Fight in the gang

Maria was still crying again and Sara took her in her arms . She and Catherine were scared of what those lunatics would to the poor girl . She was so sweet and innocent . And she had been through so much it was like a curse . She was shaking like a leaf and nothing could stop her . Sara knew what meant to be abused and even if nothing happened that night , she was still very angry at Nick for doing what he did . She knew everything that was in Maria's heart in the moment she was trying to even think at that day . The fear that was forming in her soul and was consuming her slowly . That's why she didn't came to visit them as often and that's why she wasn't looking at Nick . She knew that she and her coworker had been together before she met Greg and probably it was worse for her because Nick was a person that she trusted very much not to hurt her . They had been together , sp there probably had been something between them . But still her heart had been grazed with a scar that will never or very hard fade away .


Everyone gathered around Dover , looking at him and waiting for some instructions of what to do next . But Dover knew that really those guys didn't have any intention about doing what he was saying . They were only some thieves and cold blooded killers whose only purpose in life was to torture and destroy lives .

"So , Chris , what are we going to do ? There are some hot chicks inside and we want to play with them , you know ?"

"No ! Don't dare to touch those girls , you understand ?" he was thinking at his own wife and kid back home .

"Why ? Come on , I'll have the blonde , Jamie will take the brunette and Mike can have the pregnant girl . What , you're not up for some fun with the bitches ? " he laughed "I know you changed much bro . That stupid woman changed you . That Mary "

"What are you saying about my wife ?" he jumped startled by the uncensored comment of his man "do not even dare to talk about Mary like that ! " he clenched his fists and was ready to kick the guy whose name was Cal .

"Stop ! You are not the same . What the hell ? You'd never yell at an old buddy for a woman ! You have been blinded by her ! " he brought his fist and hit Dover in the chin . He took a step back and put his hand on his face but quickly he returned the blow , hitting Cal in the stomach with his fist and Cal started coughing . He fell on his knees .

He lifted to his feet and tackler Dover to the ground . The others just stayed around them , not even trying to stop the fight . They were making bets on who would win .


Grissom watched the fight and so did the girls with Warrick . What the hell is happening ? every one of them was wondering . It was strange to see that . The bad guys fighting each other … but maybe it would be an opportunity for them . Catherine walked next to Warrick tried to help him get off the rope that was around his wrists . But she couldn't and she was mad because she couldn't help Greg and Grissom . Yeah , Nick too. Even if after all that he didn't deserve it .


"What is with all that fuss ?" Nick wondered loudly "who's fighting ?" he was with the back at the crowd .

"I dunno the bastards just started hitting each other like nuts . " Grissom answered .

"Why ? "

"No idea what got into them . I think that one , who shot you , Greg "

"Christian Dover"

"Yeah , that one . The black guy said something to one of the other gang member and that one started hitting him . And the others are just watching ." he seemed surprised "just watching "

"Well … maybe Dover is not one of them ?" Greg said "strange"


Dover and Cal were both bruised and full of blood , but didn't give up on the fight . But in the moment they wanted to jump at each other again , a big guy put himself between them and , placing a hand on both their chests , stopped them for touching each other . They both look at the guy and then at each other . It was still fury and anger in their eyes , but it wasn't as powerful . Probably the guy was making them scared or such , because seconds before that it looked like they were going to bit each other's head off . Now they just looked at the guy and left , disappointed in different directions .

Dover went to the bathroom while Cal remained in the same room .

"Why did you stop me , Ivan ? " Cal yelled at the bigger man .

"Because " the one answered "I don't understand why were you fighting Chris . He haven't done anything , why did you start the damn fight ? Why did you always have to pick on somebody ? We have had enough just saving you from going to prison for life , ya know ? C'mon , C-man , just stop it , 'kay ? We didn't came here to kill Chris , we cam here to help him , remember boy ? " he was looking at Cal like he wanted to enter his mind .

"But , man , come on , Ivan …"

"Everything is about that girl right ? Chris's wife ? I remember , you said you loved the woman . So she had chose him . So ? Get over it ! Jealousy is not helping okay ?" he watched the reaction of the man he was talking to . Cal backed away and didn't even lifted his head to see Ivan . The big man put his face under his chin and forced him to look into his creepy blue eyes .

"I think you didn't understand me , boy !" he was becoming angrier and looked scarier moment by moment "you look at me in the eyes when I talk to ya !"

" 'kay , Ivan , anything you want . " Cal left the room too and met Dover in the way out . Chris looked like shit and so did the guy . They had their fist clenched but it was enough for Ivan to clear his throat that they continued their way without a fight .


"We may take some advantage from this fight ; it looks that one of them whose name I think is Cal was kind of rejected from their group which may be a way out from this ." Grissom told the two guys .

Greg pulled his knees to his chest with Nick's unwanted help and saw Grissom's face that was full of pity and closed his eyes . Grissom got the message and quickly changed the look . He motioned to Greg he was sorry while Nick was watching without understanding what they were doing .

"Yes , we may have the possibility to find a way out of this . But I don't know if the others know what we are thinking . " Nick spoke . "Can any one of you see them ? "

"I don't …" the supervisor replied looking around .

"And me either . Do you Greg ?"

He didn't say a thing but he lowered his head a little and saw something Anna whose eyes were looking coldly at the place he was . He smiled and his heart jumped when he saw her smiling back .

"I can see them . "

"Yeah ?"

"Yeah , somewhere behind Grissom but I think only I can see them ."

"That's good . We must find a way to communicate to them . "

In that moment in the room the girl were in Five of the armed dudes entered and took everyone of them out of there . They notice Warrick was tied up and cut the rope . They threw them in the room of the boys . Things that somehow made them happy and scared them as well . Why were they brought together ? They saw the other lab techs and workers were all tied up and blindfolded . The guys tied them up too , but didn't blindfolded them . The reason a killer won't blindfold his victim is when he knows they are not going to say a word about their face . And they were going to say everything if they were going to get out of there alive . They looked at each other in horror . They have let to see them because they were all going to get killer that day …


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