anybody, I will say hi at least. Unless I don't like the person. Can't say I didn't like him. He was cute.

"It could be better." He didn't even look at me.

"Don't hold it against me that my brother kicked your ass. That is between you two not me." I know that was why. Halloween he called on my brother because he egged him. He got his ass handed to him.

"Fuck you!" He finally looked at me.

"Oh, angry are we? I think somebody needs a hug." I said as my sarcastic self.

"Shhhh, people are trying to work" said the secretary.

"How hard is to answer the phone?" I replied. "Like seriously, is it that hard that we have to be quiet"

The secretary frowned and went back to work. I smirked because I knew she would be telling on me. An hour only passed as we sat in silence. Well he did. My friends would walk by or come in "to ask a question but forgot" or I would be talking to teachers that strolled in. After it kind of died he turned to me. "You are so cocky and mean towards the teachers and all that, yet you can still talk to them without grudges or…"

"C'mon,"I cut him of," everybody has there good days and some have bad days. I just happen to piss everybody off no matter what. It's just who I am. Now, there are some people I just don't get along no matter what I do. They have their own label for me and think nothing else of me. Like Ms. Love over there. Not married because I think her last name jinxed her. She is just so miserable and hates me because she thinks I am a rude, uncaring, cocky little bitch that has no mom or dad that cares for her. Why? Because she thinks I egged her daughter and poured rotten milk on her back in grade six. Personally, I think she is racist. She thinks nothing of me and my friends, always getting us in trouble. I think it is because of her people only look down on us. We do have respect, not for her. She even said she spits on our people and the culture. But Mr. Walker says "she is a nice, caring lady. She wouldn't say anything like that". Psssshhh. She's fucking him"

He smiled. I couldn't help but look at him and smiled back. He had such a sexy smile. It sure got me. "You don't care if anybody hears you"

"I could care less. I get in trouble no matter what I do or say. So I mays well just tell it all and let everybody here.

Break came along. We had to stay in the office. But, they put me in Mr. Walker's office and he went in Mr. Daniels's office. After break was over, we got ours. Surprisingly, he walked around with me. I went out for a smoke and he shared one with me.

"You know, you're not what I thought" He took a puff. "What you doing this weekend?"

My thoughts okay dude, we just started talking and now, you want to know what I am doing for the weekend. Did you forget who I am?

"The usual, play pool and party" I grabbed the smoke from his hand as he held it out.

"Why don't you come and hang with us" He said as he pointed at me

"Have you forgotten who I am and who I roll with. Even so, it won't work. They won't let me leave them for one weekend. Impossible."

"Playing hard to get" He smiled

"BREAK IS OVER" Mr. Walker yelled from the front doors. We got in and they put us back in the offices. Ms. Love wanted us separated. What a baby.

I was at my locker after the last bell rang when somebody came behind me. "Boo." He whispered in my ear. I looked to my side to see Jeff lean up to the locker beside me.

"Hey." I said as I closed my locker.

"So, this weekend, you, me and alcohol." He smiled.

"Love to but can't. Already told you, it's hard for me to get away just to go to the bathroom. My brother is too protective of me. He'd rather have me miserable as I'm not allowed to go anywhere alone, then to have me end up in the hospital or traumatized."

He smiled cockily. "This playin' hard to get is totally up my alley. If you are challegin' me then I accept."

"I'm not kiddin'! If they saw us talkin' right now, it won't be pretty so you best bounce."

"I'll see you later." He winked as he walked away.

I stood there puzzled at what he just said. I looked around with my eyes confused as he walked down the hall. I shook my head and turned to walk in the opposite direction. I met up with my cousins Adam and Adamia, the twins. My auntie has a knack for similarities. Adamia hates her name and insists on us calling her Mia. So we do, well not me. It's grown on her but she won't let anybody else call her by her real name except her parents. "Hey, what's up?

"The weekend, that's what's up?" Said Mia all excited. "Party at Mr. Johns, it's going to be awesome."

Mr. John, real name John Cena. We just call him Mr. John, he likes to sound all sophisticated and grown up...so don't ask us why it is Mr. John; we have no idea where it came from. We dated back in grade seven, yes my first boyfriend. We were young and it only lasted until the end of the summer.

"So, is Ashton getting the alcohol?" Asked Adam.

Yes my mother had a knack for the almost same fetish. My brother's name is Ashton. Are we twins? Yes. It runs on both sides of our family. "Ya he is. Sir Jack is gettin' it."

You are probably wonder what the hell we were on that's why we have these names. Well, that phase where we were tired of our names. Who is Sir. Jack? Jace Blade, my brothers' best friend. Well, one. He has a brother named Ace Blade. Twins? No. But Jace is older. He is of age, ninteen. Ace and I? Yes, we did date. He was the one that I actually lost my virginity too at the age of sixteen. You guessed it, my sweet sixteenth.

"Well we better get going." Adam started to walk towards the main entrance doors.
I bet you are wondering what our names are. Well, Adamia is obviously Mia. Adam, A.K as in Adam Kruger. Their mom took the last name where as our mom didn't. Strong women my mom. Ashton, Boogie because when he was small he did this little boogie and still does when he is drunk. And me?

"Reaper!" Yelled my brother. Yes, Reaper out of all names. Why? I was in my phase of death, drew everything to do with it. Poems, stories, and I just live on the dark side. I guess you can say I am the dark twin, the evil twin. Boogie and Reaper. Sounds lovely doesn't it?

"Hey bro!" I greeted as we got closer.

"S'up Reaper?" John greeted with a smile. Some say he still has a thing for me. But we are more friends then we are intimate. Yes, we do hook up occasionally. Only if we are single. That's the rule.

"We are heading over to the liquor store to meet up with Jace. Mia and A.K you are coming with us. We got to get Mr. John's place ready. Reaper..."

"Ya, ya I know. Go home and tell mom blah, blah, blah."

"We'll meet you at Mr. John's."

"Wait! I gotta find my own ride, this is new." John and my bro usually picked me up.
"Well, we gotta pick up some people and still get some stuff. By the time we are done, it will be time to start. Sorry sis."

"Ya whatever. I'll live." I smiled sarcastically. "Now if I don't show up, it's because I've been kidnapped and is now out of the province."

"You're Reaper, you're immortal." He smiled as he got into John's car. Adam and Adamia followed.

"See you there." John smiled and then kissed me.