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Chapter Six

Seto was ready to go home and Joey was there and he helped Seto get into the wheel chair. Roland and Helga with Mokuba were waiting beside the car. As Roland drove home, Seto knew that something was bothering Joey and he decided to ask him about it when they got home.

After they got Seto settled in his room, Joey said "that he needed to go get a few things and that he would be back later." Joey got on his cycle and drove over to the Game Shop and talked to Yami.

Joey told Yami about the dream is was having and then he asked "is it possible for them to come back from the dead?"

Yami knew that Joey was emotional and he also knew that he needed to give him the answer that he wanted no needed to hear. "Listen, I don't think that they will ever be coming back" Yami told Joey.

"Then why am I having these nightmares all the time?" Joey asked.

"We need to go talk to Ishizu and ask her and maybe she came come up with why you're having these dreams." Yami told him.

Ishizu listened to Joey describe his dreams and then she said "when you got rid of them, did you make sure that their bodies were sent to the Shadow Realm?"

"I left that up to Bakura and Marik." Yami told her.

Ishizu then called Marik and asked "him to come to the Museum and to bring Bakura with him."

When they got there she related what Joey had been dreaming and then she asked "did you send the bodies to the Shadow Realm?"

Before he could say anything, Shadi appeared and he wasn't very happy at all.

"Can't you idiots do anything right?" He yelled at Marik and Bakura.

"What the hell are you yelling about?" Marik wanted to know.

Shadi then told them "there is a feeling that he is having and it isn't good. I think that he men that you were suppose to get rid of have found a way to get back in this dimension and they are out to kill anyone who get in their way. We have to find them and get rid of them before the accomplish what they are going to do."

Joey took off running and Yami, Marik and Bakura were right behind him. Yami yelled "start on some kind of counter spell to send them back to the Shadow Realm and we'll try to stop them from doing what they set out to do in the first place."

"Get into my car." Bakura yelled and he roared out of the parking lot and the others held on for dear life as he raced down the road towards Kaiba's.

When they got to the Estate, the three Yami's knew immediately that something wasn't right. They all raced into the Estate and there before them were what was left of the Big Five and they were attempting to get rid of Seto, Mokuba and all the rest of his staff. Yami yelled "stop" and they just laughed. "You have no power over us anymore."

Just then Shadi appeared and he said "maybe they don't, but I sure as hell do." With that he started chanting some Egyptian words and Yami, Marik and Bakura joined him and all of a sudden he got really bright and then all of a sudden it got dark and when it darkness disappeared, so did the Big Five.

"They are no longer in this dimension Shadi said. We need to go and make sure that they never get the chance to try that again." With that he and the three Yami's disappeared and Joey was left to make sure that everyone he loved was alright.

Ishizu came over and she said some words and everyone that was there forgot what had happened, except Joey. He would always know that he nearly lost all those that were near and dear to him.

With everyone there, Seto and Joey got married and to this day no one knows just how close Joey was to losing the people that meant so much to him. He will always have the Yami's, Ishizu and Shadi to thank for giving them back to him……


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