By Hoowee

Warnings: While I have not consciously referenced anything other then certain events in some of the earlier volumes of Koukou Debut that could be considered 'spoilers', I have read up to volume seven with my feeble Japanese reading skills, which may have coloured my thoughts while writing.

.……. .……. .……. .……. .……. .……. .……. .……. .…….

If you ever directly asked Komiyama Asami why she acted the way she did, you wouldn't have a hope in hell of getting a decent answer out of her. She'd just lower her eyes, smile and ask you what you meant in a soft, coy voice. If you pressed her on the subject she'd feign innocence and if you really stalked her to find out what went on in her brain, you'd probably find yourself politely confronted with one of her numerous male acquaintances, sometimes from her inner circle of friends, most times not. Not that she would have asked them to do anything, oh no, they would take it upon themselves to request that you back off. And there would be Asami, or 'Assa' as she referred to herself, smiling lazily in the background, like a cat with cream.

The only person who truly understood Assa, was Assa herself.

Perhaps the person that came closest to understanding her was her older brother, Komiyama Yoh. He didn't underestimate her because of her pretty looks and cute words like other people did, most probably having learned at a very young age just how devious his younger sister could be. Instead he would look at her with coolly judging eyes that bored passed the surface of her skin, almost as if to say, 'I don't know how or why you did it, but I know you did.' and she thrived on it. She revelled in pushing her boundaries to see when he'd notice, when he'd pull her up, or when he'd just shrug and ignore her. It was a fascinating game to play, and Yoh was the only person that could challenge her at it.

Fumi-kun, her 'boyfriend' for lack of a better term, was completely different. He was so cheerfully dense that he didn't even notice when she insulted him or purposely stood him up. To begin with, it was amusing to set him up and curl all his actions and emotions around her little finger like she did to everyone else, loving how she could manipulate him into buying her new things or take her places. But as their relationship continued, he never showed her any doubt or disappointment. Really, it annoyed her no end when all her little barbs slid off of him like water off a ducks back and he just smiled cheerfully at her, or asked if she was okay, or apologised. Those weren't the responses she was looking for. He just welcomed her and loved her as much as any puppy-like boyfriend could with trust shining bright in his eyes.It made her doubt herself and her view of the world, and it was just so frustrating that really, Fumi-kun deserved anything she dished out to him.

But if she thought about it, and it was not very often that she did, Fumi-kun's actions and open trusting adoration made her feel a little fluttery inside in a way that no one else had ever managed. In that way… he might just understand her better than anyone else.

… maybe.