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Stone of Light

A Losing Game

Chapter Seven


Danny slowly opened his eyes, and saw a dark figure floating above him. She seemed familiar, yet mysterious, which made her even more beautiful. Danny smiled dreamily, and thought he was hallucinating when the girl leaned closer and pulled him up.

"Kate," he whispered, as if he had always known about this attractive form of hers. "You look…"

"Shhh." Kate whispered as she put a finger to his lips. She slowly leaned into him, her hands holding his. She liked Danny, more than a friend, but was against doing what she was currently doing, as it would distract Danny. But it was the only way. Something was coming, and Kate couldn't prevent it.

She felt her spine tingle as she placed her lips softly to his, and felt for the core of her power. She felt Danny respond, and could feel his delight. It was meant to be between those two, but it wouldn't last long. Kate unleashed her power through her mouth, silently telling Danny things.

She would transfer a part of her soul to his mind, so that she would forever be with him, and so she could find, or guide him, whenever need be. She closed her eyes, and enjoyed the last few seconds of their first kiss, before vanishing into the thin air.

Tucker followed Sam through the alley next to Danny's house, where they had seen the flash of light. Their bodies still stiff from the impact of the gun, and the freeze-ray made it more of a challenge to get there, but it was for their dead yet not so dead friend.

Once they arrived in the alley that ran beside Fenton Works, they saw that their best friend was standing there, in his everyday clothes, with a dreamy look on his face. He barely registered their presence, just a few blinks and a tilt of the head.

Sam gave out a cry of delight, ran over to Danny, and threw her arms around him, squeezing him tight. Tucker ran and too began to hug his best friend, who had been dead just hours before. Danny smiled, and wrapped his arms around his two best friends, who would accompany him to the other side of the earth if he asked them to.

Danny pulled a shopping cart out of the trolley bay, and pushed it through the automatic doors, Sam and Tucker by his side. They did not know what he was doing, but followed him anyway, and brought money, as he had ordered them.

"Okay." Danny said as he turned to them. "I'm not sure where Kate went, but I figured that we need to buy supplies to last us at least two months, because something is coming… something bad. See, I'm in a hurry, but Kate, she's this sort of… goddess sort of thing, who was sent down to earth to protect the destined one, the destined one being me."

Receiving strange looks from his friends, Danny added, "Look, I'll tell you everything later, but for now, the important thing is to buy supplies. You can either buy your own, or put it in the cart and we'll all pay for it."

"I'll buy my own." Sam said just a little bit too fast.

"I'll just put mine in with you." Tucker said.

"Alright, Sam, when you're done, go back to your house, and I will tell you what we want you to do next." Danny instructed.

"Okay then." Sam said.

Valerie sat on her bed, cross legged, and looked at the posters around her. Not one of them wasn't of ghosts, or the ghost boy. She closed her eyes, and slowly, began to take in everything that she had learnt in the past week. Something inside her told her she was overreacting because it was too fast, and she needed to slow it down.

Because her father wasn't home, she felt free to whisper everything out, instead of saying it inside her head.

"Danny Phantom ruined my dad's life, and job, and then blamed it on a ghost dog.

"Danny Phantom became Public Ghost Enemy number 1.

"Danny Phantom has been spotted sucking ghosts into a thermos.

"Danny Phantom destroyed my suit.

"Only recently did I find out that Danny Fenton, the only boy I have ever had intense feelings for, is in fact Danny Phantom.

"Ever since, Danny hasn't attacked me, because he died. But when he woke up from his death, he said he was going to kill me, in this strange voice."

She took in a deep breath, and tried to keep her voice calm. "Now let's see things from a different side. It could really have been that dog's fault, as I have never seen it since, and Danny Phantom hasn't hurt my status since.

"Danny Phantom may have been tricked by ghosts, as many were spotted around, and I have learnt that ghosts can overshadow human bodies, which means that some ghosts that want to get back at Danny Phantom may have overshadowed others, and Danny thought they overshadowed his parents.

"Danny could actually be a good ghost, and the evil ghosts may be the one destroying our town, and he is working to stop them.

"Danny may have known that I wasn't in my suit as I was sitting near by, and the ghost that took over my suit may have triggered Danny's ghost sense, so he may have known all along it wasn't me.

"That may not have been Danny when he left the earth, because that girl, Kate, he said, told him to remember, and to fight it. He might have like, another person inside him, fighting to take control."

Valerie opened her eyes, and uncrossed her legs before stretching and yawning. "Danny isn't evil." Valerie realised. "And I almost killed him because I overreacted."

Maddie and Jack arrived home before Jazz did, and spied a note on the kitchen table. Maddie hurried over to it, hoping that it would have something on it to do with her son.

Mum, will be back soon. Love Danny.

Maddie was confused at where her son would be, and sat down at the table. She put her head in her hands, and started sobbing, Jack patting her back for comfort.

In the lounge room, the TV blared. Jack heard the news announced say it was 5:30pm, and that in half an hour, the news reports would be announced.

Sam sat on her bed, and hid her shopping underneath it. She heard her mother talking to someone, and realised that Danny and Tucker were here. She buzzed with curiosity as she waited for them to come up.

Danny watched as Tucker pushed in the button to ring the doorbell beside the Manson's large double doors. Surprisingly, Pamela Manson opened the door, and smiled a very fake smile.

"Why, hello Danny and Tucker. Samantha is in her quarters. Can I be a nuisance and please ask that you leave before six, as I have something to say to my daughter." Mrs Manson greeted them.

"Sure," Danny said sourly as he and Tucker walked past her.

Danny snuck a glance at his watch to see that it was almost 5:20pm. He had a good half an hour to explain everything to Sam, before he would be kicked out of the Manson mansion.

Danny slowly turned the doorknob on the door which led to Sam's room, warning her that people were entering. Slowly, and cautiously, he opened the door to see Sam leaning against her pillows on her massive king size bed.

"Hey." She said casually to the two boys.

"Hey," Danny replied, and sat on the bed, followed by Tucker, who smiled and sat next to Sam.

"Alright, now, I have some explaining to do. Ok, well… I got out of class because my ghost sense went off, and then Kate followed me, and I realised that it was only the box ghost, but I had to transform anyway, and so I did in a different room, and the Fenton thermos hit me on the head, so I tried to make a ghost ray, but I accidentally changed human, and Kate saw.

"She then took me to this bizarre place, and millions of ghosts appeared, and I fought them all, and returned to school. Next, Lancer had come into the toilet to find me, so I flew out. Valerie then ghost hold of my on her ghost detector and chased me.

"I didn't want to fight, I just wanted to return home for a rest. Next thing I know, she's throwing things at me and stuff, she I try and fire up a ghost ray, but my powers fault and I return to human. I fall from the sky, and then I landed on something, and hit my head. I lost consciousness.

"Next ting I know, Kate's speaking to me, and she's in this weird form. She… she kissed me, and through the kiss, passed information through to me, such as what happened, and that I really didn't die, it was just a slumber that would heal me." Danny ended.

"Is she a good kisser?" Tucker asked Danny.

"Tucker! Anyway, I received a piece of knowledge that told me that we must be ready to move far from Amity Park, so we need to be prepared. We will take three bags, one each, and a food container. I better go – it's almost six and you mum wants to have a talk with you. Just be packed as soon as possible – I want to make sure that we can leave if we have to."

And with that, Danny fazed through the wall before turning into his ghost half.

Danny walked slowly up his front doorsteps, and looked at the time. It was quarter past six, and his parents may be worried about him. He slowly opened the door, and peered inside.

He stepped in, and heard the TV announcer saying, "And we all thank Mrs Pamela Manson for filming that video which solved all the mysterious."

Danny stepped into the lounge room and saw his parents both gaping at the TV.

"What's going on?" Danny asked confusedly.

Maddie snapped her head around to look at him. "Why don't you tell me?"

"Huh?" Danny asked.

Jack ran from the room, tears streaming from his eyes. Danny swore he could feel the earth shake.

"YOU'RE A MONSTER!" Maddie screamed. "Get OUT of my HOUSE!" By now tears were streaming down her face. She pushed Danny through the door, and slammed it in his face.

Danny felt hot tears pouring through his eyes, and hitched the backpack higher upon his back. He walked slowly down the deserted, cold, dark streets, in the direction of no where….


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