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Chapter One

It was a very warm summer day, and the "Gang" was at the Local Swimming Pool enjoying themselves. It seemed that everyone had the same idea, and after awhile it got so crowded they decided to leave.

As they were walking back to the Game Shop, they walked pass a black car, and it seemed very strange for that nice of a car was parked along side the road.

Joey walked over to the car, and tried to look inside, but the windows were tinted and he couldn't see inside, but something told Joey that he needed to open the door, and so he did. What Joey found inside took his breath away, and he found both Roland's and Seto's bodies covered with blood and it looked like Seto had been raped.

Joey yelled for the others to come over and for Yugi get the Police here right now!

Just then they heard a low moan, and Tristan and Duke looked on the other side of the car. They found Roland and he had been beaten and was shot once in the shoulder.

"Where is he??" Roland asked.

"Who, Tristan asked. Seto??"

"Yes." Roland whispered.

"He's in the car and Joey is with him." Tristan said.

"Oh, my God!!! They got to him, I tried to stop them, but they had guns and I wasn't going to risk his life." Roland said through his tears.

Just then the Police and Ambulance came and they were taken to the Hospital at Kaiba Corp.

Seto was taken into surgery immediately, because he had lost a lot of blood.

Just then Helga the Cook and Mokuba came racing towards them. "Where's my brother?" Mokuba said through his tears.

Joey grabbed him and he collapsed into his arms. "He's in surgery" Joey said.

"What happened?" Mokie asked.

Joey looked to Helga for help.

"Honey, there was an accident and he got hurt." Helga said to Mokuba. That seemed to make him settle down enough for them to get him into the waiting room.

"What really happened, and where is Roland?" Marie whispered to Joey.

Just then Roland appeared in a wheelchair. "I'll tell her Roland said, Seto has been asking for you" Roland said as he looked at Joey. Roland told Helga everything and she put her arms around him and he cried.

Joey walked to the ICU Nurses station and told them who he was. "You need to put on this gown and mask" they told him. A very nice Nurse by the name of Marie took him to where Seto was. Joey walked over to the bed and sat down.

Seto opened his eyes and looked over at Joey. "Thanks" Seto said.

"Hey, your welcome" Joey said.

"Is Roland alright, and how is Mokie?" Seto said. He told him and he closed his eyes.

Joey explained to "Seto about Roland and said that Mokuba still doesn't know about what happed and that Helga and Roland are with him."

"Who did this to you? And don't think that you can lie to me. Remember I'm also a victim of rape and abuse and I know all the signs." Joey said to Seto.

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