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Characters/Pairings: Ashley me, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, John Cena, Randy Orton and the list goes on.
Summary: Two different social groups have a dislike in one of their own's interest in the opposite side. Although Jeff shows deep interest, Ashley resists somewhat.
Parts: 1
Notes (if any): I honestly have no idea where this is heading!

Winds of Change chapter two
I got home and my dad was watching hockey. My mother was in her room reading. "Hey mom, me and Ashton are going to stay at John's place. We have a science project due and John is going to help." When really his parents are gone for the weekend. Aren't we evil?

"Hmmm...Okay. Just be home by supper tomorrow."

"We will mom." I closed the door and went downstairs to get ready.

On my way to Mr. John's place I encounter a problem. Something I didn't expect. In my head, home to John's place. Does anything happen the way it is my head? No!

"Hey Mr. John kisser." I heard that familiar voice. Starting to get annoying now.

"Got a problem?" I asked as I continued to walk.

"Hey! Stop for a second." He got out his brother's car and ran after me. "So, you and John and item again?"

After stopping I looked at him and smiled. "Why? Would that ruin your plans?"

"No, will just make this hard to get, harder to get." He smirked

"Well, no. We just...understand each others."

"I like the sound of that. So now it is just back to hard to get." He stepped closer.

"Even I'm enjoying your company" I said sarcastically. "I gotta get to John's before they send a search party."

"You got a cell phone?" He grabbed my hand and started to pull me to the car.

"Uh...ya, why?" I said as I resist somewhat. "Do you need a phone?" I looked at Matt as I was dragged in the car.

"No." He said as he put the car in drive.

"Well, if you don't need a phone then I don't need to be in here" I said as the door was closed by Jeff. "Hey...umm...you closed the door." I looked at Jeff then Matt then to Shane in the front seat. "Okay" I said as I looked around and drummed by fingers on my leg. "I'm in a car where nobody needs a phone." Bit my lower lip. "Great." And I moved over more to the other door behind Matt, since I got in before Jeff thinking Matt needs the phone. I leaned by back on the door and looked at all three guys. "Where Am I going?"

"Amy and Trish's to party." Replied Shane as he looked back at me. "Jeff really protested to bring you."

"Lovely." I said sarcastically.

We got to Amy and Trish's place where it was packed. Two parties, different social groups. Me? I'm at the wrong party. I don't mingle with these people at all. Well I shouldn't say that. Sargent Orton, well he did roll with us at one point. Yes I dated him. His name is Randy Orton; we dated for like a brief three months. I'll tell you this; it was a fun and wild three months. But when he and John and my brother had a huge spat, he split and became friends with the other side. Now, he is just Randy Orton. My brother and Trish dated in their first year in high school. She met Amy and she introduced them to her friends. They were actually childhood friends, but Trish moved back to her hometown to be with her auntie who passed away. Adamia and Shannon actually dated, Jeff's best friend. See, we were actually linked at one point. ONE being the key word.

"Send you out for more alcohol and you bring home a stray. Sad." Amy said as she walked up to Matt and grabbed the cases he had.

I didn't really pay attention for I saw someone familiar face. I looked at her and frowned and continued to stare. She was talking to Trish when she turned her head slightly and then fully when she saw me.

"Oh my god!" She shrieked as she ran towards me. "Reaper."

"Oh no, you call her Reaper too." said Randy as he joined the circle.

"When did you get here?" I asked as we hugged.

"Did you not here a word any of us said?" Asked Amy.

"No, not really. Kind of ignoring you since I saw Melina."

"Hey!" She points at me

"Oh my bad, Swiggles." I smiled and then laughed.

"Wait! You have a name?" Asked Randy as he threw his hand sin the air and then point his finger at her. "Only way to have a name is only if you are one of them."

"We met when they were down in L.A. Mr. John, Boogie, Mia, A.K and Reaper." She smiled and hugged me again. "We got along great. Had a blast. They called me Swiggles 'cuz I used to walk with a swiggle. My ass mostly." She smiled again and looked at me. "Can't believe I ran into you. Sorry we lost touch. I started to move around a lot because of my parents. I didn't think you would still be here."

"Well, here I am."

"Well where is everybody else?"

"At Mr. John's. Jeff here brought me here but I am kinda feelin' unwelcomed really so I think I am gunna bounce."

"No you're not!" Randy spoke up.

"Jeff really wanted you here and for Jeff, we'll let you stay." He acts like a grown up yet he is the same age. What a dufus. But seeing Melina here just had me baffled.

"So, how do you know Trish and Amy and all them?" I asked as we walked away from the crowd.

"Amy. Our parents were the best of friends, before we started to move around more, but I met up with her mom and she told me where to find her and here I am. I wasn't quite sure if this is where you said you lived and if so, if you would still be here."

Melina. She's so cool. A year older, but cool. When we hung out for that summer, it was non-stop mayhem. We were named Blood's Dice. Real grim hey. Why? We were just so ruthless. Doesn't matter what you rolled, we would hurt you. So if you rolled us the wrong way, it was the wrong pair.

After awhile if catching up I looked around at the party and remembered Jeff. Melina told me she was going to catch up with Amy and get to know everybody else. I stood up from the bench we were on and balanced myself. A few mixes and coolers and I am feeling tipsy. Could be because I didn't eat yet. I walked outside for some air and I saw Jeff at the end of the porch on my left. I started d to walk towards him and he looked up.

"Almost felt like you forgot about me?" He got up from leaning on the house and leaned against the railing. "You all caught up with Melina?"

"Ya I am."I smiled and drank the last bit of mix I had. "What have you been doin'?"

"Waiting for you. Had a few beers and mixes." He leaned forward a bit and grabbed my hand. He then pulled me towards him. He wrapped his arm around me and stood up so we were face to face.

"Well then, we are kinda close." I looked at him and tried to back up a bit but failed. I was against the house with nowhere else to go.

Jeff smiled as he still had his grip on me. I felt lips lightly touch mine and a soft kiss.

"Ashley Tracey Eileen Brown!" I heard my brother's voice. Jeff backed up and we both looked to see my brother and Jace. He walked up to me and grabbed my arm. "Lets go!." He pulled on it gently as he looked at Jeff and then me.

"Jeez, Jeff tryin' to mack on Reaper." Jace shook his head as we started to walk away. "You should know better." He waved his finger at him as we walked down some of the steps.

We got into Jace's car and spun out of the driveway. My brother kept looking at me and I knew he already felt drunk.

"How in the hell did you end up there?!" He finally spoke up.

"Hey! I WAS on my way to John's when they strolled by and asked for a phone and...wait! How did you know where to find me?"

"Gordon was walkin' by Amy's place when he swore he saw you in the window. When he finally got to the party and saw you weren't there he asked us and then told us what he saw."

"Okay breathe there bro."

We got to John's place, which wasn't too far, and I quickly got out. I practically ran into the house where I felt way more comfortable. Our parties are more like the fun wild parties where as there, as in Amy and company; parties are more like the rich parties you see on TV. I guess I am just used to this scenery.

"Hey there babe!" I heard John since he always calls me babe when he is between tipsy and drunk.

"Hey!" I said back before I was greeted with his tongue in my mouth. I smiled since he is a good kisser and well, I kind of like it when he is like this.

"Better watch it bro." Ashton came up. "She was close to kissing Jeff."

I licked my lip and then bit it. I rolled my eyes at my brother. "Ya, close. Get over it."

"Reeeally. So it's true?"

"Ya it is. Their party was bogus and that was probably the most wild thing that could of happened." I said as I grabbed the mix my brother held out."The punch was weak too."

"PUNCH! They had punch." My brother and John laughed. "Wow. Punch hey." And he leaned in for another kiss. "How was that?" He asked between kisses.

"Elegant, fancy, rich" I replied while we kissed.

Nothing much for a first one on one encounter between me and Jeff. Wait until what happened the next day.