The Third Turn of the Wheel of the World's End: Name Your Game

Summary: WARNING: Spoilers to The Order of the Phoenix. The weirdest of things are always happening to Sirius and Severus because of their unnatural need for each other. Sequel to The First and Second Turn of the Wheel of the World's End. Slash SSSB HPDM. Now FINISHED!!!

Category: Adventure/Action, Romance

Pairing: Severus/Sirius; Harry/Draco

Author's Notes: Guys… It's the end. I'm sorry it so long to put on the epilogues, but I think I've been writing this for so long I was regretting having gotten to the end. Well, I hope you enjoy.



Draco Malfoy posed himself fby the backdoor that led to the garden and sighed. Where the hell was Potter when he needed him?

Sirius was laid on the garden's bench under the parasol, his head on Severus' thighs. The other man read Poe out loud, his voice caressing Sirius' ears as the potion-stained fingers lazily caressed his hair.

Malfoy felt a little pang of jealousy. He wondered again where his Harry was. He almost jumped as he felt a familiar pair of arms around him.

"Fuck, Potter, you almost gave a stroke!" Draco said in jest.

"That's because you are too tense." Harry said snuggling closer. It was too good having Draco with him. It was too perfect having a family.

"They do look happy, don't thay?" Asked the green-eyed savior of the Wizarding World.

"They are." Answered the blond.

"It's almost unfair that after seven hundred years of pain and love, when they finally have some peace, they don't remember any of it." Said Harry.

"Well, it is bad as it is. Can you imagine that? 'Hey, Sev, remember that blonde joke Da Vince told us?' They remember THIS life. And… Between you and me, it is already crazy enough without the seven centuries… You know, with all the ping-pong with death, the mental link and the blowing up bit."

"Don't remind me of the blowing part. It's gross." Harry answered his lover trying hard NOT to remember that episode.

"Like screwing McGonagal?" Asked the blond with a typical Slytherin smile.

"Worse." Potter told him, smiling too. There was a comfortable silence between then.

"I love you, did you know that?" Dracao said then, out of the blue.

"Sentimental, are we?"Harry asked laughing, though he stopped, faced with Draco's seriousness. "I love you too." The man in glasses stated.

" 'Till death do us part?" The former death eater asked.

"If we are lucky, even longer."

Harry kissed Draco tenderly.



On the bench Severus finished his poem, his fingers never stopping on Sirius' hair.

"Severus?" Sirius said in a wondering tone.


"Will you ever tire of me?" Asked the ex-convict.

"I already am. I'm trying to read for Merlin's sake!" Severus answered in mock irritation.

Sirius smiled at that. Severus really hated Griffindor sentimentality. The only way to make him talk about love was in their mind or in the sacred confines of their bedroom.

"Good then! Read some more. Read something that sounds like us." Sirius said, his blue eyes shinning with mischief and adoration to the man he holds dearest to him. He needed some love, and he would get.

"Oh, that's a difficult one. We are not the occasional couple." Severus answered trying an easy way out but one look at Sirius and he knew he wouldn't scape this time. He started flipping through the pages of another book that lay by his side. "Let me see…"

" 'My only love sprung from my only hate. Too early seen unknown and known too late. Prodigious birth of love it's been to me that I must love a loathed enemy.'(1)" Severus read and it rang true even to him. Sirius eyes grew large and the smile he rewarded Severus with was worth every fight and every pain, every now and every then. For Sirius happiness he outshone even the summer sun.

Sirius got up from his lying position and whispered.

"Oh Romeo, Romeo… Ay me. You are my perdition, my sin, the reason I get up in the mornings and my joy as I come at night, be it to join you in peaceful sleep, be to fuck you through the mattress in the temple of our room. Severus… Ai shitteiru. (love you)"

Sirius kissed Severus full on the lips.

And thus they had their first shot at a life of their own and

the Wheel finally stopped turning.

The End

Author's note: (1) is a quote from Shakspeare's Romeo and Juliet.