Title: Melon Jokes
Pairing: Tad/Dixie
Notes: Did this for a writing challenge, trying to see how much I can write with only one hundred words, a little drabble exercise. Came up with this, and I thought you guys might just enjoy it, even if it is short, 'cause it's happy, and I think we all need some happy right now, no?


"I blame you entirely."

Dixie gave him her best look of death, refusing to dignify his comment with a spoken response, simply shifting her attention back to the bars, cutting them off from the rest of Pine Valley.

"I can't believe you got me arrested."

Yes, Dixie needed to shoot him.

"When was the last time we had sex in a public place, anyway?" he asked innocently and she blushed slightly, thinking of their eventful visit to the fruit market, and too many melon jokes. "Stop that," she finally whispered, and he grinned wickedly, adding a leer for good measure.