Hinata and Naruto.

Hinata's POV

"H hello, my name is Hinata Hyuuga and I am heir to the Hyuuga fortune. I live in Konoha and go to West wood high school. I live five minutes away from my school so it is not hard to get there. I live with my father Hiashi, my little sister Hanabi and my cousin Neji. We all live in the Hyuuga estate. I have no mother as she died when I was young so I don't really remember her that well. I live with several servants as well, as my father insists we have them. I do not like the fact that I have to order them around as they are human too and should not be treated like animals. My father says that my downfall will be that I care too much, that I should be more like my cousin Neji who is a true Hyuuga prodigy. My friends say I shouldn't listen to him and that I am going to be an amazing head. I'm incredibly shy when it comes to school and my friends, I know that I shouldn't as their my friends and they won't mind what I do but I feel that every one will judge me, just as my father does. I used to stutter in every word I said but I have learnt to over come it now, with the help of my friends, but I am still really shy though. My best friends are Sakura, Tenten, Charlie and Ellie and they have all really helped with my problems, before them I didn't have any one to turn to as my little sister is too young and I don't want to trouble her at her age, my Cousin doesn't really like me so he wouldn't listen to me and as for my father well he is the problem so there was no point in turning to him for advise. I really owe my friends a lot, I don't know what I would do with out them. I all so have a few other friends but their all guys. There's Shikamaru, Gaara, Kiba, I suppose you could call Neji one of my friends sort of and Naruto blushes . I have had a crush on Naruto since kindergarten and surprisingly he still hasn't realised. I all ways turn back to my old self I stutter a lot when I'm around him, I don't know why but I do. Naruto is one of the people I admire the most, he was bought up on the streets with no parents or family, until a social worker found him and bought him to a children's home where he was adopted by Arashi Uzumaki AN: to all those who don't know that's the 4th hokage who is the head of Uzumaki corps, a very successful company. Ever since then he's been filthy rich, he is actually as rich as I am. I had never really talked to Naruto in a proper conversation but I remember one morning when I got the surprise of my life.

Father had asked Neji to escort me to the park, as that's where we were supposed to meet our friends later.

I was in my room trying to find my jacket, when Neji came into my room.

'Come on Hinata, let's go' he said in an emotionless tone.

'Uhhh hang on Neji, I can't find my jacket.' I said while looking through my draws.

'Hinata we don't have time for this, we're going to be late' he said sighing.

'I know I know, why don't you just go with out me as I may be a while' I said moving on and looking through my wardrobe.

'You know I can't do that, your father will kill me' he said still completely emotionless.

'Neji unless you want to come in here and help me find it I suggest you go with out me.' I said now looking at him.

'Fine, what ever, but when your father has a fit don't blame me' he said turning around.

'Fine' I said turning back to my search.

Now where did I put that damn jacket I thought scratching my head?

I then heard a knock at my door.

'Come in' I said looking at the door.

Akiko stepped into my room, Akiko was one of my fathers servants.

'Miss Hinata, you have a visitor.' She said.

I sighed 'Akiko how many times must I tell you, call me Hinata.'

'Yes miss- I mean uhh Hinata.'

'Good, now you may show them in.' I said smiling slightly.

'As you wish Hinata.' I smiled even more.

But then my smile disappeared as I heard one of the sounds that I fear most.

'This way sir.' I heard Akiko say.

'Cool' I heard the other person say, it was a he and HE sounded excited, too excited, which could only mean…

'Hey Hinata'

… Naruto.

'Umm h hi N Naruto.' Damn it I was stuttering again.

'How are you on this fine day then?' he asked with a grin plastered across his face.

'U umm I I'm fine t thank you Naruto, w why are you h here?' I asked, damn it I could barley speak at all.

'Oh well I saw Neji as I was passing by and he said to come here and escort you to the park as you were looking for some thing.' He said still grinning.

'O oh yer, I I'm looking for m my jacket.' I said fiddling with the bottom of my shirt.

Then my little sister Hinabi came in.

'Hinata I would prefer it if you kept your stuff out of my room' she said holding my jacket.

Huh? How did it get in her room? I thought to my self.

In the end I just shrugged it off and took my jacket.

'Cool, so are you ready to go then?' I heard Naruto ask.

'Uhh y yer lets g go' I said putting on my jacket.

We walked out my front door and down my path until we got to the small gate at the end. Then we turned and started walking along the sidewalk.

Naruto had his hands behind his head and was humming a happy little tune as he walked. I, how ever, kept my eyes on the ground only coming up to make sure we were going the right way.

I kept my hands behind my back as I walked as not to have them touch Naruto's as I may have passed out.

I then turned my head up to the sky and began to look at the sun and the clouds. The sun wasn't too bright so I couldn't see any thing but it was still rather bright. I loved the sun but I preferred the moon. I loved the way that it would light up the sky at night and all the stars would kind of bow down to it. I like the sun as well but not as much as I love the moon.

From the corner of my eye I could see that Naruto was looking at the sky too, he still had his hands behind his head but he had stopped humming.

'Its amazing isn't it.' He said

I was a little surprised by this.

'W what is?' I asked, a little confused.

'The sun' he said smiling.

'It makes every thing look brighter, as if there is some thing good in this world' he said

'D don't you think there is a anything g good in the world?' I asked

'Of course I do' he said now looking a bit more serious.

'It's just that for all those people out there who can't find any hope in the world, seeing the sun and a bright new day can give them that hope.' He said still looking up.

I looked down at my feet. I shouldn't have asked, I could tell that Naruto was thinking of his past. It must have been terrible for him to go through that.

'I'm sorry' I said not lifting my head.

'It must have been hard for you' I said still keeping my head down.

'It was' he said now putting his head down.

Then I saw his head pop back up again, and this time he was smiling.

How can he be smiling I thought.

'Hinata, I think that was the first sentence I've ever heard you say with out stuttering.' He said looking at me with great joy in his eyes.

Oh those bright blue eyes of his, I all ways get lost in them and the AHHHHH SNAP OUT OF IT HINATA!

I blushed and put my head down.

'I prefer it when you don't stutter.' He added.

I could feel me cheeks turn an even darker shade of red now.

Then I spotted the park. Just in time I thought

I spotted Charlie waving at me with excitement.

'Oh look there they are' I said trying to get the blush of my cheeks before my friends or Neji saw.

'Oh cool' Naruto said bounding up to them.

Hehe he's such and idiot, but I wouldn't change him."

Naruto's POV

"Hi there, my name is Naruto Uzumaki and I live in Konoha. I am 17 years old and heir to my father's corporation Uzumaki Corp. My father is Arashi Uzumaki, well he's not my real father he's my adopted father. I was born on the streets, I never new my parents as they abandoned me when I was born so I had to raise my self on the streets. People looked down on me because of how I lived but I all ways had a little hope for the future. I remember one day I was asleep when I was woken by some one poking me. It turned out that it was a social that worked at a local adoption centre, she took me to the centre and I stayed there until I was adopted by Arashi. I don't like calling him Arashi as it makes me sound like he only took me in out of pity, as if he wasn't really family. I love my new life and I guess I was one of the lucky ones as I now go to Konoha High School where I have loads of friends like Gaara, Neji, Tenten, Charlie, Sakura, Ellie, Shikamaru, Kiba and Hinata. Hinata is a little bit strange though, as when ever I try to talk to her she just blushes and starts to stutter. I've seen her talk to the girls with out stuttering so I don't know why she does it to me. Oh well I guess it's just another one of those girls things. Actually I remember the first time that she didn't stutter when talking to me, it totally made me change my opinion of her as it made her seem so much more mature.

It started out like any other day, I was walking down the road to the gangs meeting point the park, while eating some take away ramen, when I saw Neji coming out of his house looking just like he usually did totally emotionless

'Hey Neji' I said running up to him.

He turned round and looked at me.

'What's up?' I asked now standing next to him.

He shrugged and looked at me.

'Nothing really but Hinata won't hurry up and I'm supposed to meet some one before I go to the park' he said looking back at the house. AN: as most of you have probably guessed that 'some one' is Tenten

He then looked back at Naruto.

'Hey Naruto?' Naruto whipped his head round, he had all so been looking at the house.

'Can you make sure Hinata gets to the park ok, I was told by her father to accompany her but as you can see I can't.' He said having the tinniest bit of hope in his eyes, Naruto however was not able to see this as he was tucking into his ramen before it got too cold.

'Sure' he said lifting his head up and stuffing the left over packet in his pocket.

'Thanks' said Neji now walking down the path.

Where's he going thought Naruto as he watched him walk away.

He then made his way up the steps and knocked on the front door. The Hyuuga mansion was huge, all most as big as his own, from what he had heard from Neji it even had it's own sports field out back.

After several minutes a young petite girl answered the door. She was wearing a long, short sleeved black robe tied together with black liase. However Naruto knew that this was a servants uniform so he was able to tell that she was not a member of the head family.

'May I help you?' she asked in a polite voice

'Uhhh yes, I was told to come and make sure Hinata got to the park safely.' I said grinning and putting my hands behind my head.

I went down the hallway looking at all the amazing artwork that was hanging on the walls. There was one that really caught my eye though. It looked like a picture of Hinata, she looked around 5 years old and was sitting on a bench in front of a beautiful lake. It was night and there was a huge moon in the back ground that was being reflected off the lake. She was wearing little blue kimono and she looked beautiful.

I was wondering what Hinata would look like in the kimono now and was stunned. I saw her as a beautiful woman, which I never used to see her as, I only saw her as my friend who stuttered a lot.

My thoughts were interrupted by the maid.

'I will just tell her you're here sir' she said bowing slightly.

'Thanks' I said watching her go over to a small door and knock

She mumbled a couple things and some one else mumbled back, I guessed it was Hinata.

She then closed the door and walked back to me

'This way sir.' She said gesturing towards where she had just come from.

'Cool' I said following her.

She opened the door and stepped aside to let me enter.

'Hey Hinata' I said seeing her shuffling through her wardrobe. She was wearing a black tank top and her usual brown shorts. But the tank top was new, I liked it though, it really showed of her chest.

I mentally slapped my self for having such perverted thoughts.

'Umm h hi N Naruto.' There she went again, stuttering.

'How are you on this fine day then?' I asked spreading a grin across my face.

'U umm I I'm fine t thank you Naruto, w why are you h here?' she asked STILL stuttering.

'Oh well I saw Neji as I was passing by and he said to come here and escort you to the park as you were looking for some thing.' I said still grinning.

'O oh yeah, I I'm looking for m my jacket.' She said now fiddling with the bottom bit of her shirt.

I then felt some thing walk past me.

I looked down to see a little miniature Hinata there holding what looked like Hinata's jacket.

'Hinata I would prefer it if you kept your stuff out of my room' she said holding up the jacket.

I saw Hinata shrug a little bit and then she took the jacket from her. I had guessed that as they looked so alike, and they lived together, that the little one was Hinata's little sister Hanabi. Hinata had told me about her before, she said that she was quite controlling and VERY proud to be a Hyuuga.

'Cool, so are you ready to go then?' I asked looking back at Hinata.

'Uhh y yeah lets g go' she said putting her jacket on.

We walked down the hall and went pasted the picture again, I couldn't help but look at it when I went passed.

We then walked out the door, out the gate and down the path towards the park.

We didn't really talk so I put my hands behind my head and started to hum a little tune, I wasn't sure what it was but I just happened to know it some how. Hinata how ever had her head down and was looking at the ground.

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw her lift her head and look at the sky.

I stopped humming and started looking at the sky too.

'Its amazing isn't it.' I said still looking up.

'W what is?' she asked sounding a little confused.

'The sun' I said smiling.

'It makes every thing look brighter, as if there is some thing good in this world' I said as all of my memories came flooding into my brain.

'D don't you think there is a anything g good in the world?' she asked looking at me.

'Of course I do' I said.

'It's just that for all those people out there who can't find any hope in the world, seeing the sun and a bright new day can give them that hope.' I said now frowning a little.

I saw Hinata look down at her feet I could tell she regretted asking me that.
I'm sorry' she said not lifting her head.

'It must have been hard for you' she said still keeping her head down

'It was' I said now putting my head down.

Then I suddenly realised some thing and my head shot back up again.

'Hinata, I think that was the first sentence I've ever heard you say with out stuttering.' I said, she sounded so much more mature and adult like.

I saw her blush and put her head down again.

'I prefer it when you don't stutter.' I said smiling at her.

Her cheeks suddenly turned a darker shade of red.

Then her head shot up and she was looking straight ahead.

'Oh look there they are' she said pointing to all our friends

'Oh cool' I said starting to run up to them.

Hehe wow maybe Hinata is different to what I thought"

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