Kaitlyn Russell



Madison just watched him as he walked to the front door, there she'd cried looking away as her heart beat raced.

All she ever wanted to do was cry out to him and tell him "Don't leave us". But it would of been a give away of her pregnancy, this was his destiny and he had to Help Daggeron, He had no choice.

"I'll return to you I promise Madison" he said as he disappeared into the Train .


In bed in intwined sheets as moaning was heard. Two lovers completed their lovemaking as they now laid in bed as the male now slumped down aside his wife as he now kissed her naked flesh as he now leaned against her back as he now made circles upon her back . "I love you" he whispered. she looked up to her husband's Face as she smiled ."I Love you too"

End of Flashback

Thirteen years Later:

School Bell Rang as Tobias and Arron made their way out of school. they now moved over to the benches as they waited for their baby Neice to walk out of the Briarwood Jr High School.

"KATIE WAIT!" yelled out a girl .

Kaitlyn looked back seeing Miranda running up to her as she handed her her homework. "Oh Thanks Miranda, tell your Mom hi for me!" she exclaimed.

"Alright bye" smiled Miranda as she walked away from Kaitlyn.

she now turned as she smiled to her cousins as she now made her way over to her. "Hey kiddo ready to go" asked Tobias .

"Yep, I can't wait to go" she smiled.

"I hope Aunt Clare is ready," she giggled.

"Oh Wait, I can't go, I promised Mom I will meet her at work, we are suppose to go shopping for my clothes" said Kaitlyn.

"Ahhh come on, just this day kay, please" said Arron.

"Fine, but We have to stop at Rock Porium first," said Kaitlyn.

The Three kids made their way to The Rock Porium as they talked about their homework as the three moaned .

they laughed.

a Purple circle appeared as the styxiods now appeared, they now hid behind the trees as they watched the kids walk thru the park.a small puppy barked as kaitlyn now looked around. "Guy's did you hear that" said kaitlyn.

again the bark was now heard."I just heard it" said Tobias.

kaitlyn dropped her back pack as she now walked into the woods. "Kaitlyn where you going?" asked Arron.

"Hold on, Let me get the puppy" said Kaitlyn as she now walked into the woods as she looked around.

"Here puppy puppy" she called out as she now looked around.

Arron and Tobias looked at their watch as they looked at each other. "She's been in there too long we better get her out of the woods" said Arron

they now made their way to the woods as they looked around, but their was no sign of Kaitlyn. "Phoenix!" called out Arron.

"Phoenix!" called out Tobias.

"Uhm Arron, I think we just lost our baby Cousin and Aunt Madison is gonna be one pissed off Auntie" said Tobias

They managed their way out of the park as they grabbed Kaitlyn's backpack and ran to The Rock Porium.

"AUNT MADISON, AUNT MADISON!!!!!" yelled out the boys in a unison voice.

"Hey Guys no running in the Store" snapped Leelee.

"Sorry Lee!" they both yelled as they now ran into the office.

"Aunt Madison Something happened" said Tobias.

Madison turned as she looked to the boys. "Hey Guys,uhm Where is kaitlyn?" she asked.

They looked at each other as they now swallowed as they wondered who was going to tell her that Kaitlyn was kidnapped.

Madison's morpher went off as she picked it up .

"Madison you have to come to Rootcore, something or someone has katie" said Clare.

"Im on my way, Clare, you two come with me now" said Madison as she now made her way out of the Office .

"LeeLee Take over I"LL Be Back!" snapped Madison as she now stormed out with the Two boy's.

She now ran across the street and into a nearby Portal as she arrived infront of Rootcore with the Boy's.

There she entered as she ran over to the Crystal . "Where's my baby" said Madison.

"Madison first take a deep breath and second, Why didn't you boys show up with Kaitlyn here" asked Clare.

"Sorry Aunt Clare, Kaitlyn stopped cause she heard a puppy crying," expalined Tobias.

"Wha...whats going on where's Katie" asked Madison.

Clare moved aside as she let Madison watched her thirteen year old daughter being put down by a snake like woman as she laughs.

"Oh no, not Vedra" she whispered.

"Who's Vedra?" asked the boys in a Unison voice.