Kidnapped :


Kaitlyn Russell

By melissa

Chapter Four

It's So hard to Say goodbye

Two months passed within the year, everyone has now went their sepreate ways sine Bowen's death. Udonna didn't want to fac the truth that her only son was dead. She now wntered her son's room as she now looked around as she made her way over to pack up his belongings as tears now strolled down her cheeks as she cried.

"Mom help me" whispered Bowen's voice.

Udonna gasped as she stopped packing Bowen's things . "Help me" again his voice echoed inside his bedroom

"Bowen" she whispered.

She quickly turned and made her way out of the bedroom and made her way to her husband.

"Alianbow , Bowen, Bowen is alive" said Udonna as she now looked to him and into his eyes.

"Udonna are you sure," said Alianbow.

"im sure, I heard his voice, He's alive, I know he is" said Udonna.

"We will go tomorrow and" said Alianbow

NO!" I am going tonight" said Udonna as she now turned away from her husband as he now sighed.

"Wait I will go with you " he said as he now walked with her to their chambers as they now managed to pack their things.

as they now walked to the front there they met Xander and Vida, " Don't even think of leaving us behind, He's kaitlyn's Father and we want him home too" said Vida.

Udonna smiled as Vida gave her a reassuring smile.

They now turned as they made their way out of Rootcore and walked away.


Beaneath The Caverns

Bowen awoke as his body now ached as he managed to sit up, there he looked around as he now heard a voice. "Good Morning Phoenix" said the voice.

Bowen looked back as he searched. for the voice. "How could I sleep well, I've been sleeping on the ground for two months" said Bowen.

"who are you , why can't I see you, why do you sound famliar?" asked Bowen .

"Why you made me , " it spoke.

"You made me, you can hear me but cannot see me , and reasons I am your inner thoughts wirh your wife's voice "it added.

"Madison, How is Madison" asked Bowen.

"She is fine, so is your daughter, she has the Highest Power of The Phoenix as you M'lord" said the voice."My...My daughter?" said Bowen within a surprisingly voice.

"Aye , that is what I said" said the voice.

"she isn't my daughter, She's Ben's daughter

"So you think it is his daughter for it is not. look at the birth mark behind her right ear"

Bowen just sighed as he held his hands to his ears.

"ENOUGH!!!:" he screamed.


Kaitlyn was now inside her mother's room as she looked for her maroon as scarf as she went thru her mother's drawers and room as she walked into her closet, there she looked and looked until a box fell and landed on her back.

"Owie!!" said Kaitlyn.

she looked back seeing the box as she noticed a few pictures and a ultra sound picture that read. Baby Russell. she sighed as she now heard her mother ."Kaitlyn! Dinner!" called out her mother.

"COMING!" yelled Kaitlyn as she now pulled every thing togther as she came to a stop to her mother and a man dressed in a wedding gown and a tux. there she picked up as she now ran out of her mother's closet as she now ran out of her room as she held the picture close.
"Hey Kiddo I was about to get you for Dinner" said Ben.

"Why you aren't my Daddy" said kaitlyn.

there she moved on the chair as she held the picture as she now sat down to eat Dinner.

"Kaitlyn honey, where did you get that picture ?" asked Madison.

"I uhm, found it' she answered.

Madison looked at her daughter.

"Can I keep it please,"asked Madison.

Ben looked to the photo as he looked to Madison. "I thought I told you to get rid of everything Madison" said Ben.

"I can't deprive her from her destiny or her real Father Ben" said Madison.

Ben rose to his feet as he walked over to Madison as he now backhanded her face ."Get rid of those damn pictures of him" demanded Ben.

"I will not get rid of them, they belong to me and my daughter, if you do not like it I want you to leave my house, " ordered Madison.

Again Ben raised his hand as he slapped Madison as he now made her Fall. Kaitlyn made her way to her mother as she looked to her.

"Mom wake up" called out Kaitlyn.

Ben now stormed out of the House as he left Madison unconcious .

Kaitlyn now reached over to the Phone as she now called Chip's number.

"Hello", said Chip

Chip. this is Kaitlyn, Mom's unconcious, Ben hit her hard, please come help her she's not waking up" cried Kaitlyn.

"Stay by your Mom, Im on my way, " said Chip as he now hung the phone up and ran out of his home .