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Tuesday Affairs: 01.Monday's.Misfortune

Score. Another winning shot into the basket. The opposing team groaned; they didn't expect the redheaded girl to be good enough to get a shot. Kairi grinned when she saw the look on the other team's faces; she loved it when people realized that she wasn't any girl to be taken lightly, especially in basketball.

"And that's game. Winning team, sit by the bleachers," the teacher instructed. Kairi made her way by the bleachers and sat by her friend, Selphie, who was also on her team.

"That was awesome, Kairi," Selphie complimented. Kairi nodded in gratitude. "You should join an after school sport or something – our team would totally own if you decided to join volleyball!"

"Work," Kairi replied. "I have work, and Tuesdays are my only day off…"

"Not even Sunday's?" Selphie asked.

"Well, that too, but I do chores then…" Before Kairi could explain any further, she spotted something of interest on the other side of the gym. Noticing this, Selphie looked as well. The two saw a blonde girl, standing idly and talking to other girls during a ballgame. She shrieked when the ball bounced by her and shielded herself, the ball missing her by a mile. Selphie burst out in laughter.

"HAHAHA. Oh man, Namine's hilarious! She's such a—girl," Selphie stated. "Quite the opposite from you, Kairi. She's not even paying attention to the game! I can't believe you guys are related." Kairi sighed and looked away in embarrassment.

"Please, don't remind me. I get enough of it by just dealing with her everyday," Kairi replied. Selphie chuckled.

"Ah man, you're so blunt! That's so typical of you," Selphie said with a cute wink. Kairi shrugged it off, as she was used to Selphie's playfulness. "Look at that."

Kairi looked to where Selphie gestured and saw another certain someone sitting by the bleachers, socializing away. He had brown spiked hair with charming blue eyes and a flirtatious grin that spread across his face. Kairi frowned in disgust. The girls that were talking to him were totally entranced by his handsome features and smooth talk, although the redhead didn't see anything enticing about him. She turned away. She hated players.

"I don't know what you're looking at," Kairi lied.

"Yes you do. Look at 'em – and your cousin."

"What?" Kairi turned again and there she saw Namine slowly approach the guy shyly but frivolously, entering the conversation after a light tap on the shoulder. The bliss-filled moment was obvious on the cousin's expression. Kairi boiled with revulsion.

- --- - --- - --- - --- - --- -

"NAMINE!" Kairi exclaimed as she slammed her hand on the table. Namine calmly placed her tray of cafeteria food down on the table, sat down, and look up at her cousin smiling innocently.

"Sup, Kairi," Namine replied sweetly.

"Last period, I saw you talking to someone," she said.

"Wow, straight to the point as always, Kairi," Selphie muttered with a grin. A girl with brown-layered hair and glasses next to Selphie nudged her for some info on what was going on. While Selphie exchanged information, the two cousins ignored them and Namine sheepishly smiled back at Kairi as she frowned.

"S-someone?" Namine asked, trying to sound as guiltless as possible.

"Don't play dumb with me. It was that guy! You know that he's no good news," Kairi said.

"B-but—Kairi!" Namine whined, "Sora's, like, so nice and so charming! Not to mention the fact that he's, like, TOTALLY hot, but that's besides the point. You should, like, talk to him and see for yourself."

"No," Kairi curtly replied. "Absolutely not. He's a playboy, Namine, and if you give in to his sugar-coating, you might just end up being one of those girls on his 'did' list!!"

Selphie busted out into laughter.

"HAHAHA. Did List ! That's pretty creative, Kairi!" Selphie said. But again, she was ignored.

"Namine, you're a pretty girl and to be honest, you're kind of gullible, so you'd be an easy target," Kairi added.

"You'd be pretty too, if you didn't have your hair tied up like that all the time!" Namine said as if to swerve the conversation in another direction.

"My hair has nothing to do with this," Kairi said. Namine sighed and tucked her bangs behind her ear, making her tangling earrings more obvious.

"I don't know why you're so mad, Kairi. Sora's, like, the nicest, friendliest guy ever and everyone says so," Namine sulked.

"Yeah. You jealous or somethin', Kairi?" Selphie asked.

"Ha! I'm not jealous of anything. I'm just telling Namine what's best for her – that she should pay less attention to guys and concentrate on her grades."

"Hey! Don't bring my grades into this! I already get that enough from my mom. Just because you're the older than me by, like, a week doesn't mean that you have to… be a meanie!" Namine pouted.

"Then, grades aside, you shouldn't let yourself get won over so easily. Don't you have any sense of pride?" Kairi lectured.

"Oh no," Selphie muttered, "that pride talk again?"

"Girls, girls," said the girl with the layered hair. All three of them turned their heads. "Keep it down, I'm trying to study in peace." The three of them settled down and Kairi finally sat in a seat with no appetite.

"You're so lucky, Olette! You've got beauty and brains," Namine sighed. "But why do you wear glasses?"

"Because," Olette said, "If I take them off, guys intend to bother me while I'm studying."

"Oh ho ho! Meaning that you know you're hot stuff, right 'Lettie?" Selphie teased.

"Don't call me that," Olette replied monotonously. "At least if I appear to look like a geek, I could get some studying done without interruption… but I suppose that doesn't work when I'm with you guys."

Selphie laughed as Namine thoguth and failed to comprehend Olette's study-oriented lifestyle. Kairi kept away from their conversation as she thought about how horrible the start of the school semester was beginning. At the first day of school, the unlucky possibility finally came to be when she found out that Sora was in a lot of her classes. Sure enough, all he did was flirt with girls. Kairi turned her head to the other side of the cafeteria to find Sora sitting at a table of girls doing what he did best: charm. She cringed at the sight of him. Looking away, she created an inner vow to avoid him as much as she could all throughout the school year.

- --- - --- - --- - --- - --- -

Second to last class of the day: Language Arts Literature, a core class that Kairi was actually okay with. The teacher had assigned a list of vocabulary to go over that night for a quiz on Friday. Kairi flipped opened her vocabulary book and wrote down the first definition in her notes. She always remembered things better if she wrote it down.

Affair n
1. Something done or to be done: business.
2. An occurrence, event, or matter: 'the senator's death was a tragic affair'.
3. A social function.
4. A matter of personal concern: 'to get one's affairs in order'.
5. A matter of causing public scandal and controversy.
6. A romantic and sexual relationship, sometimes one of brief duration, between two people who are not married to each other.

Kairi paused after writing down the first word's meaning. Looking over the definition again, she wondered why anyone would stick in such a basic word into a high school level vocabulary book.

"Alright, class, please put your vocabulary books away and take out the summer reading book that you were assigned to read – the book that you will do a report on shortly." the teacher said. The majority of the class groaned, excluding Kairi and others who didn't mind tackling a project or two. "Oh, and also get out that summer homework for the other book you had to read." As the students took out their books and papers, Kairi caught sight of Sora who sat closest to the door. The boy didn't seem to have anything to take out, let alone a measly pencil – so much for preparation. She silently hoped that the teacher would scold him or something; Ms. Trepe seemed like a strict enough teacher to do something like that, what with that serious expression and humorless tone of voice. However, Kairi could imagine that Sora would only reply flirtatiously since she was still young and beautiful.

"You're all going to be working with a partner for this assignment," Ms Trepe announced as she pushed her glasses up to the bridge of her nose. "There will only be groups of two, since this class has an even number of students. No, you will absolutely have no class-time to work on this project except for today in which you will talk to your partner about arranging some kind of meeting plan after-school or at home."

"Do we get to pick partners?" asked a student.

"No. In fact, I already assigned partners." The teacher took out a piece of paper with a list on it and began to recite the names, each student listening intently. "Luneth and Refia… Sara and Ingus… Riku and Pence… Arc and Aria… Salina and Desch… Kairi and Sora—"

WHAT? Kairi thought with bulging eyes. She screamed inwardly to herself, silently in her thoughts and she covered her mouth in case she really did it. She glanced at Sora – thank God she sat slightly out of his view – who looked around the classroom for his partner. He shrugged and gave up. Did Sora even know who she was? Well, that didn't matter. She groaned in agony to herself as a wave of dread came over her. How would she ever handle working with him, let alone be near him? And what was the likelihood of the two being paired up together? Kairi thought it wouldn't have been likely to even sit by him – now she would have no choice but to see him outside of school. She shuddered at the terrible thought of having Sora get well acquainted with her. The young teen, feeling as if she could throw up at any minute, suddenly had the strong urge to shrivel up and die in a corner. This was going to be the worst project ever.

"And that's basically it – we'll talk about the project tomorrow. Hand in your reports before the class ends. Now, break into pairs," the teacher announced. Kairi looked up from her desk and hit herself in the forehead.

CRAP, she thought, I wasn't freaking paying attention! N-no, I don't want to do this…! She looked at her watch, seeing that the class was almost over in about 10 minutes. Maybe the bell will ring before he figures out that I'm his partner. Of course, that idea was ridiculous seeing as Sora couldn't be that stupid. Before she thought of plan B, a certain someone approached her; it was Sora.

"Excuse me," he said sweetly, "but are you my partner?"

Kairi looked away.

"Y-yes…" she said hesitantly. Sora's face lit up and he pulled up a nearby, empty seat. She didn't even want to look at him. Kairi heard another girl nearby whisper to her friend about how lucky she was to have been paired up with notorious Sora. Lucky my ass, Kairi thought.

"Awesome. I never dreamed I'd be able to ever get a chance to know you. I see you around, but we don't really talk, you know? So, you're Kairi, right?" he asked. Kairi nodded, trying her hardest to ignore her undying, hateful judgment of him. Indeed, he was friendly.

Okay, calm down… let's just say that he's only trying to start up a casual conversation, she convinced herself. Finally, the two established eye contact. She silently admitted that he had nice eyes, a pleasant pair of azure orbs, but swore to never fall for his alluring stare.

"Did anyone tell you had really nice eyes?" he winked. Kairi couldn't help but cringe, but turned away again quickly so he couldn't see her reaction. He chuckled. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to flatter you – cause it's the truth. And not many girls put their hair the way you do, so it only amplifies the beauty of your eyes."

"Th-thanks…" Kairi said, forcing herself to smile back at him. "S-so, the project," she said, trying change the subject, "I admit that I wasn't quite listening… what did we have to do?"

"Oh. Well, the non-optional book we had to read – wait, what was it called again?"

"The Glass Menagerie," Kairi replied.

"Oh, right. Well, we don't know what we have to do yet, but right now we're suppose to go over the book a little and discuss about when and where we could meet up and stuff," he said. Kairi nodded, taking in the info he provided. However, at the back of her mind she feared what her meeting days with Sora would be like aside from the assumption that he was a lazy student since he didn't seem to have his book or summer homework with him. "Actually, I can't deny that people might start to wonder why I'm with such a pretty girl like you," Sora grinned, putting his charm to work.

Oh, kill me. "Thank you, but I think you're overrating my looks," she replied as amiable as she could. "Anyway – I'm only free on Tuesdays."

"Oh. Not Sundays?"

"That's my resting day, so I'd rather not meet up then… unless there's no other option," she told him, reluctantly confessing that last part.

"Hmm… I'm free throughout the whole week except for Tuesdays," Sora sulked. "And I don't want to have to take away your resting day." Kairi beamed but tried to contain her joy.

"R-really? I mean—that sucks. So, does this mean that we have to work separately and just tell each other our progress whenever we see each other?" Kairi asked, trying to make a subtle hint. Sora thought to himself.



"No, never mind. I actually think we can pull off out meeting on Tuesdays!" Sora chirped. Kairi's heart dropped.


"Unless you have a problem coming home late – I'd say around… nine at night?" Sora asked cautiously, worried if Kairi were to reply yes.

"I get home around that time from work," she automatically answered. Kairi inwardly gasped and covered her mouth at what she just said, but Sora didn't notice her sudden anguish. W-why the heck did I say that!

"Awesome! So we CAN work together on Tuesdays?" The brunette looked so happy that Kairi couldn't refuse him. She sighed in defeat.

"I-I guess…"

"Cool. Now I have a new, pretty friend," he winked. "And I hope you don't mind train rides."


Before she could ask what he meant, the bell rang and Sora flew out of the door as if he intentionally avoided her inquiry. All she could do was gawk at nothing as she wondered what was to come. Then she realized – tomorrow was Tuesday.

"AUGH," she cried, gathering her stuff for the next class.

"Something wrong, Miss Kairi?" the teacher asked.

"N-no. Nothing's wrong. Nothing's wrong at all." The teen stormed out of the classroom, her realy question lingering in her head. Just what exactly did this project get me into?



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