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Fiat Justita Ruat Coelum (Let Justice Be Done Though the Heavens Fall)

Special Agent Seeley Booth walked into the Jeffersonian like he had done a thousand times. He looked up at the platform and saw the squints starting to unwrap the body that he sent over. Bones was nowhere in sight which for once was a good thing.

"I see you got my body." He said, swiping his card and making his way up the stairs.

"Yes we did." Zach replied.

"Okay well I need whatever you've got as soon as you get it." He said.

"That's what we usually do Booth." Angela said.

"Yeah well I wasn't this case over as soon as possible. Zach you are lead on this." He said, fiddling with the poker chip in his pocket.

"Sorry, what?" Zach replied, looking confused.

He slowly repeated himself. "You are lead on this case."

Zach still looked confused. Angela and Hodgins also had expressions of disbelief on their faces.

"What are you talking about?" said a voice from behind him. He turned and came face to face with the person he was trying to avoid.

"Umm….listen Bones.." he said as she brushed past him and headed towards the body.

"Male 30 to 40…" she started.

"Stop!" he interrupted. "I can't let you do that."

"What are you talking about Booth?' she said looking angry.

"This was found with the body." He replied, reaching into his suit pocket and pulling out a small plastic bag that contained a small coin. "It's a Columbus coin." He said.

She didn't blink. "I can still examine the body." She said, turning back.

"No you can't." he said. "I have orders to pull you from the case."

"Wait, what?" she said, her voice starting to rise. "I am your partner and the senior forensic anthropologist at the Jeffersonian."

"I know, but Bones.." he said.

"What, do they think I am going to forge evidence to let my father get off the hook? Do you?" she said, yelling at this point.

"Bones I know that you would never hide evidence and so do the rest of the squints. But juries, it's a different story." He said, clenching his fists in anger.

"I can't believe you let them do this." She shouted. "How dare you!"

He snapped. "How dare I? Bones, I just spent half the morning trying to convince Cullen that I could still take on the case." He yelled. "After facing multiple questions about how Kirby's blood got in your apartment or why I didn't apprehend your father and brother when I had the chance, only the fact that I was suspended at the time helped alleviate the situation. That plus the Howard Epps situation and Hodgins almost screwing the Bancroft case, the only way I could convince Cullen to let me continue on the case is if you weren't involved. Otherwise, it would have been shunted to some other FBI agent who didn't give half a damn!" He stopped to catch his breath. His eyes were blazing with anger.

"I am this close.." he gestured with his fingers. "To losing my position as the liaison to the Jeffersonian. But if you want to lose our partnership then fine, go ahead and examine the remains." He waved his hands in the air and stomped down the stairs. He spun and faced her again.

"And I can't believe you think that I would ever accuse you of falsifying evidence." He said. "I thought we were better friends than that." He turned on his heel and walked out.

Everyone was silent. As soon as the yelling had begun, the squints had slowly backed up until they were pressed against the back edge of the platform. None of them had ever seen Booth that angry.

"So what have we got?" Cam said coming up to the table, unaware of what just happened. She looked down at the body. "Dr. Brennan, let me know when you have finished your cursory examination."

"I can't." Brennan said, still looking angry.

"Why?" Cam asked.

"Because my father killed him." She said bluntly. She turned to head to her office.

"Bren..." Angela started.

"Leave it, Angela." She replied angrily, walked into her office and slammed the door shut.