I've been writing lots of stories lately, and haven't been completing any of them, and now I go and start a new story, in which I have no idea what will happen. I'm not good at continuing stories, but if I get reviews, that will make me want to write more! So do review.

Description: when Danny's transformation is caught on tape during a fault of powers, a prophecy is revealed, and there is nowhere he can go – except to his family. When even they won't take him in, he's lost, and needs desperately to be found. Hunted by some, hated by others, Danny is alone in this world. Until he finds a girl sharing his exact problem. With two girls absolutely drooling over him, and the one girl he truly wants is gone, what is a half ghost to do? His whole world is tumbling apart, until he hears of another ancient prophecy about the legendary Stone of Light.

Stone of Light.

A Losing Game

Chapter One.

Fault One.

Danny put his hand down the back of his pants and moved it around vigorously. Scowling at Dash, Danny dug in deeper, staying outside of the underwear. He could feel it somewhere in there, and he could tell that it was going to bite him any minute now.

"Ha, watch Fentina! He's so poor that the rats have to live in his pants, with him!" Dash said at the top of his lungs, drawing the attention of many innocent bystanders.

Danny started giggling uncontrollably, unable to sustain it any longer. The rat continued to wriggle around, making it even worse for Danny. If no one was watching, Danny would've been able to make his pants intangible, and the rat would fall to the floor, but Dash had stuck the rat down there, and everyone had gathered around.

Danny's vision grew clouded, and he staggered forward, the giggling stopping. The rat fell down out of his pants, and then scrambled through a crack underneath the door to the janitors closet.

Movement in the far corner of the hall drew his attention, and he squinted to get a better look. A guy was trying to get past this girl Danny had never seen before. Her stunning violet eyes held his, and her hair moved slightly to and fro even though the air was still.

Danny could not tear his eyes from hers, even though he tried so very hard. She just looked so incredibly gorgeous, and there was something mysterious about her, making Danny want her even more. Her small, pink lips were set as if she was bored.

The boy trying to get past the girl tapped her arm, and then she shook her head and looked at him. Danny felt as if he could move again, and walked over to his two best friends who were chatting as if nothing had happened.

"Who's that?" Danny asked them, pointing to the girl he found so incredibly beautiful.

Sam and Tucker followed Danny's long, skinny arm, and lay their eyes upon the mysterious girl. Sam rolled her eyes and said, "Try hard," making Tucker burst out laughing.
He received questioning stares from both Danny and Sam, but he could not stop the laughter. He clutched his stomach, doubled over, and used his other hand to hold on to the wall. It was of no use though, because Tucker fell onto his hands and knees, and then started rolling around on the floor, receiving stares from the bystanders.

Finally, Tucker composed himself and wiped the dirt from his clothes as he stood. He went to his locker, opened it, and started shifting through the objects inside, trying to find his maths book. When he did, he slammed his locker shut, and walked straight into Sam and Danny.

"What?" Tucker asked, scrambling to pick up his book.

"You tell me what's so funny." Sam demanded.

"Well, for one, you look, and act, just like her." Tucker told Sam. "And two," he looked at Danny. "You have her in like, almost all of your classes, and she's been around for a week! I think you should at least know her name by now."

Sam stomped off, grinding her teeth, while Danny stayed with Tucker, looking at him curiously. "Are you telling the truth? How come I haven't noticed her?" Danny asked.

"I don't know, but if you want to know her name, it's Kate." Tucker told him.

"Wow." Danny said dreamily. "What a pretty name."

Tucker rolled his eyes and took off towards his maths class before his clueless friend could ask any more questions.

Danny looked down at his timetable for the first semester, and saw that he had Society and Environment with Mr Lancer first. He sighed, and hitched his bag higher upon his back. First he had to stop off at his locker for his SOSE books.

Luckily, it was only across the hall from Tucker's, so Danny didn't have to walk very far. He noticed that Kate was heading in his direction, so he pretended he was occupied by the objects inside his locker.
Her right arm brushed against his back as she hurried past a big group of people, towards her class. Danny turned around, and his eyes followed her form around the corner until he could see her no more. Slamming his locker shut, Danny set off at a brisk pace to catch up to Kate, though he knew not why.

"Danny!" he heard his name called, but chose to ignore it. The only thing on his mind was Kate, with her mysterious, yet inviting, violet eyes.

When he had almost caught up to Kate, he realised that she was heading in the same direction as he, towards Lancer's classroom. He smiled at the idea of sharing a class with Kate, and then jumped as he was tapped on the shoulder.

"Didn't you hear me calling?" Valerie asked Danny as she joined him.

"Valerie!" Danny sighed, relaxing after the possibility that it was a ghost. "Huh? Oh, no, sorry, my mind was elsewhere."

"You going to Lancer's class now?" Valerie asked as the walked past Kate, who had bent down to pick up her book. Danny snuck a look at the girl, and then returned his eyes to Valerie.

"Oh, yeah!" Danny then turned left and walked inside Lancer's SOSE class.

"Cool, me too." Valerie said, and took a seat next to Danny. Three desks were joined together, and Danny and Valerie took up two of them. Since they were classified as the losers, no one wanted to take the extra seat next to Danny.

"Hi, can I sit here?" Danny looked up when he heard a gracious, smooth voice that floated through the air as if it were one with everything. It was the loveliest voice he head ever heard. He looked up into the entrancing eyes of Kate's, and smiled, a faint blush creeping up his cheek.

"Uh, sure." Danny said dreamily.

With practised accuracy, Kate slid into her chair effortlessly, looking beautiful as she did so. Danny took his eyes off her, getting a bit embarrassed that she had seen him looking at her before. Her hand brushed against his for a second, and a tingle went up his arm.

"Class, class!" Mr Lancer called out as he walked into the room.

Danny shivered, and his breath came out in mist. Danny stifled a gasp as he realised that a ghost was nearby. It was one of the worst times that Danny could go ghost, as Mr Lancer was suspicious as to where Danny always ran off.

Danny's hand shot up in the air, and so did Kate's, though Danny did not know why. Mr Lancer turned around, and when he saw Danny's hand in the air, he sighed. "Mr Fenton?"

"I… I think the eggs I had for breakfast were rotten, can I please be excused?" Danny asked, receiving a few snickers from behind him. It was the first thing that had come to his mind, and he hadn't thought about what it meant until he'd said it aloud. He mentally hit himself in the head as Mr Lancer tried hard not to smirk.

"Yes, Mr Fenton, we wouldn't want you having bad 'gas' – as you kids call it today – in class." Mr Lancer dismissed him.

"And you are Kate?" Danny heard Mr Lancer ask as he ran through the door. Danny paused, and listened to what was being said inside the classroom.

"Yes, Mr Lancer." Kate answered politely.

"And Kate, why do you have your hand up?" Mr Lancer asked suspiciously.

"Well, I forgot to pick up my Society and Environment books that I ordered, and I was wondering if I could get them quickly now?" Kate asked.

Mr Lancer sighed in a resigned way. "Yes, Kate, you may."

"Thank you!" Kate said before she dashed out of the class.
Danny quickly ran off down the hall, so Kate wouldn't think he'd been listening in on her. Then he set a fast pace the rest of the way to the front doors, making sure it was counted as walking. Only when he reached the front doors did he realise that Kate was following him.
"You skipping school? So early in the day?" Kate asked suspiciously.

"No." Danny said, without looking into those precious eyes of hers. He figured, if he didn't look, it would be easier to speak. "I'm not."

"Then what are you doing, Danny?" Kate asked.

"What I do is my own business." Danny growled, and looked up just in time to see the Box Ghost and his followers (boxes, of course) turn a corner, he sighed and ran around the corner, hearing Kate's heavy footsteps follow his own.

Into the science storeroom he fazed, and Danny was about to follow him when he heard Kate's voice. "Are you trying to run away from me, Mr Fenton? Because, you must know, there is no where for you to hide."

Danny put his hands behind his back, and then turned one hand intangible so he could undo the lock on the door and follow the Box Ghost inside. "Why would I run from you?" Danny asked curiously. "It's not as if I'm scared of you."

With a click the door opened and Danny turned to walk inside. He could hear the silly ghost's rants from where he stood, and new easily where to find him, even without his ghost sense. As Kate hadn't yet followed him inside, Danny silently clenched his hands and then whispered "Going ghost." to make the transformation a bit easier.

I poll of light surrounded Danny, and then divided into two, pure white rings, which slowly transformed Danny Fenton's body into the dead one of Danny Phantom.

"Ah, halfa, I've been waiting for you." The Box Ghost said in an unusual way. Normally all he cared about was his precious little square boxes. "You see, we've all been waiting for you, all of us."

At that exact moment, Kate walked into the room, and squinted up at Danny, who was floating in the middle of the room. Danny ignored her, and pulled out his Thermos, and pushed the button that would draw in the ghost who was a constant pain.

"No, Danny Phantom! I shall get you for this! I have my wonderful square…"

"Yeah, yeah, all right." Danny muttered, rolling his eyes before putting the cap on the top of the container.

He slowly fell to the ground, and landed like a feather. He put the Thermos on a little strap and then put that around his shoulder, before turning around and walking straight into Kate.
He fell to the ground, rubbing his head and looking up at the still beautiful girl.

"Danny Phantom?" She asked. "You, you're a ghost?"

"Yes, I'm a ghost." Danny stated the obvious.

"Most importantly, are you evil?" Kate asked suspiciously.

"Why? Are you?" Danny asked.

Kate stated laughing hysterically. The sound of her laughter even sounded beautiful, and even the little snorts she made would make Danny go weak-kneed.

"No. I'm not evil, you silly idiot." Kate told him. "And now I can guess that you aren't either. I'm here to help with your problem. You're evil ghost problem, that is."

"Well…" Danny realised that his Thermos had fallen off when he had run into Kate, and looked into the air expectantly. The thermos fell on Danny's head, making him see bright spots.
To help him clear his vision, he tried to shoot a ghost ray, and make it into a ball, but instead, he brought up the white ring again, which of course, split in two, taking him back to his previous form. Hearing a gasp from Kate, he was glad that she was the only one there, and she was good. Luckily, no one was watching, he thought.

But little did he know, that someone was watching, always watching. They had trained their eyes on the boy an age ago, and were planning on doing something about it… they were watching him… always watching.

Ha, that was longer than I planned it to be. Well, I hope you enjoyed it. I put in a very long description, as I kept adding bits, and let me tell you, I was very hyperactive when I made this story up… Lol. Anyway, hope you enjoyed.

Love Kirst.